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How would the guys be when bae went into labor

I feel like words alone cannot adequately sum up their reactions, and so I have chosen gifs to accompany my theories. Also, here are headcanons about how the guys would react when they first find out bae is pregnant.

Andy:  He has been preparing since the day he found out bae was pregnant. He packed a bag to bring to the hospital. He’s calculated fastest routes to get there. He’s made bae do a few practice drills…he’s even recruited Burt Macklin to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, even though he’s been preparing, all of that goes out the window when bae goes into labor, and he somewhat panics.

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Owen: Stays totally chill and level-headed, because he knows that if he gets frantic, so will bae. Plus, he sort of has the “I was in the military, I’ve done much harder things than this” but then all of the sudden as you’re driving it just sort of hits him and he’s like

Daredevil Fans check these blogs out.

Ok so I recently started watching daredevil (up to episode 3) and I just want to share two of my favourite blogs that I suggest you look at if you watch the show. The first being imaginedaredevil, which as you can tell is an imagines blog which also posts the occasional oneshot. The imagines are really good with a nice choice of gifs accompanying the requests. The second blog is thisisnothowidie, seriously there are some amazing preferences to read, and not just for Matt or Wesly, oh no these preferences also contain Anatoly and Vladimir (and occasionally Foggy), and theres not just one or 2 no there are at least 40 already written. (Although keep in mind it is also someone’s  normal blog not just for daredevil.)

So if you watch Daredevil go check out these blogs, you won’t regret it.

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Also, I decided to make gifs to accompany each answer, just for fun really, but before we get into my answers here, I’d just like to say that these are genuine answers and in no way did I manufacture my responses so they’d fit the gifs I had. I’m honestly just as amazed as you probably are that I was actually able to make a gif that fit each answer, but I did it, and here it is.

Birthday: It’s the same day (obviously not year) the lovely Charles Farrell was born.

Star sign: Leo 


Yep. Pretty self explanatory.

Favorite Color: 

Okay, that’s a lie. It’s actually purple, but I’ve always wanted to use that gif!

Time Right Now: 

At the time I’m answering this exact question, it is 2:09 A.M. 

Average Hours Of Sleep: That depends. During the summer, there is no average, I just sleep until I feel well-rested and that fluctuates daily. However, when I’m on schedule I aim for 8 hours, but I realistically get around 6. Speaking of sleep, that sounds like a good idea.

Last Thing I Googled: “define: ditties”

Yes, comedian Sammy J is providing a visual representation of the definition just there. You see, I was updating my bio page and was going to say that I still occasionally write colorguard ditties because that’s what my coach calls short bits of choreography, but seeing as the actual definition of the word “ditty” is “a short simple song,” I realized that my coach doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is passing her incorrect use of vocabulary onto me. Frankly, I like the idea that ditty can apply to both music and choreography, but since that’s not the definition, I just wrote in the bio that I choreograph “little bits and pieces.” 

Number of Blankets: 

Just one usually, but if I get really cold in the winter, I’ll sleep with three. Maybe that’s excessive, but I’m comfortable, so who cares. Also, that gif is exactly how I sleep in the summer.

Favorite Fictional Character: Are you trying to make my head explode?! I have so many! There’s book characters, MY book characters, characters from Disney and Old Hollywood movies, etc. etc. But, I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to just the one, and it would have to be Bernard Black from Black Books. Oh my God, his character is so well written and never fails to make me smile or laugh, no matter how many times I watch the same episode over and over again. Seriously, how can you not love him? 

Favorite Famous Person: This…was actually a really tough question because no one jumped out at me. I could think of a lot of famous people, but they were other favorites of mine, like favorite singer or comedian, so it didn’t seem right to name them as my favorite famous person. Then I thought that the answer to this question would have to be someone who really respects their fans AND actively uses their fame in a way I see healthy and appropriate. Once I had that figured out, the choice was easy - Thomas Sanders. 

Favorite Book(s): 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, hence the cuckoo clock in this gif from The Awful Truth. I was originally going to make a gif of someone in an Old Hollywood movie reading, but weirdly enough I found a shot of a cuckoo clock first. My other favorite books are listed on my bio page.

What Book You Last Read/You’re Reading Currently: 

Currently reading The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin (okay, maybe this gif is a bit of a stretch, but they’re dancing in heaven. Also, the book is about dreams and sleep, and I have plenty of gifs that reference sleep, but I wanted to try something different. Plus, if you didn’t know that’s what the book is about, the gif wouldn’t make much sense.) 

So I read this book once in middle school, and a friend of mine just recently recommended I read it since I’m interested in studying sleep. I managed to read two chapters before I realized I had already read it. In fact, I have almost no memory of reading this book, which is weird considering that its plot revolves around one of my major interests, and part of me is wondering if perhaps reading this book subconsciously made me interested in sleep, or if I was secretly always interested in sleep and this was the beginning of that interest blossoming, but then my brain thought I needed to have identity crises throughout high school, so it made me forget the sleep thing until this year, just to be a jerk and make me go in a huge circle. What do you think, am I crazy? Don’t answer that. Anyway, it’s a good book so far. 

Dream Trip: Easy! I’d eventually like to go to the UK and attend a comedy festival, but my main dream trip is to visit New York and see all the places I’ve written about in my novel. I’d also especially love to tour/be inside/visit/be near/be within walking distance of/etc. the New Amsterdam Theatre, which, if you don’t know, is Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.’s theater and is where the Ziegfeld Follies and some of his other shows took place. To witness a place that influential and filled with history would be a dream come true. I’d probably cry.

Dream Job: 

And if I can’t be the greatest, then I’ll gladly take “one of the greatest.” But honestly, I’d be so thrilled just to have my book published and read. It’s crazy to think that a world, a story, and people that have existed entirely in your head could live in the mind of someone else, and I really want to know that feeling someday.

Now, as much as I love doing these types of tag things, I hate having to tag others because I can never choose and I don’t want to make anyone feel obligated. So I tag anyone who wants to do this and hope that you enjoyed getting to know more about me!