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the disney movie nobody asked for

You can’t

The Lament for Icarus - Herbert James Draper (1898)
Hercules on the Pyre - Guido Reni (1617)
Death of Achilles - Peter Paul Rubens (1635)
Theseus Victor of the Minotaur - Charles Edouard Chaise (1791)
Orpheus - Pierre Amedee Marcel-Beronneau (1897)
The slaughter of the suitors by Odysseus and Telemachus - Louis Vincent Palliere (1812)
Perseus Freeing Andromeda - Peter Paul Rubens (1607)
Bellerophon on Pegasus - Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1746)

Mood: Hercules being the flower girl at Alexander and Eliza’s wedding