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Tony Stark [Marvel Cinematic]

Continuing the Robert Downey Jr train, I’ve decided to put together two gif hunts for Tony Stark, all containing HQ gifs. I made a point of avoiding any gifs where he was out of character and you will not find any interview-gifs either. This will be getting periodic updates over time, if I feel like it.

↳ This gif hunt contains #280+ HQ gifs of Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. The sizes range from small, medium, to large. I didn’t create any of these gifs and only sought them out and compiled them in this gif hunt. This gif hunt mostly consists of gifs where Tony is out of the suit, but there will be some where he’s wearing it with his face plate down.  If you recognize your gif and want it taken down, let us know. Please like this if it helped you.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! The gifs that you just blogged...I have seen that this interview took place during the Haylor era and all the other gifs/ pictures that I've seen is of Louis just sitting there with no smile or such on his face. What i want to ask is if you could do some more gifs related to that interview or talk about what i've heard is true or not or just give me the link. Sorry for the hassle! Thank you!

That was 13 November 2012, and you can find the interview here. Of course I can’t say what was going through Louis’s head, but I’m sure they were all exhausted – after performing at the Today Show and getting up before dawn to rehearse/sound check.

They were clearly going to be playing up Harry-the-womanizer (moving toward Harry-dates-Taylor) during that promo cycle, so that same day saw:



For some refreshment, here’s that lovely moment they agree they want to have kids even as young as they are:

It’s hard to believe that was almost four years ago.