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Imagine thanking Tom during your award speech.

“Oh my gosh,” you breathed as you reached the podium. Shaking your head and holding your award, you couldn’t believe that you had just won Best Actress and beat out Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. “Am I dreaming?” You squealed out as the crowd laughed and cheered. 

“Wow, I’m so incredibly thankful for this award! I’m still in a bit of a daze, really. Um, wow.” Staring at the award again, you blinked a few times and started on your thank you’s to the people that voted, your amazing costars, the directors, and so forth. As you closed out the speech, you flashed a smile and made eye contact with Tom. 

“I also want to thank Tom for this beauty because without him I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to take on this role. I also wouldn’t have stuck to the incredibly difficult workout and eating plan without him. Thank you for that and I do apologize for being a brat about wanting that Twix bar and you telling me that I couldn’t.” The crowd laughed as well as Tom and his mother. “I love you and thank you for loving me through my bratty, hangry ways. I really, honestly couldn’t have won this without you.” Blowing him a kiss, you smiled again and exited the stage. 

This is it !

Today is a really special day to me, 7 years ago I discovered Flipnote Studio for the first time on my DSi !! It was the September 4th 2009 !

At that time I never animated on something digital in my entire life and I was scared to try, not being good to draw with a tablet or on a PC at all but drawing on a tactile digital screen helped me a lot to get confortable and I began to have fun with this little application, so much fun that I began to enjoy and taking it more seriously. Knowing that most of the animators animate on a PC I always thought I was not a real one and would never be taking seriously …. but with all of your love I believed that it was false and that any animators (and any artist in general !) can be awesome and passionate no matter what they use !!

This is an amazing and important meaning to me !

And now, 7 years later, I still use this application to make all of my little characters living and moving, bouncing to make you smile :)

I want to thank you for your big and awesome support, for the new fans like the first I got back on Flipnote Hatena, I would never believe in the past that so many people would follow me for the animations I made on the DSi or 3DS, thanks to you I’m proud to continue with it and to be respected for my work !

Thank you all so much, I will never forget all of these years and I will keep going ! I can’t thank you enough, you make my life !! :’D

I still can’t believe how far I could go with this amazing application, you made me believe whatever you use to share your passion, if you love doing it, people will also love it ! 

So again, Thank you all so much, you made my day, and I can say, you made my life, a huge part of it ! I’m proud to do what I do and you push me to do more, you are all Génial !  I’m sure U will animate 7 more years and even more :) Thanks for making me believe in my passion and my dreams !

Merci tout le monde pour tout votre soutien ! Vous êtes tous géniaux !!! J’ai vraiment hâte d’en partager encore plus avec vous tous !! 

Merci merci merci !!!!

Hi Taylor! I just wanna tell you a little something about me. So over the past 4 years or so I have been struggling with my anxiety and depression. Recently over the past year it has gotten worse and I have thought about ending the pain. I know that is a sign of weakness but people are just so mean and society is so hard to please. One day I was thinking if I leave this world I’ll never get to hear your voice again. Your amazing songs. Your words of wisdom and that made me scared. So I been fighting. I hope one day we will be able to meet because that 10 year old girl of me is dying to meet you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you so much words can’t describe it. I know that you probably will never see this but it is worth knowing that I got my story out there and that I’m fighting. Again thank you my life is so much better with you in it. One day hopefully I’ll get that hug from you and everything will be alright in my world. 💕 @taylorswift

This post is for my mutuals and people who make my dash a wonderful place, but it’s also for anyone who’s ever reblogged, liked or even just looked at any of my posts and thought they were alright (✿◠‿◠)

Wow!! I still can’t believe there’s more than 5,000 of you who follow this blog. I’ve been on here for so long and I’ve never properly thanked everyone. I’ve been making edits for a bit now, but it wasn’t until yuri on ice that I felt more comfortable and proud of how far I had gotten with my skills. I still have a long way to go but I’m always willing to learn and I’m super happy that a lot of you seem to like my creations. So many of you have been nothing more than supportive and in all honesty so much of this support has saved me from myself. When yuri on ice was airing I was going through really though time and I coped by delving deep into photoshop and the support I got was unbelievable. Every week my thought process was just “one more week and I can feel that happiness again.” That support that I received is something that I still find absolutely incredible. Whether you’ve been putting up with me for a long time, or you followed this blog recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve also made many absolutely amazing friends on here that whether you know it or not, you’ve helped me so much and words cannot describe how much I appreciate that and I hope you all know that I’ll be here for you even if we were to deactivate and move on with our lives. Ahhh sorry I got really deep and emotional there, please don’t mind me just casually professing my love to the internet ^^;

Well after that sap fest… without further ado, these are some of the people that brighten my day!!

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Thanks everyone

I really enjoy this livestream even if it was improvised,but also i´m sad bc i couldn´t donate and also bc i feel like mark/ethan are not gonna see this and i know this is like the less important but sometimes i feel bad for all those people who have made amazing fanart and he couldn´t see this, obviously they have a life and i respect that :D, thanks everyone for helping all this people who doesn´t have access or can´t afford to get water it means the world to me a lot.

wow i write a lot haha

Hellu, it’s Isa :3 and here I am with my first follow forever!! I made this blog back in march this year and started to make content in june so.. I’m hella surprised that I hit my milestone with 10k+ so soon!? I’m seriously so shocked I don’t know what to say, this blog has grown so much in such a short time!! So thank you all for liking my gifs, thank you for thinking that this blog is worth to follow ♡ as well as to thank everyone who has helped me and the support I received. I can’t even imagine that this blog could be some of your guys fav’blogs, I mean let’s be honest this blog lacks a lot of things :’D
I’m so happy to enjoy and to support the boys with all of you!!  

