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8 gifs per episode | criminal minds; 1.15 unfinished business

      “It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.”

Happy Valentine’s Day 💚💜

Here’s my @creeksecretsanta gift for @snowflakebottles ! (Im assuming you changed your URL recently, because it won’t let me officially tag you ;-; I hope you still see this, though!)

Here, have a Creek Snowglobe!

Merry CREEK-mas! And Happy Holidays!(:

So for the ppl out there these are just two good friends hugging. Like that. Seriously. Just friends. After all they have been through. After all the things they said to each other. After they saved their lives in so many ways and so many times. After that fucking handshake (two best friends would have hugged) .They never hugged. And the wedding hug doesnt count for me cause it was in front of people. They never had a “private” hug to show their affection but why not if they are just friends? They should hug without problem uh? But they can’t. Cause they are in love. And a hug would mean something special, it would feel different cause of their love. It would lead them further may be. They. Love. Each. Other. I dont care if you say it isnt a romantic way to love for you, i dont care if they kiss or whatever they are meant to be together and ppl should accept it. Period. They tried to be that close to someone else but it didnt work. It will never work with anyone else. And they know it now. They have always known it.
So, pls, stop calling them brothers.
They are lovers.