Spoiling Him || (N.M.)

Part two to my previous imagine, Spoiling You. Thanks for the love on that one, I hope you all enjoy this one just as much!

WARNING: This is SMUT accompanied by gifs that are NSFW. If you are sensitive to that kind of material or are not in a private setting, discontinue reading now. 


[Your POV]

After an entire week, I still wasn’t over how much stuff Nate had gotten for me last Saturday. He wouldn’t even tell me how much it had all rounded up to. I was beyond thankful for all the high heels and sweet smelling perfumes, but there was no way for me to put all of it into words. That’s why I had eventually settled on showing him how much he was appreciated, because telling him would never be able to cut it.

So I waited until Sunday to invite Nate over, a day when he was sure to be free and most definitely tuckered out. Earlier in the week he had texted me about how stressed he was feeling, which made it an even better time to provide him with some sweet relief. 

I had told Nate to show up at my place around 9 o’clock. In the meantime, while I waited for him to arrive, I got myself ready so that I could look nothing less than gorgeous. I put on a red lacy lingerie set and curled my hair to perfection. I was light on the make up because I knew that it wouldn’t stay on my face long anyways. 

At 8:55, Nate’s bath water was drawn, his blunt was rolled, and his favorite sweats were laid out on the bed for whenever he decided to hop out. I was doing some last minute primping in the hallway mirror when I heard the front door opening and quickly stood up straight to give Nate a proper greeting.

From the look in his eyes when I approached him, I could already tell that he was pleased with his surprise and he hadn’t even seen the half of it. 

“Damn, ma.” he whispered as soon as he saw me. 

I giggled, “You like what you see?”

“Hell yeah,” he nodded, “Now let me see some more.” 

Nate was about to make a grab for my panties but I moved back swiftly.

“Not yet,” I taunted with a grin,”follow me.”

I grabbed Nate’s hand and led him up toward the bathroom. The lights were dimmed and soft music played in the back ground to help set the mood.

“So we taking a bath together?” he queried, a twinge of hope in his voice.

I shook my head, “Nope. I’m gonna let you relax while I go back down to the kitchen and finish fixing your dinner.” 

Then I scurried away before Nate could even argue with me. 

“See you in a few!” I called as I rounded the corner.

In the kitchen I had steak, twice baked potatoes, and sauteed vegetables cooking all at once. With Nate constantly ripping and running all over the place, he rarely had a meal that was both home-cooked and fulfilling. I had dinner almost done and the cheese cake for dessert was in the fridge. 

After twenty minutes or so, I heard Nate coming around the corner. The table was set and the food was laid out before him.

Damn, that smells good!” he hollered.

I laughed, “Just for you baby.”

He sat down at the table and went to town like he hadn’t eaten in days.

I stood behind him and rubbed the back of his neck as he ate, asking how his week had been and if there were any frustrations he needed to let out.

“Fuck talking about my frustrations,” he said as he wrapped up his eating, “I can let them all out while I’m fucking the shit out of you.”

Suddenly, I was unexpectedly pinned up against a wall as Nate dug his face into my neck, sucking right on the spot that he new got me every time.

“Shit,” I exhaled, “Nate… You’re dessert.”

“I already got my dessert ma.”

He could so easily place me under his spell, but I wasn’t about to let him make this about me. Not tonight. 

Before he could realize what was happening, I ducked right from under Nate and darted toward to the bedroom. 

I could hear him laughing behind me, “So we playing games tonight, huh?”

I hid behind the bedroom door before he could make it in and watched as he cluelessly stood in the middle of the floor trying to find me.

That’s when I came up to him from behind and grabbed onto the hem of his sweatpants.

He jumped a little before turning around and smiling at me.

“I got you,” he said in between our deep kisses.

“Nuh uh,” I countered, “I got you.”

I began walking forward as to push Nate onto the edge of the bed, rubbing his semi-hard cock as I did so. 

“Fuck,” he whispered. 

Once Nate was leaned against the bed, I grabbed a pillow from behind him and tossed it onto the ground beneath me so I had somewhere to rest my knees. I bent down, so turned on by the look in Nate’s eyes and how bad he wanted it. 

When I pulled down his pants, I couldn’t help but to lick my lips. I wanted it too.

