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Still a Hit

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I request a Bucky fic. The reader has a supersuit that makes the user invisible, she was helping Steve Sam & Nat during events of WS. She meets Bucky at the museum at the end of WS & at first she’s freaked out cause she doesnt know if hes in soldier mode, but she helps him hide out & eventually he tells her hes ready to meet Steve so she goes to get him and after they reunite, Steve jokes that Buckys still a hit with the ladies and shes like wait what and Bucky tells her he likes her ? X

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Bucky or Steve. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: a little bit of fluff, AU

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader, Steve Rogers. 

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw him. The Winter Soldier, a.k.a Bucky Barnes, was standing not ten feet from you, his eyes glued to the exhibit in front of him. The one about Captain America and the Howling Commandos. After all the time you’d spent chasing him with Steve, Natasha, and Sam, you ran into him. You had to try not to panic.

               He had seen your face before. You were a target for him if he was still in assassin mode. The intense stare he had told you that he could be. Until you were certain, you decided to make yourself scarce. Luckily, you always wore your suit. S.H.I.E.L.D had given you a suit that enabled you to become invisible and you were going to use it now.

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Protected: Part One

Summary: Reader is the younger sister of Tony Stark. After a bad breakup with her abusive ex she moves into the Stark Tower and asks Tony to help her train so she can look after herself and feel safe. Having previously worked at S.H.I.E.L.D as a translator, she fits in with the team immediately and proves herself to be no damsel in distress but that isn’t to say she doesn’t welcome the protective aura of a certain super-soldier.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Tony x Steve, Wanda x Vision

Word count: 2,227

Warnings: mentions of abuse

A/N: when speech is in italics, it means they are speaking another language.


“Tony?” you whispered through the phone, your voice shaky.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He had answered the phone cheerfully when you called, but now he sounded worried, his tone serious.

“Tony, please come pick me up. I- I don’t know where else to go bro,” you hesitated, “Jake he- well, I never told you because I knew you’d be angry and well, I mean, I thought he would stop. I thought I could get him to stop and then when he didn’t and I left he followed me and I couldn’t escape,” you muttered, your voice distressed.

“Y/N, Y/N. Tell me where you are. I’m already in my car,” Tony commanded. You heard a door slam through the phone.

“I’m near the bakery, the one Luisa used to take us to as kids.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He continued speaking to you on the phone, not once pressing to know more. Instead he spoke to you about his team; The Avengers. They had taken up residence in the newly re-named Avenger’s tower and Tony was eager for you to meet them in person instead of just reading about them in some file at work. Though he didn’t know what had happened, by the time he arrived, he had already convinced you to come and live with him and his team in the tower.

He pulled up next to you smoothly and pushed the passenger door open. You slid in, silently apologising to the car for getting its sleek leather seats all wet and dirty. You looked like a drowned rat.

The moment you were in he grasped your face, his fingers firm but gentle.

“What’s that bastard done to you Y/N?” he muttered, his eyes furious as they flickered over your damaged skin.

Silently, almost timidly, you showed him the other injuries - your bruised arms and the angry purple-red splotches blooming across your ribs.

Tony’s anger was silent, which you were glad for – you had had enough of loud angry men to last a lifetime. His fists clenched and unclenched, his jaw so tense you imagined you could hear his teeth grinding.

He drove you to his tower – your tower now too – silent all the way, but a comforting hand grasping your own.

Now you were standing in the elevator with him, his arm a protective guard around your shoulder.

“You’ll be well protected here Y/N. My security is the best of the best and everyone here will protect you in a heartbeat if you ever need them too. You’ll be safe,” he assured you.

You nodded, but already you had doubts. What about when you were on your own? You were strong and fit and you knew basic self-defense but that had never helped when it came to Jake. Your own abilities weren’t exactly suited to taking down dudes. Suddenly a fierce determination overcame you and you stood up straighter. This was not you. You weren’t a timid person. You were loud and vivacious and witty and strong.

