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Are You Afraid Of The Dark + Faeries

Legend has it that the Unseelie King has been entombed for two centuries. The Unseelie Court is known for harming humans for entertainment, you see. The Seelie Queen sought guidance from the druids when this began to extend to her own people. He was bound in a cage of cold iron and put beneath the ground. There are few things he can release him, one way being melting the iron with mercury.

Are You Afraid of the Dark ~ Chapter 9

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The Connor siblings are used to the supernatural. After all, that’s what they are. But something stranger than usual is happening. Kids are going missing around Beacon Hills, turning into things that shouldn’t even exist. Then Ellie Connor, the youngest, starts having nightmares about people in masks, drawing her entire family into a terrifying dilemma.


Are You Afraid of the Dark + Season 6

I really need to start some sort of diary, don’t I? Dear diary, my ex-boyfriend is back from hell and I really didn’t need that. Not to mention I can’t be around my girlfriend because my abilities do some crazy shit. Oh also let’s not forget that my best friend and my brother seem to have this hunch that my mum is still alive, even though I don’t even remember her. Also, what is a Stiles because I feel like I used to have one.


Are You Afraid of the Dark - Sneak Peak {Chapter 9}

“You’re a chimera.” Theo raked a hand through his hair. “I guessed when I saw what happened with Donovan at the school. It’s very rare for born supernatural creatures to develop abilities that late.”

“Like Tracy and the others?” Ellie demanded. Her hands were still shaking and she tried her best to stifle it. There was a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she thought about what happened to those kids. They bled mercury and then they died, someone collecting their bodies. She didn’t want to believe that could happen to her. It terrified her, thinking she might be a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

“All of the chimeras have two sets of DNA,” Theo explained, something that Ellie could vaguely remember someone having mentioned before when they’d been researching the other chimeras. “You have two supernatural parents, each a different species, meaning you have two different sets of DNA. The Dread Doctors basically would have had to activate your dormant supernatural genes.”