I kissed and sucked all over his shaft, looking up at him the entire time. He wanted me to move on to his head so bad, but I was going to wait until he least expected it.

When I finally swirled my tongue around the tip of his dick, he threw his head back and groaned, arousing me even more. I started to bob my head up and down, taking him into my mouth as deep as I could. 

He held onto my hair, thrusting his hips forward and into my throat until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck (Y/N), please ride me.”

I loved to hear him tell me exactly what it was that he wanted. 

I slid off my panties and did away with my bra as fast as I could before climbing on top of Nate and lowering myself onto his upright cock.

We both let out passionate moans as I started off riding him nice and slow, grinding on him so that his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. 

When I started to pickup the pace, the noises we made filled the entire room and the sensations were beginning to overtake us.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Nate kept muttering to himself.

“I’m gonna cum,” I squealed with my eyes shut tight.

“Cum for me baby,” he coaxed me to my climax.

Even as I orgasmed, Nate thrusted his hips upward and continued to pound into me, coming close to his own edge point before finally, with one last deep stroke, letting it all go inside of me.

Our yells had subsided into shaky breathes as we were being delivered back to earth from ecstasy.

“Shit,” Nate breathed into my neck.

“I love you,” I spoke softly to him as my chest heaved, “and everything you do for me.” 

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anonymous asked:

You weren't polite to begin with! Who would listen to that?! Who takes silly gifs seriously?! That's not discussion, that's just one-sided statements and idiocy. And you call him evil all the time. And before you think that shitty human being and worthless piece of flesh is not the same thing, it is. Did you ever ask why he did those things and consider if he really meant that? Nope. Cutting him out is running away. And never did you people try to talk to him. You just made the problem worse.

I wasn’t polite, no.

I was neutral. I told him to go away. He didn’t.

Then I was informed of him doing this and worse to others by the people in question, and I turned hostile, because he didn’t deserve civility and politeness.

‘Silly gifs’ were accompanied with words. Try again.

‘Go away’ is not a one-sided statement. Try again.

Yeah. Such evil.

Before I think shitty human being and worthless piece of flesh are the same, they are? Wat. English, how do.

Why would I ask someone who I knew to have harassed and manipulated at least a dozen people before why they did it? Why would I even give them the benefit of the doubt?

“Sir, there’s seven corpses in this room and you’re covered in blood, holding a blood-covered melee weapon. I don’t want to accuse you of murdering them, but if you did, why? Did you mean to kill seven people?

Did you accidentally do all these terrible things?

And the idiocy of your logic is proved yet again.

Nono anon, you don’t seem to understand what ‘running away’ means. In this case, running away would be leaving tumblr. Blocking and ignoring him is not running away, since we haven’t moved. At all. He’s still there, we just don’t have to listen to his bullshit or see his excuses.

As I already explained but you conveniently seem to have missed/forgotten, we did try to explain it to him.

He ignored us every time.

Try again.

anonymous asked:

I want David Tennant so bad!

Same Nonny. Same!

I mean, this man does things to me I can’t even explain. For example, teeth are generally not something I find attractive or look at. But I literally spent hours looking at photos/gifs of his teeth yesterday. Please bite me. Nibble, scrape, nip, I don’t care, I just want to feel those teeth against my skin!!

And his hair, I’d run my fingers through it until the end of time. Silky strands running through my fingers. Le sigh. I wonder if he likes it being tugged on?

His freckles give me chills. To map them with kisses or even light touches.

He’s got quite the nice ass as well. And his tall, lean frame is gorgeous.

But what really makes him so desirable to me is his personality. His kind, caring personality. He’s so genuine and adorable and I just want to wrap him up in a hug and tell him how truly wonderful he is, and inspiring and thank him for being the wondrous person he is.

The way he looks at his wife makes me weak in the knees. You just know he is the most amazing father on the planet. I can’t even begin to express what that does to me!

He is the epitome of everything Sparky wants.

I’m Ready || (N.M.)

[Request:  Can you do an imagine where you lose your virginity to Nate? If you don’t mind doing that kinda thing?:)]

WARNING: This is SMUT accompanied by gifs that are NSFW. If you are sensitive to that kind of material or are not in a private setting, discontinue reading now.


