Happy Mimi Day!

Happy Birthday to Oh My Girl’s beautiful rapper, Kim Mihyun / Mimi! I hope you have a lovely day Mimi :) Thank you for blessing us Miracles with your beautiful voice and adorable quirkiness! I wish you a day filled with nothing but joy ♥ happy birthday, we love you!

Old Lion’s Arch

Old Lion’s Arch was a city built from an armada of salvaged ships, with twisting, winding roads connected by a network of bridges. There were ruins, and alcoves, secrets hidden below the streets. Above us, amid a network of gangplanks, entrepreneurs built their dreams while serving drinks. Yet despite the immensity of it all , the word that came to mind was cozy. 

This was home and you never grew tired of it because there was something soothing about it’s worn edges and labyrinthine passages. It created an illusion of privacy for those creating stories together, yet an all encompassing familiarity that gave the whole of it a sense of intimacy. All who entered were somehow friends. 

So many memories were created there, on beaches, in tunnels, on bridges and light house ruins. I used to visit those places and remember what screenshots could not show.

The old Lion’s Arch was built with hope and compromise. When people reminisce, and lament, we are missing that city.

The cement used to pave over the devastation left by Scarlet’s attack is like a tombstone marking a grave. A chapter is closed that can never be revisited; the places that once served as reminders are now altered beyond recognition.