Also thank you sweetie @ttaewo made this wonderful banner for me Give her lots of love!! She deserves everything and more

Below are all the beautiful people/blogs I follow ♡ 💕  Thank your for all the amazing content ya all create to make my dashboard into such a wonderful place!! 💕 you guys are really great~

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so i recently hit 1k followers which is insane! i’ve had this blog for 7 months and in that time everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and i have made some wonderful friends so i’d like to give a little shout out to those amazing blogs i follow that constantly make my experience in this fandom a great one!

before i get into the main follow forever i’d just like to give some love to 3 incredible people who i love with my whole heart. prepare for the goddamn cheesiest shit you’ve ever heard.

@softshumjr marta words can’t describe how much i love you you’re incredible i’m honestly so blessed to call you my friend. you make me laugh every day talking to you makes me so so happy and receiving snaps from you makes my day. your creations are always amazing bless you for giving everyone the harry content we all need. you’re so talented and i love your writing so much seriously wow. you’re also incredibly beautiful (shush okay yes you are fight me)  i love you so so much i can’t wait to build our blanket fort <33

@catharinaloss joanna maria my other half you are amazing and i adore you you’re actually the cutest person alive. i love it when you come screaming in my inbox its like my favourite thing. honestly talking to you has always been so easy we just understand eachother and i know i can talk to you about anything. your creations are all stunning also and those moodboards have shown just how talented you are i love them so much. i’m so happy i have you as a friend i don’t know what i’d do without you i love you so much <33

@alexanderglghtwood eli listen up you nerd i love you okay i’m so so incredibly happy we started talking cause i can’t imagine not talking to you i mean we’re on a 113 day snapstreak dude that’s crazy. you make me so freaking happy every damn day i wanna give you the biggest hug ever. you’ve always been so easy to talk to i don’t know how you put up with me sometimes you’re so wonderful and lovely. also really talented like?? you always kill me with your writing and i am loving your edits so much they’re so great. you just make me the most happy and i love you so much <33

now onto the follow forever mutuals are bolded faves are in italics (under a read more as this got long lmao)

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hellooo, a week ago i hit +4k followers ♡ i’d usually wait until i hit 5k but i didn’t even expect to hit 4k lol. i only made this blog 8 months ago and i’m so happy that people enjoy my content and continue to follow me.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me and everyone who’s recently became a good friend of mine. About 4-5 months ago I wasn’t even comfortable posting my gfx’s but reading the comments just made me want to create more! Hopefully my gifs/gfx’s will improve each time i create them and gain more amazing friends!! i love you ♡

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hello!~ I just want to thank you all so much for following this little blog and liking my gifs/edits even though they’re not that good ;;u;; I just started this blog about 2 months ago but I never expected to get 5K+ followers… how? ;u; I know i’m not that exciting to talk to but just a small talk with any of you makes me extremely happy and i’m super thankful once more for all those who have made my experience here amazing~ Love you all lots 😭❤️

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Coincidence: Chapter 3

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 4  Chapter 5

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU


Word Count: 2,474

You stared at Jackson from across the table. After two weeks of planning, you two were finally able to go out on your date. Now was your chance to get the information you wanted. Yes, that sounded like you were just using Jackson, but you weren’t. He was an extremely nice man, so you wouldn’t mind him sticking around for a bit, at the very least.

The restaurant Jackson took you to was amazing. Everything looked so fancy and expensive, you would never be able to afford to eat at a place like this on your own. Even the table cloth seemed like it cost more than your whole family. How was Jackson able to afford to go here? This just raised your suspicions about him.

“So, (Y/N), tell me a little more about yourself,” Jackson said with a kind smile on his face.

“Oh! Ummmm, well, I’m in college… and… I don’t know, what do you want to know about me?” You said, fiddling with your hands.

“Well, let’s start with your college life then, what do you plan to do afterwards?”

“To be honest, I’m not completely sure, but I’m planning to become a doctor as of now.”

“Oh, a doctor, how interesting! I believe that you’ll become an amazing doctor, but are you really sure you’ll be cope to deal with all those years of studying?”

“That’s exactly why I don’t know if I’ll stay determined enough to finish my schooling. I also want to have the chance to start a family without any disruptions.”

“That is true. Is that why Jungkook is so desperate to get you a boyfriend?”

“That’s part of the reason.”

“What’s the other part?”

“The fact that he’s a little shit, and he loves to see me embarrassed.”

Jackson started laughing at your remark towards your “dear” friend. His laugh was amazing. It was extremely high pitched for a man, and it drew the attention of many people towards your table. You quickly looked down to your lap and waited for Jackson to calm down. All these rich people made you self conscious; they made you feel as if you didn’t belong.

“(Y/N), you are one of the funniest women I have ever met! You are never afraid to say what you think.”

You smiled at Jackson and took a sip of your drink. The night mostly consisted of you two having small talk and Jackson’s high pitched laugh. You were thoroughly enjoying yourself, Jackson was a very laid back man. It was a surprise he was the same man from that night. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find the perfect moment to ask him about it. Every time you would try to turn the conversation to his job he would always steer you two away from that conversation. That is, until after a particular “funny” comment from you, Jackson looked over your shoulder and completely froze, as if he had seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” You asked turning to look over your shoulder.

