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“If there is energy within the substance it can only come from without. This truth was so manifest to me that I expressed it in the following axiom: ‘There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium…’ If all energy is supplied to matter from without then this all important function must be performed by the medium.”

“When radio-active rays were discovered their investigators believed them to be due to liberation of atomic energy in the form of waves. This being impossible in the light of the preceding I concluded that they were produced by some external disturbance and composed of electrified particles. My theory was not seriously taken although it appeared simple and plausible. Suppose that bullets are fired against a wall. Where a missile strikes the material is crushed and spatters in all directions radial from the place of impact. In this example it is perfectly clear that the energy of the flying pieces can only be derived from that of the bullets. But in manifestation of radio-activity no such proof could be advanced and it was, therefore, of the first importance to demonstrate experimentally the existence of this miraculous disturbance in the medium. I was rewarded in these efforts with quick success largely because of the efficient method I adopted which consisted in deriving from a great mass of air, ionized by the disturbance, a current, storing its energy in a condenser and discharging the same through an indicating device. This plan did away with the limitations and incertitude of the electroscope first employed and was described by me in articles and patents from 1900 to 1905. It was logical to expect, judging from the behavior of known radiations, that the chief source of the new rays would be the sun, but this supposition was contradicted by observations and theoretical considerations which disclosed some surprising facts in this connection.

“Light and heat rays are absorbed in their passage through a medium in a certain proportion to its density. The ether, although the most tenuous of all substances, is no exception to this rule.  Its density has been first estimated by Lord Kelvin and conformably to his finding a column of one square centimeter cross section and of a length such that light, traveling at a rate of three hundred thousands kilometers per second, would require one year to traverse it, should weigh 4.8 grams. This is just about the weight of a prism of ordinary glass of the same cross section and two centimeters length which, therefore, may be assumed as the equivalent of the ether column in absorption. A column of the ether one thousand times longer would thus absorb as much light as twenty meters of glass.  However, there are suns at distances of many thousands of light years and it is evident that virtually no light from them can reach the earth. But if these suns emit rays immensely more penetrative than those of light they will be slightly dimmed and so the aggregate amount of radiations pouring upon the earth from all sides will be overwhelmingly greater than that supplied to it by our luminary. If light and heat rays would be as penetrative as the cosmic, so fierce would be the perpetual glare and so scorching the heat that life on this and other planets could not exist.

“Rays in every respect similar to the cosmic are produced by my vacuum tubes when operated at pressures of ten millions of volts or more, but even if it were not confirmed by experiment, the theory I advanced in 1897 would afford the simplest and most probable explanation of the phenomena. Is not the universe with its infinite and impenetrable boundary a perfect vacuum tube of dimensions and power inconceivable? Are not its fiery suns electrodes at temperatures far beyond any we can apply in the puny and crude contrivances of our making? Is it not a fact that the suns and stars are under immense electrical pressures transcending any that man can ever produce and is this not equally true of the vacuum in celestial space? Finally, can there be any doubt that cosmic dust and meteoric matter present an infinitude of targets acting as reflectors and transformers of energy? If under ideal working conditions, and with apparatus on a scale beyond the grasp of the human mind, rays of surpassing intensity and penetrative power would not be generated, then, indeed, nature has made an unique exception to its laws.

"It has been suggested that the cosmic rays are electrons or that they are the result of creation of new matter in the interstellar deserts. These views are too fantastic to be even for a moment seriously considered. They are natural outcroppings of this age of deep but unrational thinking, of impossible theories, the latest of which might, perhaps, deal with the curvature of time. What this world of ours would be if time were curved…“

–Nikola Tesla

“The Eternal Source of Energy of the Universe, Origin and Intensity of Cosmic Rays.” October 13, 1932.

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gets a lil’ steamy at the end ;)

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She sat in the middle of the Salvatore living room, a warm log fire crackling behind her and sending up flickering orange embers. She was in the middle of the lounge, legs folded over the plush carpet, head bent down in concentration, a thin layer of sweat gathering across her brow. She wore old and ripped black skinnes with a plain white tee, her hair tied up in a messy knot atop her head, strands sticking out here and there. A series of curse words tumbled off her pouted lips, her eyes fluttering open as she growled and grabbed the unlit candle in front of her before promptly sending it flying across the room and smashing into the wall. She breathed in the warm and woody scent of the open room, coming to her feet and narrowing her eyes as they landed on a concerned looking vampire.

“What do you want?” she snapped at Damon before blowing a piece of hair from her eyes.

His dark hair was messy, smoldering eyes avoiding hers, glass of bourbon in hand, as usual.

He pursed his lips, fingers fidgeting, obviously nervous as he responded, “I know you’ve been having some trouble getting your magic to work…”

“And?” she stood her ground, toes sinking into the fluffy carpet.

“I know I can’t really do anything to help you,” he started.

Her brilliantly bright eyes narrowed, and she bit at the inside of her cheek with worry, “you didn’t.”

“He can help you.”

Her heart dropped in her chest, anger flaring as she took three strides forward with her eyes locked on his shameful expression. Suddenly, the glass in Damon’s hand exploded, sending shards everywhere, and liquid pouring across his front. It sliced red into his skin, which healed itself at once, but didn’t wipe that shocked look off his face.

“You still want to tell me you have everything under control?” he growled under his breath.

She turned her back to him, eyes closing as she took in a deep breath, instant guilt settling in, hands running agitatedly through her hair.

“Look, Damon, I’m sor-” she turned back, eyes coming open and landing on someone who was most certainly not a Salvatore.

“Hey, princess.”

Kai was bent against the wooden door frame, arms folded across his chest, blue eyes drinking her up with a flick of his tongue against his rounded lips. He wore a dark tee with a bluish grey flannel, and it matched those eyes, she thought. His hair was perfectly smoothed up, eyebrows raised as a familiar smug expression settled across his infuriatingly perfect features.

“Kai,” she growled.

“Don’t sound so happy to see me,” he said sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

“I’m not,” she insisted.

His eyes narrowed, and he smiled to himself, “mhm, sure.”

“I have this under control,” she said, eyes pulling away from his.