“No,” you were glad to hear that your voice came out even, “I mean – thank you, and that will make me feel safer, but I want to be able to look after myself. I want to learn how to fight properly, against bigger, stronger men. Before Jake I was so determined to do so many things, like you. For gods’ sake I work for Shield, admittedly as a translator but I have higher clearance than you! I’m hardly a damsel in distress.”

He looked at you with a raised eyebrow and a proud smile slid onto his face, “We can certainly train you here. There’s definitely no shortage of people capable of teaching you. I’ll organise something for you, but for now, let’s just get you safe first, yeah?”

You nodded, smiling a little sheepishly as you leaned into his shoulder. You suddenly realised how exhausted you were, drooping slightly against his shoulder, “I need to ring in – I’m supposed to be at work tomorrow,” you mumbled, eyes fluttering shut for a moment.

“Don’t worry about it Y/N, I’ll tell Coulson. Do you want me to tell him the truth or shall I just say you’re ill?” he asked quietly.

You appreciated that he asked, leaving the decision to you, “You can tell him. Phil and I are close and besides, if I start living at the tower and get training from one of the Avengers it’s hardly gonna be a secret for long why I want the training. People will put it together, with the bruises, the training and the sudden moving in. Obviously, I’m not asking you to go announce to everyone, but if any of the team ask, you can give them the footnotes.”

He nodded and the two of you lapsed into comfortable silence, waiting for the doors to slide open. You walked out of them, eyes on the floor, thoughts slow but still overwhelming.

“Oh hey babe, oh- who’s this-“ the person, a man, cut themselves off as they took in your appearance.

“Hey Capsicle, this is my sister Y/N. She’s going to be living in the tower now for, well, as long as she wants to,” Tony explained, smiling at you with some weird mixture of sadness and happiness.

You looked up at the tall man sleepily, the name Steve Rogers lazily wandering through your mind. It wasn’t the best time to be meeting your brother’s boyfriend, admittedly but it was well overdue. You were well aware of the man’s history with your father and had wanted to meet him for a while because of that as well.

“Nice to meet you Rogers; you make my brother happy so you’re good as far as I’m concerned. I, however, am about to collapse from exhaustion, so we’ll get to know each other another time, if that’s ok?” you said, giving him a lopsided grin.

He smiled cheerfully, “Sounds good to me ma’am,” he hesitated, “I hope you feel better soon,” then he turned to Tony, “I’ll be in the commons if you need me,” he gave Tony a cheeky grin and a peck on the cheek before jogging around you guys to catch the elevator as it closed.

You continued the walk to what you assumed were the living quarters, “He seems nice bro; I’m happy for you,” you said quietly.

“Yeah, Steve’s …” he smiled a little to himself, “Steve’s just … good. He’s a good man,” he gave you a sideways glance and smirked, “in more ways than one.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ew, TMI Tony. I do not need to know exactly how ‘good’ Rogers is, thank you very much.”

He laughed and smiled down at you, “Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll find someone good for you too.”

“Ah ah ah, I like ‘em a bit rougher around the edges than you do Tony. Your man’s good but too clean cut for my liking, I need a bit of scruff,” you said, your voice deadpan.

It was his turn to roll his eyes and for a moment you almost forgot the whole reason you were here in the first place. He seemed to remember at the same time you did and the air around you became heavier, your mood sombre.

“Right, c’mon, let’s find you a room. There’s a few down the end of the corridor that aren’t being used,” he led you down the corridor. On each of the doors was a plaque with a name on them. Some had two names, like Tony and Steve’s shared bedroom and Vision and Wanda’s.

“Ok, here we go,” he showed you the three bedrooms, all right at the end of the corridor and all massive. They were nice, in truth, and Tony began rambling on about all their features. However, you were easily distracted as it was and in your sleep-addled state, you found yourself wandering back down the corridor to one of the other ones.

“What about this one, Tony?” you called, just loud enough for him to hear.

You heard his rambling cut off and his head popped out of one of the other rooms, “Huh?”

