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Hey if it's not too much of a problem could you make a GIF set from the interview where Josh is alone (from 5:32" to 5:42"). If you can't thank you anyway for the incredible job you are doing.

Sure. Just want to verify you mean this interview:

and the part where’s talking about dabbling in the future?

And you’re welcome, thank you for the kudos. <333


VIKINGS panel @ SDCC 2017

Q: What was your audition like for [Ivar]? How did that go for you?
Alex: Long story short. The audition was pretty crazy. I’m skipping forward to the third audition, when we were, like, 14 guys left and were just hanging in Dublin. And 4 hours in, Frank Moiselle, our casting director, came down and poked me on the shoulder and told me to read for Ivar. And at this point I’d only been reading for Ubbe, Sigurd, and Hvitserk, so I had no clue who Ivar was. I was a little nervous when he asked for that. I’ve never been sweating that much in my entire life. So I was sitting there for half an hour, trying to learn the lines for this new character. And when I finally got up there, I just asked Michael [Hirst] what the heck was up with this character. He explained his disease and all that. And I was like, “Is he in constant pain?” And Michael replied that he thought he was. So in my mind I was, like, “Okay, so if he’s in constant pain,” because I had no idea who this character was, “if he’s in constant pain, then he’s used to it.” I mean, he wouldn’t show it. So what I literally did was just sit there and do that kind of a lean forward you’ve seen and all that. And, of course, I screwed up the first time. I screwed up the second time. And I was, like, “Is it- Are we gonna do this, Alex? Are we gonna- Okay, cool.” And, well, the third time I got through it and it was a great experience. And now I’m sitting here. AHH!

Imagine what Chris is thinking about when he looks at you at the Comic Con interview.

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Chris thoughts started to roam as he listens to you talk. You answered a fans question about how you feel about working with him on set. Chris started to  think about how much he’s feelings for you have grown over the past year.

“I love working with Chris. We have become great friends and I would change that for the world.” You said finishing your response. You looked to Chris who was watching you smiling. He came back down from cloud 9 when he realized you were looking at him. 

The smile he gave you was warm and gentle. His bright blue eyes shinned over his cheeks bones.  You smiled back at him and his smile went from soft to a huge grin. Seeing your smile is why he feel for you.


Writing music is my catharsis. When something bad happens I turn it into art. Whether that’s healthy or not, it’s a different conversation. Maybe in 5 years time I’ll realize that I haven’t actually dealt with anything. But that’s what I do, I try to make sense of things and then I share it with people and see if they understand me and they seem to.