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rysooo bbhgrl exheaux

@rysooo a nice blog!!! i think that she deserves bettr after i just stalked her 4 her gifs1!!!!! and has pretty moodbaords ;((( i now think shes a soft peach that desrves a lot!  

@bbhgrl who i think is funny n relatable xcpet her her dislike 4 promise?? and has nice aesthetics ;((my type of aesthetics also vivi???????? but i think shes a really great blog ;(

@exheaux i think shes really nice!! and im die 4 her yixing+2016 gifset ;((((((((( and there needs 2 be moar xingmis in the world,,,,i say as i dropped yixin 4 sehun 2015 bYE

send me a url and ill tell u what i think of their blog!!