“This one, it doesn’t have a name?” you stated, though it came out as a question.

“Oh that one, I mean, it is free but no one wanted it ‘cause it’s the smallest room. I mean it has a bathroom and a small walk-in wardrobe like all the others, but the room itself has just enough space for a double bed with a bit of movement space and that’s it,” he waved a hand in front of the sensor and the door slid open. You stepped inside.

Tony was right – it was small. But strangely enough, you liked it. There was just enough space that it didn’t feel cramped, just cosy, “Um, I’ll have this one, if you don’t mind?” you asked.

He smiled, “Of course. I’m gonna let you get settled in; you can have a shower if you want and I’ll find you some clothes to wear. Now I know you’re tired, but we are going straight to Dr Cho’s to make sure you’re all good once you’ve cleaned up, capiche?” He asked, his voice almost stern.

You smiled at his overprotectiveness, “Sir, yes, sir,” you said, snapping your heels together and saluting. He rolled his eyes but gave your arm a gentle squeeze where it wasn’t bruised and left you to settle in. You did as he said, revelling in the hot water of the shower even though it stung the bruises and cuts on your body.

When you finished, you found that there was a towel and a pile of clothes on the toilet seat – Tony must have come in and deposited them for you. As you dried off, you looked at yourself in the mirror. The bruising was bad, and yet it would look worse when it began to heal and turn yellow in colour. Your cuts were not too bad, mainly a few scrapes and scratches from trying to fight Jake off, and a small cut through your eyebrow that had bled profusely at first but had already begun to close. Your ribs felt as though they were on fire every time you breathed and you suspected you must have cracked one or something.

The T-shirt Tony left you was absolutely massive – you decided he must have picked up one of Steve’s, because your brother was not that buff, but the boxers and joggers fit ok, if a little loosely and you guessed they were your brothers. They were comfortable, soft against your sensitive skin and held that just-out-of-the-wash smell.

There was a light knock against your door and after you had called, “Come in,” Tony walked in. He smiled when he saw you, “You look better. Now, it’s not actually late at all, it’s like 5pm. So once we’ve seen Cho, you can come down to meet the group if you want or you can have a nap or whatever, but as long as you’re resting and happy.”

You smiled, “I’m not glass Tony, don’t worry. You won’t break me, but yes, I think I’m going to try and sleep. Jake and I – we er, well we were … arguing … into the early hours of the morning last night and then again earlier today. I’m exhausted.” You felt as though the events of the past few hours hadn’t hit you yet, like it was all a dream – you had really left him. The man you had been with for the past two years, the man who had changed so much so quickly once you moved in with him, was no longer a part of your life, at least, you hoped not. This wasn’t the first time you had tried to leave; last time he had followed and put you in the hospital, but the stronghold of the Avengers was slightly more fortified than your friend’s ground-floor apartment.

The visit to Cho’s was quick and confirmed your suspicions – you had cracked two ribs. She gave you painkillers for your injuries and cleaned your cuts properly, giving you cold packs to hold on your ribs to try and reduce swelling with instructions to sleep propped up for the next few days. Luckily the cut in your eyebrow didn’t need stitches and Jake hadn’t managed to give you a concussion so you were free to sleep for a bit once Dr Cho was finished. Cho had been very nice, talking to you easily and you already felt a friendship brewing between the two of you. Though she was gentle with you, she did not speak to you like a victim, instead treating you like any other patient, which you appreciated.

Once Cho had finished and Tony had led you back to your room you took a moment to look around the room, it was devoid of any personal touch or life but in a way you were glad. Now was a fresh start for you, and just like your life, your new room was a blank canvas on which you could paint what you wanted. The bedding was impersonal – grey but the mattress was so comfortable and the pillows so soft that you didn’t care, immediately falling asleep even with being practically upright and still feeling a muted burn from your ribs, dulled slightly by the painkillers.

@sgtjamesbuchananbarnes107th hope you like it! It gets a bit more exciting later on, promise!