“Say it one more time, and you might actually believe yourself,” he chuckled with a couple steps forward.

She clenched her jaw, and it pulsated lightly as she did her best to keep grounded.

“Aw, did I make you mad?” he said, picking up on this as well as the flare of her cute little nostrils.

“Leave,” she breathed, refusing to look at him.

“No,” he responded, coming closer to her, only a few steps away now.

“LEAVE,” she demanded, the fire in the grate flaring up to twice it’s size as she said it, her anger flooding into her magic without ease.

Suddenly his hands were on hers, fingers locking gently around her wrists, the familiar buzz of magic from his skin sending electrical currents into hers. As he held her, he worked her through the rush, and the fire slowly sunk down, resuming it’s natural glow and flicker after only a second. She took in a raspy breath, eyes opening again to meet Kai’s, her body going into overdrive from the close contact.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, gulping down the lump in her throat.

His lips twitched lightly before splitting into his familiar and goofy grin, “your emotions,” he smiled, dimples lighting his cheeks.

“What about them?” she asked, aware that his hands were still resting against her flesh.

“They’re all over the place,” he said. “That’s why your magic has been all over the place. Your emotions make you have this lack of focus that either results in you doing too little or doing too much.”

“Oh,” she said with disbelief.

He shook his head and dropped her wrists with a chuckle, “you can’t stand when I’m right.”

Kai waved his hands, and the broken candle reformed and zoomed back into place on the carpet, still flameless. The girl sunk onto her knees to sit on the carpet, and Kai towered over her and walked circles around her like predator after prey.

“Light it,” he commanded.

She shot a glare up at the heretic, who only winked in response. Sighing with exasperation, she focused back on the candle, mind buzzing as she urged a flame to appear, feeling more hopeless by the second when it remained stagnant. She bit her tongue, trying again and taking a sharp breath in when absolutely nothing happened.

“That’s what I thought,” Kai said, stooping down to her level.

“Going to mock me?” she hissed.

“No,” he blinked in surprise, sounding genuinely honest.

She didn’t say anything, she only pursed her lips and gave a small nod.

“Relax,” he encouraged softly, “don’t work yourself so hard.”

Kai trailed a finger in the air, and as he did so her hair came undone and went spilling in loose waves across her shoulders. Then he traced a little swirling motion with his slender fingers, which caused her shoulders to settle and body to ease into relaxation. The pressure on her chest seemed to lift, the heat inside of her dissipating. He nodded, approving of his work and smiling at her adorable and confused expression.

“Good,” he said, moving around to come behind her.

Kai got on his knees behind her, the tiniest of gaps between their bodies as he sunk into her back, hands wrapping around her body from behind and sliding up her arms, cool silver rings grazing her skin as his fingertips drew gently to her palms.

“Close your eyes,” he breathed soothingly, “and try again.”

So she did. Her eyes closed, fingers separating as she took in a deep breath. But as she did so, Kai’s overpowering scent entered her lungs, and her mind instantly went into a haze as she drowned in the smell of pine trees and dark spices. His soft flannel wrapped around her as he did, and she couldn’t help but find herself wanting to bury her face into the cozy fabric that pressed into her. Worst of all was that feeling of his chest pressing hard into her back, his heart thumping softly as his breath came trickling across her skin.

“Y/N?” he asked, giving her wrists a gentle squeeze. “What’s wrong?”

She tried with all her might to ignore Kai and get the flame to spark, but it wouldn’t budge.

“I’m having trouble…focusing,” she mumbled under her breath, eyes closing as she gave another attempt.

She could almost hear the smirk in his voice when he responded, “why’s that?”

She tried to formulate a clever response, but was met with nothing, so chose to ignore him. She shook her head, eyes narrowing as she embraced Kai’s closeness rather than getting distracted by it, and just like that-

“Impressive,” he smiled.

A flame burst to life, flickering gold and red and dancing side to side.

She let out a happy little giggle, “it worked!”

“See? Your emotions,” Kai persisted.

“Or I just figured it out,” she said to the candle, fully aware that Kai was still wrapped around her.

“Magic is driven by emotion, little witch,” he purred softly into her ear, “and if you don’t believe it when I say it, maybe you will when you feel it.”

Kai’s voice had dropped low, and her eyes latched to his momentarily, her head turning to the side as his eyes darkened. The heretic pushed his hands further down, so that his fingers now came lacing through her own, his magnificent blue eyes darting between her own eyes and lips. He bent in closer, force fully pressed into her backside as he breathed across her skin.

“It can be driven by joy, anger, sadness, and even…” he trailed off.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, heart hammering as he dipped his lips inwards.

“Desire,” he finished.

He let her make the decision, which she didn’t think for two seconds about before delving into his lips. Her mouth came crashing against his, a new wildfire starting, but this one inside of her body. Kai squeezed her hands as he rocked his hips lightly into her backside, earning a soft noise of approval from her. He liked the sound a lot, he wanted to hear it again, he thought. Their lips worked in sync, fast and hungry, but this position not being enough for her, she flipped the heretic onto his back and climbed over his chest, straddling him as she shook her hair back and brought her hands sliding across his chest. His hands went flying up, cold rings to her flesh as he went about seizing her head and forcing her back down to his lips, her own hands finding their way into his brown locks. Each brush of their flesh sent a wave of ecstasy like magic into each other’s bloodstream, the need to taste and feel it all rising in their chests. She rolled her hips softly against him, causing Kai’s mouth to fall open, at which point her tongue found it’s way into his mouth. Kai growled with hunger, mouths refusing to part as they both kissed until they had no breath left, each waiting to see if they could hold out longer than the other. His hands went sliding around her thighs and squeezing them roughly, about to hook into them when the two were suddenly aware of a burning sensation. A huge ring of fire had erupted from the candle alone, the magic bursting out from her because of her hunger and lust being all over the place, and it now swarmed their bodies, engulfing the carpet and crawling closer. The girl cursed, having no idea what to do as she stared at the fire with panic, but then she felt Kai’s slender fingers trail across her cheek, and she looked back down at him. He signalled to take a deep breath with him, so she did, closing her eyes and focusing on him, opening them soon after to a fire-less room. Kai blinked up at her with admiration, a proud smirk forming on his lips, blue eyes crinkling with knowing.

