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So these are inspired by a Buzzfeed article I posted earlier. Again, I’m not married, but I think some of these are hilarious and the gifs I have fit! I know it’s been a while so excuse me as I scrape some of the rust off!

Dean was sitting at the table in their motel room, scrolling through some stuff Sam had sent them about their current case.

Y/N had gotten into bed and had the blankets up around her shoulders as she watched some crappy movie on cable.

Glancing over after a while, Dean noticed movement under the covers right around her hips. Sliding from the chair he moved over to the edge of the bed. “Babe?”

Y/N looked up. “Ew…what kind of face is that?”

“What are you doing?” Dean ignored her comment, confident in the knowledge of what she was doing.

Squinting at her boyfriend she continued with her task under the blankets. 

Dean was reaching for the covers when he heard an audible snap. “What the…” Pulling the blankets down revealed a Kit Kat bar. “Really?! And I thought…”

“What?! I didn’t want to share, you know I hate sharing candy!” Y/N defended as she popped the first piece in her mouth. “What the hell did you think I was doing?” 

Dean just raised his brows at her as he huffed and went back to his laptop.

“Seriously Dean?! THAT’S what you thought I was doing?” Y/N couldn’t stop her laughter. “Oh god, sorry babe! Didn’t mean to disappoint. Here you want the last piece?”

Standing he pulled the last stick from her hand and flopped down on the bed, where he continued to pout.

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Still inspired by the Buzzfeed thingy from earlier. Sam’s face is pretty intense for this buuuut, we’re just going to go with it because I feel a groove coming on and don’t want to lose it!

Walking from the kitchen into the library, Sam sat his plate down next to his laptop. “Hey.” He quickly pulled it away from Y/N’s reach.

“Sam what the hell?”

“Look, I love you, but I made exactly the amount of cheese and crackers I want to eat right now.”

“But I only…”

“EXACTLY the amount.” 

“Woah, okay…DEAN” Y/N held her hands up in defeat. “I’ll go make my own.” She mumbled something about him picking up Dean’s eating habits and not sharing on her way to the kitchen.

Sam just shook his head, he felt bad for snapping, but with everything they had going on at the moment he was just in a crap mood.  She’d get over it.

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