There was so much I wanted to say about the last few minutes, but I don’t know if I can remember them all.

The episode had already started off intense, but greaser nazi blatantly stating that he wanted to keep black people “in their place” was a jawdropper. That was really the villain’s main motive this time. I can’t remember if we’ve even had this kind of storyline yet. I found Ryan blasting him back to the past poetic and hilarious, and very Doctor Who. I’m glad he doesn’t listen to the “don’t touch anything” rule.

Yas was in an interesting position, and I’m glad they highlighted that. There were “colored” seats designated to African Americans, and “white” seats designated to caucasians. Yet the bus driver let her through the “whites only” door. I liked how she vocalized her confusion as to what she “counted” as, as middle easterners were kind of in the gray area back then.

I really liked the scene where the Doctor was counting seats. The Doctor can be a bit much sometimes (especially during the Moffat era) and I found it only appropriate that she wasn’t so in-your-face and overexplanatory about what she was doing and what they had to do to progress.

Graham’s “I don’t wanna be a part of this” in regards to filling the seats was brilliantly delivered. He knew he was contributing to Rosa’s arrest. He wanted to help her and protest against what was going on, but he couldn’t. Hats off to the actor.

And of course, Rosa’s arrest after taking her seat. I have no words. This was such an incredible, powerful episode and I think it was tastefully done. The topic of racism wasn’t handled carelessly, and I think they were as respectful as they could’ve been. And it’s only the beginning of the season! Can you believe it? Again, I can’t give the writers enough kudos for this. Starting a discussion seems to be very important to them, given the intensity of the dialogue and pushing it as much as they could. I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going.

anonymous asked:

ummmm did u not find the new episode of dw to be like kinda fucked ? making it seem like rosa parks protested at the drop of a hat cause of the White doctor ? when it was actually well planned? is it just me?

that’s definitely not the message i got at all….. the whole point was that racism is a disease that spreads even beyond the confines of earth - that the biggest villain can be a white man who wants to hurt others so much that he attempts to go back into history and alter a moment that changed the course of the universe…. 

the Final Moment was framed very very particularly to be rosa’s choice, all the doctor and her companions did was do their best to make sure the field was even and rose was given the same choice we know her to have been given… even though the doctor and ryan and graham and yaz were on the bus, they did NOT speak to rosa, or convince her, or do anything that took the power of that choice and that act away from her. 

the episode spent it’s runtime teaching about rosa’s time, having ryan literally be welcomed into the movement and meet doctor king, and give an entire scene to yaz and ryan reckoning with how they experience racism in their lives… the doctor’s only function in this episode was to fuck with a space nazi and give history a chance to proceed as it should. your summary is a willful misreading………. a black woman wrote an episode teaching british children about a more in-depth version of rosa parks than they’d ever seen, positioning a racist white man as essentially a Monster Of The Week, and used a platform watched by millions of people around the world to highlight the supporting characters and their everyday experiences of racism. anyways there are other things to be upset about 

I have thoughts about Doctor Who 11x3 – Rosa

- I don’t know what I expected from this episode, but thank god they steered well clear of the Doctor comes striding in as the white saviour, even if they steer so clear that pretty much everything the Doctor and companions do in this episode is just filler/set up for the historical last five minutes. I mean, these days, anvils must be dropped and sometimes that doesn’t even stick so…

- Yes the episode runs like a history lesson, but have people forgotten that’s what Classic Who was supposed to be? The Doctor doesn’t always have to be the Oncoming Storm. The Doctor shouldn’t. The Doctor is always strongest in human emotional moments like this.

- Thirteen is everything Twelve wanted her to be: laugh hard, run fast, be kind.  

- Speaking of Thirteen, her having the physicality of a woman now creates a shade to this episode that probably wouldn’t exist if the Doctor was still running around as a white man, lecturing/testing Ryan and Yaz on the history of the civil rights movement. I mean, as a white woman running the show it was still a bit iffy but the writers managed to avoid her coming off as white feminist.  

- Prettyboy McRacist looks like Grant Ward and somehow that’s fitting. Also if you don’t get that he is personification of racism and there isn’t really supposed to be deep, complex motivations for his hatred other than good old racism then you’re missing the point of this entire episode. As bland as he is, I find him much more disturbing than all the Daleks and Cybermen because at least you know the Doctor can outrun those.

- Having Graham be the white person Rosa Parks must give her seat to is so very fitting, not just because this is the emotional climax, but because it is a true reflection of life – then and now. Graham rebels against the idea that he has any part in this ghastly scenario, but when you’re a straight white male in your 50s in 1950s Alabama you’re benefiting from institutionalized racism whether you want to or not. You don’t get to say “I’m not like this, I’m not a part of this” because you are simply by being in that position of power. And the most moving thing is that Graham stayed, because I think he does understand that he is going to be a part of this whether he likes it or not, and if he has to be a part of it, then he should be the part that enables Rosa to voice her protest, to help open up a movement.