But You’re the Bad Guy - Theo Raeken Imagine Series

based loosely on this imagine credits to owner for this idea 

Warnings: steamy make out sesh,swearing that’s all i guess

I walked into my class as I normally did not looking up afraid to make eye contact with my peers they thought I was weird. Somehow it felt different today, I couldn’t understand why my heart was racing but just then it hit me Theo my one and only weakness. I looked up big mistake there he was looking directly at me smirking dammit he was seated behind me great. I took my seat just as my teacher came in “class today we’ll be talking about psychology” he spoke.

I felt his eyes burning into the back of my head “y/n” he leaned in and whispered “you’re heart is racing like crazy” I could hear his smirk from here “you nervous or something?” Theo went on. “Mr.Raeken do you have something to add to why serial killers are the way they are?” Mr.Thompson asked raising a brow at Theo “no sir I was just asking Y/n for notes guess she doesn’t have any” Theo’s tone was cold I brushed it off.

I knew it was horrible to not talk to him but I couldn’t he’s the pack’s worst enemy and to have me be seen with Theo or communicating with him was bad news. I wouldn’t risk my friendship with the pack for anyone,Theo especially. He was an asshole he wants to over throw Scott and I’m not going to be the one who helps him accomplish that. But I do admit I have a terrible crush on the power crazed chimera sadly, I knew he couldn’t feel the same so I’ll just say quiet till class was over.

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So, I really enjoyed writing this part, even if I didn’t know how to end it. If you want a soundtrack for this one, check out ‘Don’t Be Shy’ by Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam). Play it towards the end. Thank you @sxnali for the request, @marveliskindacool for beta-reading, and @thegirlwiththeimpala for the compliment regarding the last chapter. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Almost a Mistake is really cute so far, I love the twist at the beginning! Can’t wait for part 2!!!

I love soul mate aus and I love the new story!! 💕

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 2)

Part 1

“(Y/n)!” Steve yelled as he followed you down the corridor. “(Y/n), wait!”

Wanda had held nothing back as she explained everything that had happened from Pietro’s thoughts. Unfortunately, that included divulging the information that you’d looked at your Ink a long time ago. The embarrassment, and guilt set your feet in your motion, swinging your coat over your shoulder as you left. Steve had also wasted no time in following you.

“Would you just stop so we can talk about this?”
“And do what, Steve?” you snapped. “There is nothing to talk about. This is why I had the ribbon in the first place, so I could have control over my life.”
“It’s not my fault you looked at your ink so don’t punish me for it.”

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Imagine: Dean gets upset when you try to ditch the boys when a demon is coming after you in order to protect them.

Warnings: angst, fluff (i think), mentions of blood
AN: Angel requested “No Pairing other than partner/friend/family–Angst!”, i hope I’ve delivered. You can read this however you like in terms of pairing.
Also, this is unbeta’d and whipped up in under 30mins, apologies for the quality.

“Dean, I’m sorry.” I tried again. It had been a week of apologizing non stop and Dean still hadn’t said a word to me since the demon’s death.
“Please, Dean, just…” I sighed, sliding down the door, pulling my knees into my chest, “Just talk to me.”

“YN’s gone.” Sam called, finding the note she’d left on her bed.
“What?” Dean barked, rounding the corner and ripping the note from Sam’s hand.
I’m sorry boys, but this one’s after me and I won’t have anything happen to either of you because of me. I’ll see you round, please don’t try find me, or hunt him down, or stop me…
This one’s on me. I’ll fix it.
“She’ll come back, Dean.” Sam muttered upon seeing his brother’s eyes begin to shine.
“We can trace her phone, summon Crowley and find this demon.” Dean growled, scrunching the paper in his hand and throwing it onto the bed, turning and storming toward the door.
“Sorry boys, can’t help with this one.” The familiar rasp sounded. Dean stopped short of the door and the King of Hell.
“You saying you can’t control your demons?” Dean snapped, his shoulders squaring off, nostrils flaring, growing an inch and towering over Crowley. The demon just shrugged and raised an eyebrow.
“This one’s rogue, has a vendetta against our Y/N. Trust me, I want him dead just as bad as you.” Crowley explained with a flick of his hand.
“You-” Dean was bristling, luckily Sam quickly stepped forward, catching Dean’s shoulder.
“You’ve found wayward demons in the past, Crowley, find this one.” Sam warned, the King of Hell disappeared and the boys hurried to the library.

“Boys?” She answered, panting and yet she sounded weary.
“YN, what the hell were you thinking?” Dean demanded, Sam held the phone between them as Dean roared the Impala well over the speed limit.
“Where are you?” Sam asked, Crowley had informed them of which city but not the specifics, insisting he didn’t know anything further.
“The only motel in Lubbock, Texas.” She answered, ignoring Dean’s question.
“We’ll be there in an hour.” Sam said, they waited for her to say something, the line, quiet for what seemed hours.
“I’m sorry.” She breathed before hanging up.

“What the hell happened?” Dean’s voice was deep and gravelly, his terror and anger roaring out of him in one sentence. Sam gave YN a said look, he’d been on the end of this line of questioning before, hell both boys had done exactly what she had, and yet they still couldn’t see the sense in it.
“I … I thought I was doing what was best for you both. I thought I was protecting you.” Her eyes flickered up from the floor to Dean and then back down. Dean shook his head and snorted, stomping out of the room.
“He’ll come around.” Sam assured, but he wasn’t certain. He hadn’t seen Dean this upset in years.
Sam watched as YN went back to pulling the scour over the blood stained, floor boards. Dipping her hand into the bucket of soapy, red, water and sloshing it back to the ground, scrubbing hard.
The boys had arrived as Crowley was leaving with the unobedient demon, both demon and YN had been bloodied and bruised, cut and grazed, but both alive, just.