[Your POV]

“We ain’t gotta do this (Y/N),” Nate said to me for what seemed like the thousandth time. “I can wait for you if you’re not ready.”

I appreciated his concern, but as I straddled him topless on the bed, seven months into our relationship, I felt one hundred percent sure that I was ready.

“I want to do this.”

Nate looked up at me once more for definite assurance before gently rolling us over so that I was now underneath him. “I’ma be real gentle.”

He took his time and kissed my lips, along my jawline, and all over my neck; slowly and softly.

Part of me loved it, but the other part of me just wanted to get right to it. The tension had been building for months and I needed to let it all go, but I allowed Nate to do what he had to do. He was the one with the experience, so I kept my mouth shut.

“Take it off,” Nate instructed, referring to the rosy pink bra that I had on.

I timidly did as I was told, nervous that what he saw may not live up to his expectations. He sensed my reluctance but didn’t rush me. Once I had taken my bra off and tossed it onto the floor, I still covered my chest with my hands.

Nate took my arms and laid them at my side. “You ain’t gotta be shy with me ma. You’re too beautiful for that.”

I tried to relax myself as I laid there, half exposed. Nate was especially slow, palming my breasts and leaving hickies wherever he pleased. I was completely his.

When he took my sensitive nipple into his mouth, I let out a soft moan, encouraging him to go on. He gave each breast equal attention and I was close to going crazy. My eyes were closed in blissful enjoyment when I felt Nate rise and begin inching down my stomach. He gave me quick pecks, all the way down.

“Relax,” he told me as I tensed up the closer he got to my underwear, “you’re okay.”

Nate slid my underwear off, revealing a part of me that I had never shown to anyone else before. My cheeks got hot and I found myself wanting it all to be over quicker. 

He kissed the inside of my thighs and then suddenly there was no more thinking straight to be done.

Nate opened my folds with his fingers and began eating me out like crazy. I’ll admit to having watched porn before, but watching someone get head versus actually getting some yourself was in no way comparable.

“Oh my god,” I squealed and gripped onto the sheets as Nate flicked his tongue over my yearning clit. The way he looked up at me made me insane and I could barely contain myself.

Considering the fact that after this was over it’d be nothing but pain from there on out, he let me get off right then.

He sucked my clit and swirled his tongue until I could no longer take it.

Fuck,” I yelled as I arched my back and held onto his hair.

I had orgasmed and for it to be in the hands of Nate made it ten times as amazing. He came up and kissed me as I was still trying to catch my breath.

“Wow,” I exhaled.

“I been wanting to make you feel good for so long baby,” Nate told me.

After I appeared to have collected myself, he asked me if I was ready.

I took one deep breath then nodded.

This was it.

“Come on.”

I watched as Nate pulled off his pants to reveal his full hard on. I had fantasized about it so many times and now there it was, even bigger than I had expected. Though that was supposed to be a good thing, it just made me even more worried about how bad this was going to hurt.

After putting on a condom, Nate climbed back on top of me and we kissed each other just a few more times before finally beginning to engage in what it was we had been waiting for all this time.

“Let me know if it hurts too bad lil mama,” Nate said as I braced myself for the pain.

He inserted the tip of his dick into my still drenched hole and I gasped.

“You good?” Nate asked, concern all over his voice.

“I’m fine, keep going.” I winced.

He went even deeper and as horrible as it felt, I had to let him continue. 

“Damn, you’re tight as fuck.” Nate groaned as he began go in and out, sending jolts of pain throughout my body every time. I tried so hard not to tear up, in fear that he might refuse to keep going if he knew it was hurting me that bad.

After what felt like hours - though I knew it hadn’t been nearly that long - Nate finally exclaimed that he was about to cum.

“Oh shit (Y/N), fuck!” His strokes got sloppy and he kissed me hard as he climaxed.

He wiped the few tears that he noticed and apologized right away, “Shit I’m so sorry baby.”

“Don’t be,” I said to him, “I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be my first. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said with a passion filled kissed to back it up.

“Yeah,” I grinned against his lips, “let’s just hope this feels better next time around.”

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What is the verdict on using icons and/or gifs?

We are fine with the usage of gifs and icons to accompany replies. We however do not allow gif wars and still expect members to keep up with replies in the forms of paras as well.