Suddenly, Jackson grabbed your face and pulled you closer to him. You were barely a centimeter apart, what was he trying to do? Who was back there?

“Don’t look back at all okay?” Jackson looked at you with complete seriousness. How is he able to change personalities so quickly?

“Okay, but can you at least tell me why I’m not allowed to look back?” You whispered.

“…Fine,” He said with a lot of hesitation.

“V is here,” he finally said after taking a deep breath.

V was here? Your heart immediately started beating faster, would he recognize you? Why here of all places? Questions ran through your mind a mile a minute, what were you going to do?

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), he’s not the type to murder someone in public. He likes to do his business in private, I don’t blame him, it’s easier that way,” Jackson said as if he had read your mind.

However, his comment just added to your worries. What exactly did Jackson mean by easier? Since when was murder a business? You were so confused, but who could blame you? You took a deep breath and took a long swig of your almost forgotten wine on the table.

“Woah, (Y/N), calm down! You do not want to get drunk, especially with V in the building!” Jackson yelled at you, taking the wine glass from your hand.

You just stared at Jackson and took a deep breath. You needed answers. The problem was that Jackson seemed like he was never going to give you them. You decided to keep quiet for now. If you continued causing trouble Jackson might cause a scene, and lord knows you don’t want that to happen. You looked back at Jackson. His eyebrows were furrowed; he genuinely looked worried about you. You gave him a small smile in reassurance.

“Jackson, can I tell you something?”

“Of course, you can tell me anything.”

“Promise you won’t get mad?”

“I promise.”

“I need to pee,” you said feeling your face heat as the laughter started. It’s not your fault! You just thought he should know so he could escort you, or something, so you wouldn’t get hurt!

“Are you serious?” He said between giggles. You nodded your head vigorously.

“Well, I think it’s safe enough for you go to the bathroom by yourself. Go ahead, I’ll be right here,” Jackson smiled at you, motioning for you to go.

You smiled thankfully and stood up. You quickly walked towards the bathroom. In truth, you didn’t really need to go, you just wanted to think over how you would force the answers you needed out of Jackson. You passed many tables, avoiding people’s stares, it seemed like not many people appreciated Jackson’s hyena like laughter. Unfortunately for you, you happened to miss a certain man’s stare as you walked in the bathroom.

Jackson took a sip of his wine and looked at his watch. It was getting late, he would have to escort (Y/N) home. No telling what V would do to her if she was alone. Suddenly, Jackson heard a chair screech and looked up, thinking (Y/N) was back.

“How cute, you’re on a date,” V taunted him taking a seat in (Y/N)’s chair.

“What do you want?” Jackson sneered at V.

“I want many things, Jackson, but the one thing I want the most is the money you owe me, remember that? Of course you don’t, don’t even bother answering that question, you were too busy fooling around with a girl,” V scowled at Jackson, who looked like he was ready to murder V in the middle of the restaurant.

“First of all, it’s not me who owes you money, it’s JB, he’s the leader after all. Secondly, I’m not ‘fooling around with a girl’. I’m just spending time getting to know her, that’s all.”

“Well, tell JB to give me the money he owes me, and you are fooling around, let’s face it. How could I blame you, though? She’s a sight for sore eyes, very different from the average hooker.”

That comment crossed the line for Jackson. He stood up from his chair and slammed his hands on the table. V just sat in the chair with a smirk on his face. He wanted Jackson to get mad, he wanted Jackson to get violent. After all, Jackson had to be one of the most tame members of his group, right next to Youngjae. V just wanted to see Jackson’s true pontential, and then find his weakness.

However, to V’s disappointment, Jackson just took a deep breath and sat back down, earning him a scowl from V.

“I wouldn’t want to cause a scene, V. You know how the cops are looking for you. I wouldn’t want your empire to crumble. I suggest you go back to your table.”

V opened his mouth to protest, but he happened to see (Y/N) making her way back to the table, oblivious to what is going on with Jackson and him. He looked back at Jackson, giving him one more scowl, and stood up leaving the table.

You walked back to Jackson, lost in thought. After much thought on how you would approach the situation, you decided to just be up front about it. You were going to demand answers from him, and you weren’t going to back down. You thought of the exact words you were going to say to Jackson on your way back. However, a deep voice cut you out of your thoughts.

“Excuse me, miss?”

You looked up and there he was, V. You gulped, there he was, the man that stayed in your mind weeks after “meeting” him. Did he remember you? Probably not, he, unlike Jackson, wasn’t able to get a good look at you since you spent the majority of the time running away from him.

“Yes?” You replied, your voice shaking.

“I suggest you stay away from Jackson, he’s not who you think he is.”

“And why would I trust you? I don’t even know who you are!” You glared at him, trying to act brave.

“You might be right about not trusting me, but you are absolutely wrong about not knowing me. You know who I am, and I know who you are, even though you didn’t even bother introducing yourself after you saved your little boyfriend, (Y/N).”

“He’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend, and you’re just a nobody.”

“Don’t be so sure of that, sweetheart. After all, I am not just a nobody, you’ll see, so watch your back,” he said, winking at you before walking towards his table.

You quickly walked back to Jackson, who seemed completely clueless as to what just happened. After that conversation with V, your determination for answers increased drastically. As you sat down Jackson smiled at you, though he looked a bit bothered by something.