I almost fell backwards as the door flung open from behind me. I caught myself and planted my feet under me, swiveling and standing in one.
“Dean, please, hear me out?” I begged as the willful Winchester stepped around me and headed down the corridor, turning his back on me, not noticing the tears beginning to form in my eyes, again.
“Dean!” I yelled. He paused, his head hung low as if he was tired of this, so was I and that’s probably why I said what I did, “You’ve left before, claiming it was better for Sam, better for Cass, for Mary, for Lisa, for anyone… but it was actually best for you.” I didn’t mean for my tone to be accusing, but it was, nor did I mean to continue, but I did, “You’ve left everyone behind at some point because it was too dangerous, or their lives were at threat, or they would be a burden… Dean I truly believed the Demon would kill me then turn on you and Sam. I was prepared to do a deal to save your lives. But when he came, I couldn’t do it…” I panted, I hadn’t realized I’d worked myself into a frenzy of emotions till now, but that’s the worst part of verbal diarrhea, you don’t choose when it stops, “I wanted to fight, I wanted to come back to you and Sam, I wanted to live. I chose you, Dean.” I spat, he was stock still, as if time had frozen around me and I was left to live out my days with statues. I watched him for a minute, his steady breath in the rise and fall of his shoulders was all that told me time was moving. He didn’t make a move, not one. I closed my eyes, letting the tears drip and slide down my cheeks, I sighed and opened my eyes, turning to leave. I wouldn’t leave the bunker again, that much was clear, I wouldn’t leave Dean, or Sam. I lived for those boys, that much was clear. But it was breaking my heart to watch Dean resent me and my actions, when all I was doing was something he’d taught me.
“YN.” His voice was soft but it tore through my thoughts, it was my turn to freeze. There was silence, I turned to see if he’d actually spoken or it was my mind giving me what I needed most.
Dean was facing me, his eyes focused on mine, boring through my skull and into my very soul.
“I thought I’d lost you.” His voice cracked and he struggled to swallow. He cleared his throat and tried again, taking a tentative step in my direction.
“I may have done all those things…” Dean took another step, “but,” another step, “I know better now. We work together. The three of us.” Dean looked down to take the last step, the step that would bring us within arms reach of each other, he looked back up, “Because you’re family.” There was a calm that passed in the air between us, an understanding. It was still and silent for minutes before either of us moved. I reached for him as he did for me, pulling each other into our arms, clutching at skin and molding together.
This was home, right here, Dean’s arms, his strength was mine, his words and feelings and thoughts… It all fell into place. I pulled my head back from where it was tucked, under his chin, against his neck, and looked into his eyes.

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Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: Hello! I’m so glad to be cowriting a fic with my bud @cryxlowrites based on an au we made a few weeks back. I so happened to realize that I had a request quite similar to it so I’ll consider this being the fic for it. Anyway, this’ll be a mini series of a good lengthy five parts. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

Warning: None

Word Count: 8.8K+

Kylo stared out the window, only glancing momentarily at the clock which was located above the door. His eyes searching for you and his fingers tapping against the wooden countertop. He knew that you were on your way, judging by the usual time you got to the cafe. It was four o’clock exactly.

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Admit It

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 161
summary : Reader has a crush on Kai but its too afraid / shy to tell him. 
* gif by jake-riley
keep reading after the cut 😉 (it turned out waaay longer than I thought , hah😅🙈)

