gifs looks so much better

happy birthday to a special bean!

The legend herself

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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So @wren-of-the-rain commissioned me to animate my last drawing ;v; thanks a so much my dear, this was a pleasure to work on!! 



“To be honest, I don’t call you Saturdays in because I need the help. I just can’t resist the entertainment value.”