Natasha: So yeah, what’s going on between you guys?

Y/N: W-what? 

Natasha: You know what I mean.

Y/N: I-I… well I guess there’s no point lying to you, is there? I have a major crush on them.

Natasha: *smiles* I knew it. Clint owes me 10 bucks.

Y/N: You and Clint bet about my crush?



Imagine giving Vision his first kiss.

“[f/n], why do humans kiss?”

You blinked at Vision’s question, tilting your head to one side as you considered your answer. “I don’t know exactly. I guess it’s pleasurable. It’s a way of showing love or intimacy. I mean, humans are social beings so I would think maybe it’s a part of that. Why do you ask?”

Vision frowned as he processed your explanation. “I have never experienced human touch in this way,” he stated.

You felt your cheeks warm and you rubbed the back of your neck, “To be completely honest, I haven’t really either.”

Vision cocked his head, “Why not?”

You shrugged, “Never the right moment, I guess.” You flashed a crooked grin. “I am something else. I’m probably one of the only people my age who’ve never properly kissed someone.”

A small smile curled Vision’s lips and you suddenly found yourself aware of how close he was to you. “I do not find you abnormal, [f/n].”

You hesitated, lifting one hand to touch his face. Vision’s eyes closed briefly and he leaned into the touch, his feet lowering onto the ground. His eyes opened again and met yours, searching and soft. He really did have beautiful eyes.

Tentatively, you brushed your lips against his. He didn’t move for a moment, savouring the gentle pressure. His hands came up to rest over your hips as he responded cautiously to the kiss. You pulled away when the need for air became too strong, ducking your head as you drew a slow breath, trying to hide your flushed cheeks.

“I believe I now understand why humans kiss.”

Gif Credit: Vision



Y/N: Thor, you know he’s our only hope to succeed. You have to let him out.

Thor: I suppose we must do what we have to.


Thor: We need your help. Can you be trusted outside of your cell?

Loki: What makes you think you can trust me?

Thor: I don’t. But (y/n) does. They have a lot of faith in you, Loki. Don’t let them down.



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