End of the semester. There were exams and so many other things to think and obsess about , but instead Y/N didn’t care about any of those things. All she cared about was Kai , well more like thinking and crushing on him in silence. Which is one of the reasons why Stefan had offered to tutor her in history and pretty much every other subject. No one liked Kai very much but he still got free access to the Salvatore boarding house whenever he wanted. That’s exactly where Y/N was that day - studying with Stefan. She sat on the ground resting her back against the sofa with a text book in her hands. Flipping page after page pretending to read , it wasn’t like she wanted to pretend. It kind of just happened on its own.  Every time she closed her eyes Kai’s face popped behind her eyelids. None of her friends could figure out how she could fall for him of all people. In their eyes he wasn’t a good person and was definitely not good enough for her. Only the heart wants what it wants. Somehow in all those years , he had been the first one to stir something inside her. There had been other boys she liked but it had never felt this way. All she could do was think about him. Dream about him. Kai was constantly in her mind no matter if she wanted him gone or not. He had her completely under his spell , only there was a problem. Y/N was shy and was too afraid to tell Kai about any of this. Chances were he was going to reject her.
“Hello ? Earth to Y/N.” said Stefan waving his hand in front of her face snapping her back to reality. “You spaced out again , didn’t you?”
“Right.” he trailed off. “You are going to flunk the exams if you don’t stop thinking about him.”
“I am not thinking about him!” snapped Y/N , a sigh leaving her lips a moment later. “Sorry. I - I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. It’s just…”
“You like him but you are too scared to tell him.” he finished for her.
Y/N nodded. Kai could have anyone he wanted. It was enough for him to smile at any girl and she’d swoon instantly. Y/N always did. His eyes , his smile , his dimples always made her so weak.
“Maybe I can help.” he offered. “I can ask him , you know test the waters for you.”
Y/N turned towards her friend. Stefan had the best intentions , she knew it but it just didn’t seem right. She wasn’t in 2nd grade anymore , she was in her senior year of high school. Asking someone to ask the person you have a crush on if they have a crush on you was just … childish.
“No. You don’t even like him or approve of me liking him.” she stated flipping another page by habit. Stefan reached his hand taking the text book out of her hands. Y/N didn’t protest. “Also he is going to laugh at me. He said it himself - he is not burdened by emotions like love. I’m perfectly fine crushing in silence.”
Stefan studied her face. He didn’t have to be a vampire to know she was anything but fine crushing in silence. Y/N needed someone to intervene for her , other ways if Kai found someone else , she’d be crushed.
“Oh-kay. Do you want a sandwich ?”
“Grilled cheese please.” she smiled. Stefan mouthed ‘Okay’ and headed towards the kitchen. Y/N took back her history text book and started reading , for real this time. Stefan was right. She’d flunk her exams if she didn’t focus. A few minutes later just as Y/N had finally managed to concentrate , the large front door opened. The girl hadn’t even noticed someone had walked into the house until that someone sat on the sofa and leaned in to see what she was reading. Y/N felt someone’s breath on her neck and turned her head finding Kai’s face barely two inches away from hers.
“Hi.” said Kai grinning. “What are you up to ? You didn’t even look up when I walked inside. Its hurtful.”
“I … I um…” she stuttered. “I’m studying.”
“Can I help ?” he asked. “Its been a while but I am sure I can be of use. Also I’ve been told I am an excellent tutor.”
“By who?” she wondered. Y/N would’ve said YES in the blink of an eye , if she hadn’t been this shy. Even though she was pretty sure Kai being her tutor would be more than distracting. He was a distraction even when he wasn’t around and him standing this close to her , with his hand on her shoulder had completely thrown her off balance. His blue eyes sparkled more than usual and his smile took her breath away. That day he was wearing gray jeans with a dark blue t-shirt and a black jacket. His hair was a bit longer and Y/N fought the urge to run her fingers through it, not that she would’ve been able to do more than to raise her hand and stand frozen contemplating what it would feel like without actually doing anything.
“Here’s your sandwich.” said Stefan landing a plate with grilled cheese on the coffee table. His eyes darted between Y/N and Kai. At the moment Y/N had turned towards Kai and he could feel her hyperventilating at the sight of Kai standing this close smiling at her.  "Why are you here ?“
Kai looked away from Y/N giving her the chance to look away. Her gaze fell on the sandwich and all of the sudden she didn’t feel all this hungry. From the place Kai had put his hand on her shoulder it felt as if electricity had started pulsating in her bloodstream. Her heart was beating faster than ever and she was pretty sure she had been holding her breath for the past 5 minutes. It seemed as if the room had gotten hotter only it hadn’t. It was the feeling of her skin being on fire because of Kai.
“Oh I was just walking by , thought why not drop in and see what my friends are up to.” said Kai amused. “Maybe I can help with the tutoring.”
“We are not you friends.” said Stefan glancing at Y/N who seemed frozen , her eyes focused on the plate in front of her. Kai had placed his hand on her shoulder and Stefan could hear her heart beating way too fast , causing her cheeks to turn red. “And I’m perfectly capable of helping Y/N with her exams on my own. Thanks. Why don’t you find someone else to torment ? Like some innocent sorority girl or a cheerleader?”
Y/N suddenly got up , Kai’s hand falling from her shoulder. Quickly she gathered her things and shoved them in her messenger bag. She ran roughly her fingers through her hair turning towards Stefan and avoiding looking at Kai completely.
“Sorry. I - I have to go.” she mumbled not even bothering to take the snack Stefan had made her. A moment later she was out the door.
“What did I do to her?” wondered Kai looking after Y/N. It appeared as if she was trying to win a marathon or something , nearly smacking her face into the door before opening it. “Every time I am around she just ups and leaves or acts super weird. What did you tell her about me ? Or should I ask my two biggest fans Bonnie and Damon?”
Kai reached for the plate but Stefan slapped his hand away. “Rude.”
Stefan grinned at him , taking a bit from the grilled cheese.
“That’s just the way she is.” he said.
“No. It’s not.” said Kai. “Last time I saw her , we were at the Grill and she nearly smacked her nose a wall and almost broke it in her hurry to get away from me. I don’t see her running away from any of you like that. Y/N didn’t even say goodbye to me.” sighed Kai with a note of hurt in his voice.
Kai couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The more he thought about it , the more he thought it hadn’t been something he had done , which meant someone had said something to her. Y/N was one of the few humans left in the group. It was why he liked her. She had a chance at a normal life. Well as normal as her life could be with vampires , witches and werewolfs as her best friends. He wanted to be her friend too. There was something about her that was drawing him in. He could tell she wasn’t like her friends , but each time she acted like this it made him feel weird - sad and hurt. He hated that feeling.
“Look what the cat dragged in.” said Damon walking into the house with Elena on his arm. “What ? No cheerleaders to play with ? Get out.”
“I am not going anywhere until someone tells me whats up with Y/N.” insisted Kai. “Why is she acting like this around me?”
“Y/N likes you.” said Elena smiling. “As if it isn’t obvious by the way her cheeks blush every time you are around or anyone mentions your name. Not to mention how she just can’t stop talking about you. Bonnie can’t stand being around her anymore.”
“I don’t know why Y/N would even look at you , let alone like you.” added Damon. “You are the most awful person in the world.” he grinned.
Elena punched her boyfriend’s forearm. “Damon ! Don’t say that … in front of him.”
“What do you mean she likes me?” wondered Kai. Everything after Elena had said Y/N likes him had somehow gotten lost on the way to his ears.
“Ugh , I know its been 18 years for you and clearly you are out of practice when it comes to girls.” groaned Damon. “But its so obvious even Miss Cuddles sees it and her brain is made out of cotton. Y/N has a crush on you.”
Stefan stood there , finishing his grilled cheese and trying to figure out how to stop what was happening in front of him Y/N had specifically said ‘no’ when he had offered to intervene on her behalf.
“Would you two stop talking?!” he said. “Y/N would find a way to kill all of us if she figures out any of us spilled about it.”
“I’m not going to tell her. Are you?” asked Damon pointing at Elena , who shook her head. He turned towards Kai next. “Now you know. Get out of my house.”
“Why wouldn’t she just tell me?” thought Kai out loud.
“Because she is shy , specially when it comes to boys even more if she likes the boy.” said Elena softly. Out of everyone she seemed to have the nicest attitude towards Kai , even though he knew she didn’t like him either. “Also probably thinks you don’t like her back and doesn’t want to get hurt.”
“I … I think I might like her back.” whispered Kai , everyone stared at him the same way they had when he had stabbed Jo at the wedding. Elena and Stefan struggled for words. Only the eldest Salvatore seemed to be able to speak.
“Get out.” said Damon pouring himself a drink.
“Alright alright… I’m leaving.” said Kai raising his hands in defence. “By the way - your house is not that cool now. I liked it better in 1994.”
Damon threw one of the sofa pillows at Kai , missing him by a few seconds as Kai left the house. He walked around the front yard , his hands in his pockets kicking in a small stone on his way. Y/N’s friends wouldn’t lie to him , at least thats what he thought. Either way he intended on finding out if it was true. When Elena had said Y/N likes him , something weird had happened with Kai’s heart - it had stopped for nearly half a minute. And he had felt this weird warm fuzzy feeling spread through his body.
“Emotions … ” he muttered. “Why do they have to be so hard ?”

