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[Streaming] Onodera no Otouto, Onodera no Ane

Finally found this video!!!!

I’ve been looking for this video since it was aired in WOWOW on Oct 19, and finally found it! Yatta!! Thank you, Yumengel!! *hugs* XD

This butai start from July to August in Tokyo and Osaka. and this recording is a performance in August 8, at Tokyo. 

The story is about conflics of two siblings of Onodera family who lives together in wooden house and havent married yet. One day, the brother (Osamu Mukai) wrote an apologize letter to her sister (Katagiri Hairi) by radio. And in other hand, a friend of the sister take a shooting at their wooden house with the amateurs crews.

Shuhei is part of that crews, named Kengo.

I’m shocked seeing Shuhei’s hair!! How came it be brown???! LOL 

Kayak anak yang kebangyakan main layangan panas2 xP

This play has the same schedule with Enoshima Prism’s promo/released, and Shuhei’s hair is black at that time! Seems that he only like that (with brown hair) on the stage! :)

Well, the DVD of this stage play will release on January 24, 2014! (amazon)

I hope, oneday someone would subbed this butai. Its funny and heart warming, tbh. Eventho i dont undersand Japanese, i can feel it! :’)

Well, here’s the links where you can watch it online:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


PS: Osamu Mukai is so handsome!! (.//////.)