“Jackson, I want answers,” You said sternly.

“About what?”

“About everything! Why is V so dangerous? What do you work as? Can you please just answer everything?”

“… fine, I’ll answer your questions,” Jackson said running his hand through his hair.

“But let’s go somewhere else, I don’t trust anyone here,” he said, waving down a waiter for the bill.

Afterwards, Jackson drove you back to your apartment, and you were beyond terrified. Why didn’t he want to give you answers at the restaurant? Was it because of V? Pushing your thoughts aside, you decided to mentally brace yourself for what Jackson was going to tell you.

You led Jackson to your living room and sat down, patting the spot next to you. Jackson sat down and took several deep breathes, until finally he spoke.

“If I tell you, just promise you’ll keep this a secret. Take it to your grave, (Y/N).”

“I will, I promise,” You said, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Okay, also promise you won’t freak out and stop talking to me.”

“I promise.”

“Okay, good, just making sure.”

“Just tell me already, Jackson!”

“Okay, okay! I’m in the mafia.”


“I. Am. In. The. Mafia.”

“Wha- but, how? You don’t seem like that type of guy.”

“I’m not, believe me. I just ended up being friends with the wrong kind of people, and then somehow I got sucked into the mafia.”

“Don’t you ever want to leave?”

“At times, yes, but most of the time I’m content. I’m spending time with the people who care about me the most. I might leave one day though, if possible, once I start a family.”

“What about V?”

“V is part of a very successful mafia gang, called BTS. It’s a silly name really, but they are one of the strongest out there, they practically run the state! They have many people on their side, we call them ARMY, but there are only six men who really have the most power.”

“Who are those men?”

“We know most of their names, they are: V, Rap Monster, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, and Suga. However the-”

“How come they all have such strange names?” You asked, interrupting him.

“To protect their identities, nobody wants to get caught. Now, as I was saying, there is one new addition to BTS. Normally, this wouldn’t matter, but it has been rumored that this new person has been given a high position in the gang. Adding one more to the list of powerful in BTS.”

“Do you know their name?”

“Unfortunately, no. This makes it even more dangerous, they could be literally anyone, and we wouldn’t know.”

“What gang are you a part of?”

“I’m part of a gang called GOT7, and I have one of the high positions,” Jackson said semi-proudly.

“Can you tell me their names?”

“Hmm… sure, I guess. The leader of our gang is called JB, then there’s me, Mark, Jinyoung, Bambam, Younjae, and Yugyeom.”

“Oh, is your gang strong?”

“I’m pretty sure we are. We’re at least as strong as BTS.”

“Oh, well, I have one more question,” You said holding up one finger.

“Go ahead.”

“Why were you and V in the alley that night?”

“Well, BTS and GOT7 had a partial alliance.We would basically help each other out every now and then in exchange for never ratting our gangs out to the cops. However, one day we borrowed some money from BTS, and V wanted us to pay it back to him once we were able to. We sent the money, but, according to V, they never received it. So V called one of us to go meet and talk with him, and I was the lucky one who had to go. Soooooooo… You’re all caught up now,” Jackson said, smiling awkwardly.

“Wow, Jackson. Thank you so much for filling me in on everything,” You said holding his hands.

“I think it’s time that I go, it’s getting pretty late,” Jackson said, looking at the clock.

Jackson headed towards your door, however, he stopped before he could put his hand on the door knob.

“One more thing (Y/N), take care of yourself. V knows how you look like and he knows that you are somehow involved with the members of GOT7, and, believe me, that is enough reason for you to be murdered,” he turned back to the door and opened it before stopping again.

“I’m sorry to say it (Y/N), but you are now involved with the mafia, and you have little to no chance of ever being forgotten by any of us. Especially V.” 

(A/N): Sry for the long wait *cri* but I’m back and I am thinking about starting my first GOT7 fanfic

(and yes I know it is a different gif but work with me ok lol)

hi, hello! i reached my goal a week ago so i decided to do a follow forever since i haven’t done once since i joined the fandom. i met some really amazing people here and made quite a few good friends that i’d die for. in addition, i became mutuals with a lot of great people with amazing blogs, so i decided to put together this messy thing 

(if the header looks wonky its cause this is the first time i did this kind of thing im sorry lmao)

mostly virgins (in no order bc i love u all equally if ya’ll drag me in the chat ima fite):

@cinnamonsuga, @blameblamebts, @taepott, @pbandj-hope, @velvethoseok, @myg, @mylovejhs, @agustdia, @jungkooknoises

(ya’ll bitches get a special little section bc honestly? idk what i’d do without you guys. you really mean the world to me and meeting you guys was one of the best things thats ever happened to me :( thanks for keeping up with me and my lame ass typos and jokes <3

more people i would die for:

@ifitwasntforthemusic (the ultimate babe whomst i love but she knows that), @rosykook (the milk loving bitch that doesnt hesitate to send me weird ass stuff that keeps me up at night), @bamethyst, @darkhairsuga, @flower-guk, @lightsilvermin (bruna, my sweet angel), @ggukgf, @lesbianblossomjimin, @kimvitae, @gayoongi

amazing mutuals (i wanted to do it alphabetically but uhhh):