*          *          *

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Is That My Shirt? - Tony Stark Edition 

You hadn’t really thought about it the first time it happened. Almost every thing in the apartment was his. That was just a fact. It was his tech junk scattered all over the place from your bedroom to the lab, it was his furniture, his DVD collection, so really you should have known better. But it’s hard to think straight when you have an important meeting so early in the morning. You were in your office at Stark Industries hurriedly gathering your necessary paperwork when Mr. CEO himself walks in with a cartoonish grin on his face.  

“Is that my shirt, Sweetheart?” You looked down to see that yes, you were about to go into a board meeting wearing Tony Stark’s favorite red silk button up shirt. You would have died then and there if you weren’t already ten minutes late for your meeting.

i have decided to make a barisi appreciation week for our beautiful lawyer boyfriends who love each other! posting will take place from september 19-26. all forms of art are accepted! gifs, art, photos, fics, anything! as long as it’s your own.

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Tom Holland Imagine: Beautiful Pt. 2

Pt. 1:

Summary: After months of you and Tom denying the connection you felt after he spent the night cuddled up next to you in bed, you began tired of feeling lonely and agreed to go on a date with Harrison. Little did either you or Tom know, the date was all part of Harrison’s plan…

A/N: I didn’t really think about writing a part two until I got this idea so here ya go

Warnings: None


Why am I doing this? He’s not the one I want.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I finished getting ready for my date with Harrison. I only agreed since Tom never made a move after the night we spent together.

I looked over at my bed and remembered how amazing it felt to be wrapped up in his strong arms.

Yes, Harrison was an amazing catch, but he would never be Tom.

There was a pit in the bottom of my stomach once I realized that me agreeing to go on this date ended all chances I had of being with Tom. And I also knew Harrison and I would never be able to make it work.

I heard the doorbell ring and felt sick to my stomach as I heard my mom greeting Harrison at the door.

“Y/N! Harrison’s here.” My mom called up.

I wiped the tear that fell from my eye and grabbed my purse before going down the stairs.

Harrison was waiting patiently with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Uh, these are for you…” He awkwardly said as he handed me the flowers.

I thanked him and took them to the kitchen to put them in a vase.

And after that, we were off.

The car ride was filled with an awkward silence.

I hated this.

Harrison was my best friend and now I felt sick just from looking at him.

“Stop the car!” I yelled.

Harrison slammed the breaks and looked over at me with wide eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I-I think I’m gonna be sick.”

I jumped out of the car and ran to the side of the road and began to breathe heavily.

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harrison said as he held my hair out of my face even though I hadn’t actually thrown up.

“What are we doing, Harrison?” I asked.

He looked at me with confused eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you ask me out? I know you don’t like me that way.”

“I– I was trying to get Tom to make a move…”


“Ever since that night you two spent together, he hasn’t stopped talking about how in love he is with you. And I kept telling him to ask you out but he would make some excuse like that you would never say yes to him or that he wouldn’t want to put you through dating a celebrity or some other bullshit excuse.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s at his house… or at the cafe I told him we were going to.”

“Take me to him. Please.”

“Of course.”

Harrison helped me back into the car. In a matter of minutes, we were parked outside an unfamiliar house.

I had never actually been to Tom’s house. We were always at either Harrison or I’s considering we lived next door to each other.

“Go on, Y/N. I know you love him too.”

I smiled at my best friend and got out of the car.

I walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments later a smaller version of Tom opened the door.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“I need to see Tom.”

“Oh… wait, how did you get this address? If you’re some crazy fan, I’ll call the police!”

“I’m Y/N, his friend and Harrison’s neighbor.” I said as I gestured to Harrison who was still waiting in his car.

“Oh… OH! You’re the girl Tom never shuts up about! Wait, aren’t you supposed to be dating Harrison? Isn’t that why Tom hasn’t left his room all day?”

“Alright, move.” I said as I pushed the boy out of the way.

“Second door to the right once you get upstairs! I’m Harry by the way!” He called after me.

I paused when I reached Tom’s door. I could hear sniffling coming from the other side which only made my heart break more. I lightly knocked.

“Harry, I said I want to be left alone today!” Tom’s voiced called.

I felt my heart crush as I could hear the sadness in his voice. I opened the door and saw him curled up on his bed staring at the wall.

“Harry! I sai- oh…”

I smiled softly at Tom as he realized I was not his younger brother.

“Hey, can I sit down?”

Tom nodded. I crossed the room and sat down in front of him on the bed. His eyes were red from crying and his curls were all over the place.

“C'mere.” I said as I pulled him to where his head was in my lap.

I ran my fingers through his soft curls as his hands held my other one.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Harrison right now?”

“And why would I want to be with him when I could be with you?”

“D-Don’t you like him? I can see it on your face. He makes you laugh harder than I ever could. And you guys always cuddle on the couch and hang out like everyday…”

“Harrison is like my brother! I only said yes to him cause you wouldn’t ask me out, Tom. I’ve wanted to be with you since the second I laid my eyes on you. You were so… beautiful.”

By now, Tom was sitting up in front of me.

“I love you.” He blurted out.

His eyes went wide as he realized what he said.

“I-I’m so sorry, Y/N! Shit, I just ruined everything didn’t I… Jesus Christ, I’m such an id-”

I cut him off by crashing his lips onto mine.

“I love you, too you idiot.”

Tom smiled and pulled me back into him and began to kiss me again.

“Bout damn time.” We heard someone mumble.

Tom and I broke apart to see Harry and Harrison standing in the doorway. Harrison with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Yes, it is about damn time. And Harrison, you have 5 seconds to run for going after my girl.” Tom said.

Harrison’s smirk faded as his eyes went wide and he took off down the hallways, Tom hot on his heels.

“My boys.” I said as Harry and I laughed at Harrison’s pleas to get Tom to stop.


