And how did Kit Harington adjust to working with a camera rig strapped to his face? 

“Kit has done a bunch of theater,” says Kurosaki, “so even though he’s best known for playing Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, as soon as he understood that this process is a lot more like theater than film, he was up and running. When you fit them into the helmet and you turn that light on in their face, at first they’re like ‘Whoa, what’s this?’” Kurosaki says most actors, once they get comfortable with the process, equate this type of acting with black box theater. “So once he got that this was much more like him doing a play than him getting ready for a tight shot on his show he was right there and game for it.” - Taylor Kurosaki, the game’s narrative director

to all smut writers

Please, I emphasize PLEASE, put “keep reading” and any type of warning above your scenarios/reactions/drabbles that contain anything related to sex.

I often see gif reactions of this and honestly, it’s disgusting to know that some writers don’t care about young fanfic reading fans whom still have innocent minds and want to keep it that way.

Please be more considerate and responsible.

Thank you to the writers who do this ♡ with love, hana & minji

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to join Infinite Challenge’s “Muhan Company’ Special!

On July 25, it was revealed that the rapper is filming “Muhan Company” by writer and director couple, Kim Eun Hee and Jang Hang Joon.

G-Dragon previously participated on the special in 2012, when he hilariously acted as the company chairman’s son disguising as a new employee. Having strong ties with “Infinite Challenge,” the BIGBANG leader willingly accepted the offer to participate on this year’s “Muhan Company” as well.

The “Muhan Company” special of “Infinite Challenge” will air on August 7.


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