Think #thedress is mind-boggling? You can even see color where it doesn’t exist! Get up close to your screen and stare at the black dot without moving your eyes as the countdown ticks, and BAM… a brain-breaking illusion of perception.

In the wake of #thedress, the February 26, 2015 internet firestorm that tested friendships, divided families, and nearly broke Buzzfeed as people everywhere debated the true colors of a horribly photographed article of clothing, let this serve as a reminder that our experience of color is highly dependent on perception and neurological judgment calls.

While the dress showed us how our eyes judge luminance and color, the GIF above proves that our brain can be tricked into seeing color even when it’s not there.  (I explained how this worked in an old post)

Thorough scientific analysis (and has adequately proven that #thedress is, in fact, blue and black, but before you walk away sighing (or cyan) over how silly this all was, remember that testing how well our perception of the world aligns with reality is exactly what science is for!


I want the rebels to know that I’m alive and I’m in District 8. Where the Capitol just bombed a hospital filled with unarmed men, women and children. There will be no survivors. If you think just for one second that the Capitol will ever treat us fairly, you are lying to yourself. Because we know who they are and what they do.