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[[The scary one and the blinder one for $400 --have a good nap dweeb]]

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

they’re probably one of the most representative of a healthy relationship within the entire fandom when it comes to canon×canon, that’s what i really like about ‘em. Plus their relationship is so independent that the character doesn’t fade out into just some thing– that being said they’re also some of my faves and probably my only fave ship i’ll ever have for this game. So here’s one of my fave gifs to accompany them

External image

you can buy like 108 gallons of milk with 400 dollars

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Thank you SP there was no writing accompanying the GIF's so I was confused thank you for clearing that up :)! But uh please tell me if Stan dies in this fic? I love angst and all specially when it deals with Ford getting his head out of his ass because poor Stan's hurt/dying/dead or Stan getting hurt/tortured and then recovering with the family and Stan's my favorite character next to the Twins but this close to the finale I dunno if my heart could take the stress please tell least as a warning?

Nope! Stan doesn’t die and he enjoys every second of it. Trust me. There isn’t really any angst in this fic.