See the line where the sky meets the sea?
                                   It calls me
                          And no one knows
                               How far it goes
                        If the wind on my sail
                  On the sea stays behind me
                          One day I’ll know
                If I go there’s just no telling
                            How far I’ll go

anonymous asked:

There are some dark looking gifs of the MLP movie on here, but the reviews say the movie is super colorful and cheerful. What's the truth?

This should’ve been asked to my pony blog, but I’ll answer it here. The reviews I’ve seen have all been completely disingenuous to the tone of the film. Here, I’ll list some stuff that actually happens in the film. Spoilers, obviously.

  • Luna almost dies within the first 10 minutes.
  • We see enslaved ponies.
  • The Storm King makes a not-subtle-at-all death threat to Tempest Shadow.
  • In Klugetown, we see a black market salesperson selling severed unicorn horns. They casually ask Twilight and Rarity if they’re selling.
  • Someone tries to sell the ponies into slavery to pay off their debt to a crime lord.
  • An airship is blown up, in air, with its entire crew and a fugitive still on board.
  • The ponies almost drown twice. First they’re sucked into a deep underwater cavern with no light or way to reach the surface. The second time, they’re turned back from seaponies to regular ponies while still underwater.
  • In Tempest Shadow’s flashback, we (briefly) see blood when she loses her horn.
  • Spike burns some of the Storm King’s minions to death.
  • One named character dies on screen.

Make of that what you will.