@iweedu, @4yoong, @whaelian, @deletaed, @riseofbangtans, @yerikim, @jinandtonics, @vanillalattaes, @yoongifocus, @angtanboys, @jinsluvr, @cphyr, @serendipitysus, @gayhoseoks, @hixtapehell, @infiresjimin, @moonmyun, @jinniesloveforjin, @joonie, @omfgbts, @btspjmn, @1oyalty, @gamjin, @bbyngs, @artistictae, @jungkoog, @blushguk, @hobgi, @bonbunkookie, @seokjinstae, @kva-231, @j5ope, @kinkyoongs, @busanbfs, @namjoonslesbian, @fragrantae, @hobscheeks, @1namkook, @darksuga, @dolcetae, @hobsbf, @monstox, @ktaesthetic, @rosebudjin, @jeonjiah, @kingdoyoungs, @iluyoungk, @kookieholic, @hobtea, @shyubi, @hobstae, @kingsmixtape, @parkjiminer, @lovehobs, @7eokjin, @taesweet, @ilyoonqi, @mrssuga, @parkjoys, @hobsangel, @hobisgaymom, @parkejimins, @hobisnovia, @gayminyoongi, @43hy, @lesbianbts, @beaujimin, @sukooks, @foolsyoongi, @taesflower, @vendettafrank, @itskimtaehyung, @workofteaguk, @bipjm, @yeah-bands, @kim-aris, @bfkook, @je0n, @yoonngi, @kimstaehyungs, @sprxngday, @sugasuite

people i admire from afar:

@jeonbegins, @kimdaily, @brightjoon, @jayshixtape, @rapmonluv, @dom-joonie, @bang-tan, @yoonseok, @bts, @gukiee, @2seoke, @minblush, @95s, @yoonmin, @yoongichii

if i forgot anyone, you can come beat my ass with a broom tbh. anyway, thank you for following me, liking my art and keeping up with my messy tags (and also my typos good lord im sorry). i appreciate each and every single one of you!

Hey guys!! So like 2 weeks ago I finally hit 10k followers! I finally got around to making this since I finally had some free time. I haven’t been as active as a gif maker in the last year or two so the climb to 10k was slow but I finally got there! I hope to start doing more gifs and stuff soon again.The last follow forever I made was almost two years ago in 2015 so this is long overdue I think.

I can’t even begin to thank you all so much, all of you guys are so amazing and I can’t believe so many people have followed me on this website over the years. I have made some amazing friends and love you guys so much, even if we don’t talk, if we’re mutuals you mean the world to me and all my followers too.

I honestly don’t follow that many people just around 150 blogs and probably 50 or more of those are inactive, so I really should follow some more people… maybe one day. If you have any suggestions just shoot them my way! But I want to appreciate all of the people that I actually will follow forever until the day that I will leave this site. All my mutuals are bolded which is a lot of them oops, but if I forgot anyone please let me know! If I did forget anyone check out my blogroll for everyone else I follow since they are all great! Again thank you guys SO MUCH! I know 10k followers really isn’t a lot compared to some people but it means the world to me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Now go and follow all these amazing blogs!!

# - K

@0ci0 | @0ni-chan | @addictive-hunter | @akise | @amuriita | @anime | @blastymccsplode | @braindeadvirtually | @corrinss | @dearcorvo | @desu | @durararas | @etaribi | @evangelikon | @fairytailwitch @fayevalentiine@geassgreen | @gunnm | @gurrenlagann | @gurrenlagging | @hanae-ichihara | @heyinterstella | @hinatahyuga | @hohenheims | @huntersassociation | @hxh | @iyashikei | @jmihelic | @jolynecujo | @kagurad | @kainhurst | @kaitoaiba | @kishou | @kokiri-saria | @kyotouryuu

L - Z

@laguzmage | @larimii | @lawlu | @lifefibersync | @lilium | @makas-soul | @mangastream | @momonosuke | @monkeyondalamb | @nakamaa | @oh-niichan | @ohlevi | @omisfly | @oshawhat | @princess-mononoke | @psychopass | @rabiscosetal | @rakshas | @rizanawkeye | @rlxt | @roronoa | @sabaishi-desu | @sairenji | @sapphics | @seieifsetsuna | @seieiryu | @spiralsunshine | @tsubakinakatsukasa | @tsugumi | @wet–milk

Hello guys,some of you may know me as Flawlessohsehun (Natalie//Nat). It’s my second appreciation post.It’s been a year since I joined the fandom and I wanna thank all of you for being here for me, you don’t even know how much this means to me. I was blessed with some amazing friends i got to meet here, i know I may not have been a good friend to you myself, but i want you to know i truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and i couldn’t be more thankful. there are people who deserve a special place here for being the most wonderful human beings i got to know and meet. i want you to remember you’re all very special, kind, amazing, gorgeous, lovely and honestly the best.I appreciate your kindness and hospitality shown to a girl like me with a simple blog and sparkling interests.I owe you. So not to rant even more here are blogs and bloggers who made my experiance so amazing: 

(P.S. some of you may have noticed that its been a month since i have been on queue, I do not have heart to delete this blog so there are more than 70 posts queued and i will let it run out,after that this blog may be dead for a while, i cant tell the exact date I will come back but I will try to come as often as I can)

@1adyluck @1eojung @bebebyun @powermp3byexo @krellysworld @chansoobaeks @starlightdae @faeryixing @baekheuyn @angel-osh @vivihun @madameemotional @06pray @ohhsenshine @co-kai-ne @soyousgf

