gifs looks so much better

“One at a time, people. There’s enough Erron Black to go around … if you got $50.” Damn it, Erron.

But the mods are priceless …

                                   I will not speak of your sin
                                 There was a way out for him
                                      The mirror shows not
                                    Your values are all shot
                 But oh my heart, was flawed I knew my weakness
                     So hold my hand consign me not to darkness

Part one of the new sword generation is DONE! Next up is to dynamically change the color of the blade itself and not just the highlights. I think it’s looking pretty good so far. It’s definitely much better than the original system.

It’s also REALLY simple to add more blade shapes and it’s so much fun I could do it forever. Eventually I would like to implement a simple editor in game so that players can create the weapon they want. Maybe make it a special vendor or something. However that would take a lot of work and if I ever get around to do it, it will definitely be something to be added post-launch. Would you guys be interested in something like that?

We don’t choose our destinies

                                                                                     Our destinies choose us

You had always liked wearing Harry’s shirts. Whether you were going out to pick up the groceries, going out for lunch, and even attending your classes - you were always wearing something that belonged to Harry. Harry wasn’t surprised whenever he saw you padding around the house clad in one of his old graphic tee shirts or in one of his flannels, but he was a little surprised when he saw you sporting the blouse he had wore during the shooting of Perfect. 

“Is that mine?” He asked with wide eyes as you looked down at the blouse, tugging at the silky material. 

“Mhm.” You replied simply, shrugging as you did so. It was really soft and it smelled like Harry. Of course you had to wear it! 

“This sucks!” Harry whined, shaking his head. 

“I can change if you want.." 

"No, I mean this sucks because you look so much better in it than I do..”


gif isn’t mine!