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- I trust you now fully appreciate why I couldn’t tell you about Sarah’s case.
- I hope you now understand why you should have.

- Did you know? Was she one of those numbers that came up again and again?

Person of Interest - 1x21 (Many Happy Returns)

This is truly the one scene where I fell in love with John. I can’t really explain why. Maybe it’s because after almost a whole season of seeing him kick asses and rescue people, that one scene truly shows us the depth of his vulnerability. He usually looks so strong. John always tries to be strong. And he is strong in many ways. He survived a lot of ordeals. But he is also fragile. And that scene is very revealing. He tries to be strong, as always. He tries very hard not to cry, thinking the Machine had “seen” Jessica, that maybe they could have saved her. But it’s gonna eat him, the idea that someone knew… That maybe he could have done something…

But most of all, what gets me is his “I hope you understand why you should have.” Because even if he can’t make it right for Jessica, he can still make it right for all the others. More than that, he needs to. Precisely because he failed to save Jessica, he needs to be there for everyone else. And above that, it’s just the core of who he is. He needs to help people. It’s visceral. He can’t *stand* to see people suffering. He has to make things right for them. He has to protect them. He doesn’t know how not to. There’s a certain innocence to it. He’s not fighting for a great ideal or for the triumph of Good over Evil. Kara said it, he’s not one for the greater picture. And she was right. John only cares about people. John cares, in a deep, genuine, selfless way. And that is why I truly love John.

Person of Interest - 1x21 (Many Happy Returns)

Should we talk about how ridiculously emotional John gets just because Harold gave him a gift for his birthday? And he doesn’t know what’s in the box, and it’s a tiny box, so it’s not about the gift, it’s simply about the gesture, about the fact that Harold cared about his birthday. And given John’s reaction, it must have been quite a long time since anyone cared enough about him to simply wish him a happy birthday…

(I promise I’m done breaking your heart with Many Happy Returns)