@squynhty @kingloeys @sefuns @starsehun @sooweetlies @the-ooverdose

@xiubyuns @glorious-soobooty @brbcrawlingtokorea @kittyhunnie @hunniedae @kjms @baekiya @sehunas @baekhyunsama @bbhsthighs

@tipannies @starboyksoo @chanyeolsabs @jonmyecn @sechens @vogueksoo @byunparks @chootys @chouxiu @dulcetyeoll @taemcin  @chanhyun @jnghobi @baekpedia @baekhyuh @byunlucid @byunchen @topfied @thicksehun @baekhyunsthickthighs @bisexualkai @chanshine

@sugadaddytaeyong @luflute @pinkjonginie @luhan-vevo @sxhuns @bebebyun @94-hun @88gf @floralbyun @callmeminseok @minbulletproof @sehunspubes @isexoreal @sehunicorne @sehunnified @wtfyixing @yeolhighness @etherealbbh @ilovminseok @chnyeollie @rosybbh @chanyoel @smhsehun @ibyun @glamorouschen @hunandonly @whatiskanye @sebaeksgirl @pcysfirstlove @pebble-xo @eyesonxiu @zelovevo @gotnothintodo @dorkdo @baehkhun @heroesfan101 @bringtheboysout @omegajongin @richchitta @chanyeollipop @strongastitanium @dokaixing @kingloeys @chaichanyeol @kokobaekhyun

this morning i hit 10k followers and i decided to take this opportunity to thank some of my favorite people here! over the last 2 years and 3 months i got to know so many wonderful friends and people that i admire so much, my life wouldn’t be the same without you!

first of all, i want to thank my 139th follower, the beautiful, talented, amazing, my sun my moon and all my stars, the greatest love of my life @taylorswift. i wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you, you made my life so much better from the second i listened to safe & sound for the first time. you always make me happy no matter what, you never fail to make me smile, your voice alone is enough to calm me down and i literally can’t thank you enough

@13neverforgetyouaslongasilive13 הגר!!! את היית החברה הראשונה שלי פה ואני עדיין זוכרת את היום שבו התחלנו לדבר, זה היה יום רביעי והייתי בכנפיים של קרמבו ולא יכולתי להפסיק לבדוק את הטלפון כי ממש חיכיתי להודעה ממך. את אדם מדהים ואת אחד מהחברים הכי טובים שלי ואני אוהבת אותך ומתגעגעת אלייך מלא!!!

@teardropsonmyguitar AMANADA!!! you were one of the reasons i started editing, you’re so talented and sweet, i love talking to you and getting to know you. thank you for always helping me when i can’t find fonts or brushes that i like (honestly you have everything i need all the time it’s incredible). i still remember how excited i got when you followed me after i was accepted to taylorswiftedit (i’ve been craving your follow for months at this point) and i love you more than words can say 💕

@teylors morgan! 💗 you’re one of my favorite people on here, i love talking to you and editing with you (i let you hear my accent which means i trust you a lot) thank you for being such a great friend, i know i can talk to you about anything and thank you for always taking my side and being so loyal and wonderful

@cages-boxes-hunters-foxes i know we don’t talk a lot but your blog is by far my favorite, i can only aspire to be as smart and educated as you, i’ve always looked up to you and it’s a privilege that i can call you a friend

@speaknow i still can’t believe we’re friends because i started out as your #1 fan (seriously, look at that tag)

i love you so much, you are so supportive and kind, i don’t deserve a friend like you!

@lov-eswift SOFA i love you so much you gif queen!!! you are so kind and generous (i still can’t believe you offered to send me the reputation magazines) you always add the nicest things in the tags on my gifs and every time i see your url in my notifications my heart does a little jump 💞

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST i want to thank everyone on taylor swift trash zone, maybe i’ve only known you for a couple of days but i already consider you my friends, thank you for making me feel like i belong, for making me laugh until my stomach hurts and just for being the amazing group of people that you are. I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

@shesdeads @neversayingsorry @tamenow @septembersawamonthoftears @bleachela @gothswift @anotherdramadrama @inastorm @taylorkeepdancing @teardropsonmyguitar @thiislove @foundherselfs @inadaydreams @comebackbequeer @ofrunningfoxes @enchanteds @straightlinedownx @alltheswiftienamesaretaken @inmysdreams @tylrx @swifting-it @colorsinautumn @knewromanticks @swiftrecords @tayloralisionswift @hugeselenatorswiftie @lulalulalullaby @inlovewithsomeonelse @swiftchill @starring-inyour-baddreams @sapphicswft @shakeitoffbae13 @youareeinlove @villageisaglow @lov-eswift @stillgotscars @kanyeinterruptedme @speaknow

i’m beyond grateful to have 5k amazing people following me on this site; considering when i first made this blog i didn’t think i’d reach 1,000 let alone 5, so thank you all! i’m going to be doing a bunch of things, so if you have any icon or psd requests let me know! i’m also thinking of doing tumblr awards but idk yet but there’ll be more celebrating from me! <333

i’m especially grateful to those who are still following me even though my main fandom has changed! below is a list of some of my favourite blogs; i’m sorry i didn’t list every blog but i follow so many :’)