Man In Uniform {Part 5}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

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Not My Best Friend (Peter X Overweight!Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Overweight!Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Bullying, teasing, body issues, mild swearing

Request: Hey, I was wondering, could you write an overweight!fem-reader with a lot of trust/self love issues x Peter Parker? They go together to highschool, have some classes together, and reader takes ballett lessons after school, with some of the girls from her grade - and she’s getting bullied by them (=issues), even by Peter’s new, popular ass girlfriend (not Gwen, bless her). And Peter finds out. And saves the day. You can change anything you want, just make it fluff and I’m happy. Thank you, hehee!

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Growing up, ballet had always been something that peaked your interest. However you never had any proper lessons. You were discouraged, mostly because of your weight. At first you didn’t understand why, being so young… but as you matured you realised that your body type was far different from the girls and boys you saw on those stages.

Yes, you weren’t thin. You were actually the opposite. You had tummy rolls and your thighs touched. However it never really bothered you. Especially since Peter was there to compliment you every day.

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Flowers: 2

“Alright. I get your point now let me down.” The Winter Solider grumbles. You flip him back over and have, with another little gesture, the vines fall away from him.
“Let’s go.” The Winter Solider grouches and Captain America nods.
“Bucky’s right.” Captain America agrees then glances over at you, “You ready to get out of here?“
"Let get me get a few things out of my room and then I’m taking this place down.”
“Right.” The Winter Solider says checking his weapons. What is his deal? You’ve done nothing wrong yet he’s being snippy and rude.
“Two minutes.” You tell them before hurrying back into your small room you take your pillow case off of your pillow and shove the few belongings you have into it. Your journal, you’ve got a couple of sets of clothes and a few pictures from your life before you were able to grow plants at will. “Alright, I’m ready.” You tell them tying the top of the pillowcase closed.
“Come my little flower.” Pietro says with a smirk, he scoops you up and seconds later you’re outside the building standing in front of a plane. Wanda is next, you expect him to go back and bring the other two men out but instead he throws an arm around your shoulders and gives you a little squeeze.
“I’m sorry it took us so long to find you.” Wanda says softly. “How many times did they move you?”
“Seven. We kept coming back here though, I don’t know why.”
“We looked here once before. Your little flowers were a helpful bread crumb.” Pietro tells you.
“Why aren’t you going to get Captain America and The Winter Solider?”
“They’re fast enough on their own.” He says with a shrug running a hand through his white hair. It’s longer than you remember it being.
“And they don’t like when Piet picks them up.” His twin informs you with a small laugh. “Oh, and you shouldn’t call him The Winter Solider, his name is Bucky.”
“And Captain America is Steve. You’re part of our team now.” You’d forgotten how having a conversation with them could feel like a tennis match. They play doubles and you single, finishing each other’s sentences and adding more information seamlessly. It can get kind of intense. The two men come jogging out of the building and you move away from your friends and after glaring at the building for a second.
“Piet. Will you go make sure that the building is empty?” You ask not looking at him. You feel the wind rush past you as he goes back into the building. It takes less than a minute for him to clear it, when he comes back you know you’ve got the all clear. Lifting both arms you use the most power you’ve ever used in your life and begin to destroy your prison. Trees burst forth from the basement, vines crush and destroy the walls. Green grass erupts taking over the space where there used to be only cold concrete. Flowers bloom and an oasis is created where there used to be only despair. You stare at it, at your victory, swaying slightly. You go to take a step when the world moves under your feet, you collapse into a pair of strong arms and your world quickly fades to black.

How Will I Know [3/17]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

You’re engaged to James Barnes, at your fathers request and you always did as your father asked. That is till Steve Rogers waltzed into your life one night with those blue eyes haunting your dreams and the life shattering grin of his. Your families at odds, refusing to get along, the ring on your hand binding you to another man when you just might be falling for another set of blue eyes. Are you willing to say I Do in white and take this to the grave, or are you ready to defy your family and live something you’d only heard stories about?

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