 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 145
warning : character’s death
summary : Reader and Kai have a child together.
[CONTINUES IN - Part II , I couldn’t possibly fit all I wanted to say in one part , sorry 😅🙈 not sorry 😜]
* gif by jake-riley

Y/N and Kai went on their daily afternoon walk in the park. It was warm , sunny with not a cloud in the sky , unless the super thin clouds that looked like a stroke of a brush. They got some ice cream , or more like Y/N got some ice cream , and they sat on one of the benches in the shadows near the duck pond. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , his eyes drifting between Y/N’s face and her pregnant belly. His life could’ve taken a completely different turn if it hadn’t been for her. He loved her so much , he didn’t even mind all those times she woke him up in the middle of the night asking him to go get her something from a store near by. Her cravings had been all over the place , so had been her moods. Sometimes they fought , she’d yell at him and then start sobbing without any warning. Lately however she seemed calmer. Maybe it was because the doctors had said that any day now the baby would be born. Kai couldn’t wait to see his child. His excitement grew more and more each day, so did his love for both Y/N and their baby.
“I love you.” whispered Kai , placing a soft kiss on her neck. “And … I love you.” he repeated , placing a hand on Y/N’s giant belly and leaning in towards it and placing a soft kiss on her stomach. A moment later his eyes lit up and he smiled widely. “It kicked ! I bet he or she can hear me. How awesome would that be ? I wonder if our child will remember me talking.”
Y/N laughed , nearly dropping her ice cream. Her fingers brushed through Kai’s hair. She was sure the baby would remember. Kai had been talking to their unborn child for months now , day and night. Her husband looked so beyond happy the past 9 months. The night she had told him she was pregnant had been the night he returned from 1903. He had sneaked into her bedroom through the window like he had done a dozen times before and nearly had scared her to death while she had been taking a shower saying he couldn’t wait a second longer to see her. The next day was Jo’s wedding and he mentioned that he wants to get his revenge on that day because his entire coven would be there. Then he noticed that Y/N had started looking nervous. A few moments later he realised her shirt was a bit tighter on her meaning she had put on some weight. He had asked about it and she had told him she is pregnant , halting his plans for revenge. Kai’s entire world had shifted in that moment. He still wanted revenge but he also realised that if he does what he had planned , he’d kill his own child and that had changed everything. Y/N hadn’t asked him to change his mind , he had done that on his own and he never regretted it.
“You are such an adorable softie.” teased Y/N.
“I am not !” he protested , a smile spreading across his face a moment later. Y/N scooped up some ice cream from her cup and held the spoon out for Kai. He shook his head. “No. You enjoy it. I’m fine just enjoying my day in the park with the most gorgeous , strong , fierce girl that has ever lived on this planet.”
“Oh shut up.”
Kai laughed and pressed his lips against hers , his palm brushing against her cheek. It had been almost 5 months since their wedding and and he still couldn’t believe it. Any of it. Y/N was his sunshine , even in the darkest moments she always found a way to brighten things up. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. Not anymore.
“You taste like chocolate.”
“That’s because ever since I got pregnant that stuff has literally gotten into my bloodstream.” she said scopping out another spoon with ice cream. “Apparently our baby boy or girl loves chocolate as much as you do.”
Y/N tapped him on the nose with her tiny plastic spoon. Kai laughed , his eyes sparkling with love and excitement. In all his life he had never imagined he’d find someone , that out of their relationship would come something as special as a child. If someone had told Kai that he’d be this excited about becoming a dad , he probably would’ve laughed and called them crazy.
“I still can’t believe you didn’t want to know the gender of our child.” said Kai , resting against the bench with his hand across Y/N’s shoulder. “How will we call our child when he or she finally arrives? Can’t call it ‘baby’ all the time. We have to pick names.”
“OKAY .. You go first.”
“No. You go first.” he said softly in her ear.
Y/N’s heart fluttered and just as she was about to suggest a name , a sharp pain tore through her stomach. Her hand automatically held onto it as she scrunched her face in pain. The feeling was similar to her monthy stomach cramps only much more intense.
“Wh-what is it ?” asked Kai worried. Sometimes when their child kicked a bit too hard , Y/N would groan out in pain. “Are you okay ?
“Yeah I’m- I’m fine. ” she sighed. “Wow that hurt.”
Kai stroked her hair and then Y/N groaned in pain again.
“I think the baby is coming.” she whispered turning towards him.
“N-now ?”
Y/N tilted her head , glaring at him. “No , tomorrow. YES NOW.”
“Can’t you hold it ?”
“Yeah yeah sure of course..” she said. “I bet thats what everyone does - hold it when the baby decides to come into this world until a more convinient time. HEY maybe we can go on to the movies and later on stop at the hospital.”
“Your sarcasm is not helping.”
“KAI …” she groaned in pain again.
“What do I do ? Tell me. What do I do ?” he said with panic in his voice. Kai knew it was the 9th month and that the baby could show up at any moment but all of the sudden everything vanished from his head. Y/N glanced at him opening her mouth to make a comment and groaned in pain again. Her hand shot for his forearm , squeezing it tightly.
“Call Jo you dummy !” she snapped. “And stop panicking. You are not the one about to give birth to a new human.”
They had gone over the scenarios dozens of times. How can he forget it all now ?!
“I am not -”
Her hand reached for him and Kai helped Y/N get up , pulling out his phone with his other hand and dialing his sister’s number. Y/N had thought ahead creating a speed dial button on his phone for when the time comes. Jo had given birth about a two months and a half ago and was still technically on medical leave but had promised when the time comes , she’d be there to help.
“Pick up , pick up , pick up …”
About a minute passed before his sister finally picked up.
“It’s happening ! Jo … It’s happening NOW.” he said looking at his wife , they were a few metres away from his car. “I don’t sound panicky. Why does everyone keep saying that I’m panicky ?! Just - just meet us at the hospital. Now. ”
Y/N and Kai got in the car and he quickly pulled out of the parking lot heading for the Whitmore hospital. Her contractions had started happening more frequently and her hand shot for his forearm digging her fingernails in it each time pain cut through her body.
“Just breath.” he kept repeating and Y/N wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or trying to calm himself down. They got to the hospital faster than Y/N had expected , mostly because Kai kept using magic to turn all traffic lights on their way green. A few minutes later just as they were about to turn down the street to Whitmore hospital -
“Oh God … I think my waters just broke.” she said quietly , turning towards him and groaning in pain a few moments later.
Jo arrived a little after them , right on time for the newest Parker’s arrival. Kai went in the operating room with them , holding Y/N’s hand the entire time. She kept squeezing and squeezing it so hard nearly breaking the bones in his hand, sweatdrops appearing on her forehead for the effort. Kai kept talking to her to keep her calm but didn’t appear to be helping much. He started hating himself knowing his is in pain because of him. Never in his life he had imagined that giving birth can be this painful. Then their baby cried for the first time. Kai had thought Y/N’s laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world , now there was another sound he loved maybe even more. Kai smiled through tears , carresing Y/N’s forehead.
“It’s a girl.” said Jo smiling and glancing at them. “A healthy beautiful baby girl.”