@8ay@aizawashoutta / @ayaarin@ackermanss / @bensolcs / @baebastianstan@blakelivey / @bobmorleyisking / @bellamyblake / @bell-clarke / @bellamymccalls / @barryallhan@captainswansource / @captainswaan / @captainheroism / @cruvcio / @ceeyoutea@cuuriious-caat & @prince-nikiforov / @captainswan4e@cindurellas / @colin–odonoghue / @colinodonoghue@captainswanouat / @captainpoe / @cho-chang / @chovchang / @clockworkswans / @clairetemplc / @diannaprincc@deanyw / @dylanosbrien / @doctormissy@emmandhook / @erenyegar / @emmasfairytale / @emmas-killy / @emmaswansprincess / @ginnyeweasley / @gintoukis / @griffndors@harleyquinzel / @harley-quinn / @harpermcintyre & @karasufairy / @ironthrones / @isabellenightwood / @inloveswan / @imhookedonaswan / @jaimelannistre / @jyn-erso / @joneskillian / @jollysailorswan / @jemmablossom / @jeromemonaghan@kageyamastobio / @katteens / @kaitsuki / @killians / @kazbkker@komaedas@laynce / @ladyarianne@lunasravenclaw / @leviackermsn@lucifer-morningstar / @mrsemmajones / @mythicallism@museelo / @morganalefays / @morleybob@multifxdomtrash / @morganapendragons / @minyardx / @nanzse / @nozakis / @nikiforoov / @noxtics / @noorasaetlre / @natsusluce / @onceland / @oizumi / @odonoghues / @ofkingfrank / @oikawaii@prosciuttoe / @potentialheartofdarkness / @queenjmo / @raggedyclaraa / @ryuzakki / @rebelcxptain@spaceclub / @stydixa@swanshope / @swanspirate / @ssherlock@swanscaptn / @swanemma / @tsukis / @tanakaryuu / @tobioskageyama / @tachibana–chan / @thejollypirate@toshiiros@viictuurious / @viktornikiforow / @wondersflash@yurikctsuki 

i always feel like i forget so many people with these things; (especially a lot of my fab mutuals) so make sure to check out my blogroll :)

WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
Thanks for following and i love you, guys!  💜

@banesfuture  💜
of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

●  @wonderchesters  💜
DAMN GURL is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about you, brooke. you’re not only one of the most beautiful and sweet girls i have ever seen (please never ever stop sending me those gorgeous selfies!) but also one strong and genuinely kind and caring person. you’re like a little sister to me, except for the fact that i’m the vodka mom friend™ and your mom would probably kick me out within two weeks :’) i love that you speak your mind and how enthusiastic you are when you talk about the things you love. you’re so open minded, share my sense of humour and i can have those 3AM kinda conversations with you at any time of the day. i’m so so glad that you’re a part of my life and that i’m able to call you my fufe. i love you! … and don’t forget the fact that, if someone were to hurt you, i’d fly over to the US in a second to wreak vengeance for you c; #lol

@canislytherinthings  💜
where do i start when it comes to you, yael? god. i remember the day i saw that you followed me and how i instantly freaked out for a second and had to remind myself that i’m an adult and that we fangirl in silence c; you were and always will be one of the editors i admire the most. you’re so incredibly talented   —  and i’m not only talking about gifs and editing in general, even tho i always get those heart eyes when i see you posted another one of those gorgeous sets of yours. but you’re also seriously talented in cheering me up when i’m at my worst and you make me feel like i can talk to you about anything. it doesn’t matter if it’s just fangirling and fandom talk or those moments when my anxiety is rising and it feels like it’s crushing me down; you’re there. and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that. you’re such a kind, strong and intelligent woman and you inspire me. i love it when you talk about your religion and traveling, share your personal stories and expierences with me and the fact that i can still learn so much from you. please, don’t ever change and please, take me to jerusalem and show me the city. i love you so much!

●  @jaceslewis  💜
you’re the cutest little bean on this planet, brie. thank you so much for instantly writing me when i posted your blograte  —  we might’ve never talked if you didn’t, because i’m a shy chicken and i seriously wouldn’t want to miss you and our conversations for the world. you have a thing for poetry, just like me and are a quite talented poet yourself (even though you don’t always see that yourself) and i’m amazed at how much talent and kindness you carry in your heart and brain. the second we started talking i knew that i had made a new friend, because that’s how you treated me from the start, even though we didn’t really know each other at the time. you’re such a warm and loving person and way too precious for my anxious ass; seriously. i love your honesty, your humour, your love for stephen king and the stories about your family (#zwetschgenknödel are the best 😉) and how you’re not someone who’s quick to judge others and always makes sure the people around you are feeling welcome and good. i know you tend to underestimate yourself and that we haven’t talked that much lately, but please let me tell you that you’re an awesome human being and that you can do absolutetly everything you put your mind to. you don’t have to hide your talents, mein mädchen. i love you!

@mel-iorn  💜
it feels like i’m an open book to you, mel, but i love that feeling. when i’m talking to you i feel genuinely understood and most importantly safe. i don’t have to think about something twice when i’m talking to you, because i know i can be completely honest. you’re so open minded and i love that we share an interest and passion in other cultures and religions. if we could, we’d probably travel the whole world! i also love it when you send me poems and little texts that made you think of me, ramble in your tags and how we’re just on the same wavelength. you’re so unapologetically yourself (and that’s a gorgeous self btw!) and i admire that so much. even though we haven’t talked that much lately, it’s always a blessing to know and see you on my dash. you make me smile and i love you! (that’s a #leveup for our friendship, right? c; )

i want to throw puppies at you because you’re so perfect it frustrates me #absolutefaves  | |  blessed by your existence
➸ listed in no particular order

