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Was watching Azumi with @emansap and was looking at the cast and found out Hideo Kojima had an uncredited role as a bandit.

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azumi and seon appear to be really close, and not just in a friendly way.

Hm, maybe if they were a little closer, Unity would manage to snag a real scandal before they disband. Two kids batting eyes at each other isn’t anything new, but the clock’s ticking for any of those girls to do something actually worth talking about. 

Even now my face aches thinking back on today. And not the ache from a punch, but one from smiling. In Mor Dhona awaiting for my uniform to be delivered I encountered an old friend. Azuma stopped me on the upper floors of the Splendours House and we spent some time reliving fond memories… And others not so fond. She had become injured in an explosion while leaving her village. The scarring on her legs was… extensive. It made the marks I acquired in the Bloodsands look like cellulite.

If I could I would track down every one of those imperial dogs and rip their hearts out! I care not for what happens to me, has happened to me, but for what has happened to her, and to Akihiko, and to others, I would tear the seven Hells apart to pay back blood for blood!

Well. There goes my smile.