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Baby Steps: Part 4

(( OOC: Molly and Script by @gentlect ))

Ah, Hogwarts. Smell that sweet, studious, magical air. And would you look at this sweet fellow, one Arthur Weasley!

Such concentration. Such focus. Such- Well, I might have said solitude, but who is this emerging from the crowd? Molly Prewett! Awfully bold of her, approaching the boy of her dreams. What will she do next?

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1145. After retirement, McGonagall initially travels a lot and is happy to have time for herself, but eventually becomes incredibly bored. She finds a way to pass time with Arthur Weasley, helping him with his Muggle modifications. With her Transfiguration abilities she inevitably outgrows Arthur. Hogwarts students want to know who is the ancient woman with the cool sunglasses and the flying Lamborghini who visits sometimes, but the adults keep it a secret to see what kind of rumors arise.
#1 Problem with Merlin’s Ending

Merlin never accomplished the thing that he had been promised and working toward for five seasons. He did not achieve his destiny, to help Arthur create a peaceful Albion where magic (and therefore Merlin) were once again accepted. 

And I know that you could argue that he did, with Arthur saying that he wanted Merlin to always be himself, and because of this, Guinevere would change the law after Arthur’s death. 

But wasn’t it always supposed to be Arthur ruling over the peace and prosperity and magic? With Merlin at his side? Or was that something that I inserted into the destiny because that’s what I’d always assumed would happen?