@simon-lewis  ✨ @mathewsdadario  ✨ @si-lewis ✨  @packleaderluke @pendovah  ✨ @schizoalec  ✨ @lghtwood-bane  ✨ @dimshums @magnusfray  ✨ @matthewdaddorkio  ✨ @alishawanwright  ✨ @magnusbones  ✨ @malecsbiscuit @lightwoodclan  ✨ @sunlightwood  ✨ @kathmacnmrs  ✨ @jacelghtwood  ✨ @alecsagitta @jacesbi  ✨ @thedownworld  ✨ @iconicbane  ✨ @itscuteust @highwarlockofbrooklyn  ✨ @ravsreyes  ✨ @shadowclarys  ✨ @madzie-bane  ✨ @matthew-daddario  ✨ @takemystrengthtoo @silvertons  ✨ @ahoyspn  @scottymccall  ✨ @archerwarlock  ✨ @barnessergeant  ✨ @simonlevvis @winterdaddario @nephilimagnus  ✨ @f-f-f-fight  ✨ @milkeas  ✨ @softshumjr  ✨ @jacewaylands  ✨ @msemeraudetoubia  ✨ @claryfightwood  ✨ @dearestalec @alectightwood  ✨ @shumbane @izzybabewoods @lukemagnus  ✨ @sunlesbianmaia @princemagnusbane  ✨ @abloodneed  ✨ @lewismaia  ✨ @simonlewis  ✨ @softdaddario  ✨ @themagnusbane  ✨ @matthewsjosh  ✨ @simonjace  ✨ @andorcassion  ✨ @jacelightwoods  ✨ @magnusandalexander @parabuttai  ✨ @victaj  ✨ @damnmalec @deamaia  ✨ @jaceherondalex  ✨ @thelovelylights  ✨ @alecblushed  ✨ @magicalmagnus @meliorrn  ✨ @alec-magnvs  ✨ @magnvbane  ✨ @warlock-magnus  ✨ @jazewayland  ✨ @su-pectrum  ✨ @glitternsass @capstevierogers  ✨ @alecmagnu  ✨ @magswoods  ✨ @forcesensitivebane  ✨ @herondaleclarissa  ✨ @jakesantiagos  ✨ @malecwings @fraywoodbane @aleclighdwood  ✨ @harry-shum @matthewbane @claryfire  ✨ @highwarlockkareena  ✨ @rrahl @latinalightwood  ✨ @daddarios ✨ @banemagic  ✨ @magnusizzy @softbanes  ✨ @nightfallgoddess @alexandargideonlightwood  ✨ @hoteldumorts  ✨ @raphaelsantiago  ✨ @meliorn  ✨ @malecshappiness  ✨ @shadowrld @bane–lightwood  ✨ @magnificentbane  ✨ @harry-daddario @amorverus  ✨ @magnuslightswood  ✨ @cclizzy  ✨

(((Ignore the awful graphic, I made it in 5 minutes and it looks terrible)))

So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

Before I get into the follow forever I’d like to just express my love for a few people (everyone should go follow them cause they are all wonderful and lovely and I honestly have no idea why they follow me):

@catharinaloss ♥ JO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Even though you can be problematic I still love you (yes even I am calling you problematic now, you crossed a line by putting milk in before the cereal). You always manage to cheer me up and put up with me in my varying moods and for that, I am so grateful. You are amazing, you bring people together and make so many people happy (even if we don’t always show it ;) ). You manage to put a smile on my face each and every day, you’re a lil ball of sunshine and ilysm. You are just so wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and kind and funny and talented and I am so glad I met married you.

@alexanderglghtwood   ♥ Eli, where do I even start? You know I love you so much honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have I told you how much I love watching you narrate your life to me over Snapchat? It’s my favourite thing, and I still love your voice okay. I just opened a Snapchat from you and I just need to remind you of how much I love your hair cause omg it’s amazing and I’m still not over it. I love reading your fics so much, even though you always manage to kill me with them. I always love our conversations, it feels weird if I haven’t talked to you in a few hours I can’t even find the words I want cause you are just so incredible and lovely and funny and I just can’t do you justice.

@magnificentbane  ♥ Meg, our friendship began when I decided to scream at you about my malec headcanons, isn’t that beautiful. We were talking for hours I didn’t even realise how long it had been, then you introduced me to Jo and for that, I will forever be grateful. Can you believe that our first conversation led to so many group chats lmao. I love reading your writing, you’re so talented and more people need to read your work. You’re such a fun person to talk to, you and your blog are perfect and ilysm <3

@thirstyalec  ♥ Dani, the love of my life, the most beautiful goddess to ever live I love you to pieces. I don’t even remember how we became friends… I think it was me just coming into your inbox and calling you out on your icon addiction lmao. Have I mentioned how proud I am that you have managed to keep your icon for this long, cause I am. Your posts are always amazing, you brighten my life and I’m so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my all time favourite people, seeing you on my dash makes me so happy you are amazing ilysm.

@softshumjr  ♥ Marta, killing you with Harry is my favourite pastime, you are my go to for quality Harry content. You are one of my favourite people, I still can’t believe you follow my ass. (The fact you have an ‘abi tag’ still has me dying okay ilysm.) Your tags always give me life, I like how I even know they are your tags before I see your url. Your posts are always amazing, seeing you on my dash makes me smile, you are an actual ray of sunshine and I feel so blessed to have you as a mutual. <3<3

Now onto the follow forever:  faves in italics, mutuals bolded

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