Kai had been at the baby ward most of the night looking over their daughter. It was starting to get clear he wouldn’t let anyone even look at her without him around. Meanwhile Y/N got a few hours of sleep. Giving birth had exhausted her in a way she never even knew existed. When her eyes opened Kai was sitting next to her and the room had been filled with balloons , flowers and cupcakes. Y/N couldn’t help but smile seeing everything but what got the most to her was Kai. He was glowing , literally. His entire aura had shifted a bit and he had turned into literal sunshine , even more than usual. In his hands there was a cupcake and some frosting had smeared across his lips. His eyes lit up seeing she was looking at him. It had been a long night and it was hard to believe less than 15hrs ago they had been in the park eating ice cream while Kai talked to their unborn child.
“Oh hello my queen.” he said smiling widely. “Want some ? You must be hungry. I know I am.”
“Yeah.” he laughed nervously. “You are the queen and our little girl is the princess.” he said as if its the most obvious thing in the world.
Y/N laughed. “My king , where is my royal treatment then ?” she teased tapping on her lips with her finger , pretending to think. Kai got up and kissed her lips briefly. “Nah-uh. I want more.”
Her hands quickly tangled in his hair , pulling him towards her until he was almost on top of her , tugging on his lip at the end of the kiss. He pulled away leaving her leaning into the empty space between them.
“Always so greedy.” teased Kai , kissing her deeply again. “Not that I am complaining. I could never get enough of you.”
“I could never get enough of you either.” she smiled. “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Knock knock.” interrupted Jo. “I believe someone wants to see you… and by the looks of it , her dad can’t wait a second.”
Kai had jumped up so fast getting to Jo , his eyes fixed on the little girl in her arms. Her eyes were closed for a moment , then they opened and she yawned. Kai was absolutely mesmerized by the little budle of joy. He looked at her with such affection , Y/N got a tiny bit jealous for a second. Kai tapped the little girl’s nose and the baby gigled a for a few seconds. Kai’s smile was getting wider by the second. A few hours into this world and he loved his daughter more than anything and was ready to do whatever just to see her smile and make sure she is happy.
“I would’ve jumped too , but it still hurts a bit.” laughed Y/N , outstretching her arms for Jo to put the baby in them. Y/N had seen the baby right after it had been born but now she could get a really good look at their daughter. Jo put the baby in her hands and Y/N’s eyes lit up like never before. “She is so beautiful.” she said smiling.
“Just like her mother.” smiled Kai leaning against the bed. “Look at her smile and how she just scrunched her little nose..”
Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from his girls. How was he that lucky ? After all that he had done , he had never expected to find love , thought never even crossed his mind. Sure there had been girls back before he was sent away but … it had felt different until he had met Y/N. And now he had not one but two people in his life , making him the happiest person in this world. He didn’t want to disappoint any of them , ever.
“You are going to be the best father there is.” said Y/N taking her eyes off their new born daughter to look at Kai. Their eyes locked for a long time and he could see him worry about that. Like he thought he wasn’t good enough. “Our daughter is the luckiest girl on this earth to have you as a father.”
Y/N could see their baby daughter all grown up and Kai acting like the most carrying yet a wee-bit over protective dad when she went on her first date or more like every time any boy even dared to breath near her.
“Jo ?” she wondered. “Could you take a picture of us ? I want to remember this moment forever.”
“Yeah , of course.” smiled Jo. Kai reached in his back pocket and gave his sister his phone. He was sure he’d remember that moment even without the pictures. Kai wrapped his arms around Y/N and kissed her cheek gently hearing the camera click in that moment and then again and again as he looked up. “I never thought I’d say this - but …I’m beyond happy about you brother.”
“Jee thanks sis.” he laughed , a geniune light laugh. “Could you give us the heads up next time before taking a picture? I think I blinked.”
Y/N and Jo burst out in laugher.
“Hey baby girl.” said Kai gently , brushing his finger against their daughter’s tiny cheek , his daughter wrapping her tiny fingers around it a moment later. “Remember me ? I’m your dad.”
Y/N stared at Kai , his eyes glowing like never before. It was as if a completely different person was standing in front of her. Kai was quite literally melting at the sight of their child. And still they had to pick a name.
“Can I hold her ?” he asked Y/N , barely able to contain himself from grabbing his daughter out of her hands. Kai quickly left the rest of his cupcake aside , wiping his hands and reached for his baby girl.
“Careful with her head , okay?” said Jo.
“I’m not going to break her , sis.”
Y/N carefully gave Kai their child. He looked so happy to have her in his arms , it was as if he was flying. He held his little girl in his large arms, afraid he might actually break her. She was so tiny and fragile.
“So tiny…” he whispered smiling.
Their new born daughter looked like a mini version of Y/N - same eyes , same nose… except there was this michevious spark in her eyes , the same spark he had in his eyes. Her tiny hand wrapped around his finger making him smile. She had been brought to this world barely a few hours ago and it appeared she already loved him.
He knew in that moment he’d protect her at all cost. Always.
“Daddy’s little girl.” he whispered smiling at the little budle of joy in his arms. Then he looked up at Jo who was starring at him as if seeing him for the first time. Same with Y/N. “What ? I don’t have cupcake frosting on my face anymore right?”
“Nope. No frosting..” smiled Y/N , wiping happy tears from her eyes. The most dangerous sociopath , as her friends always described him ,turning to jelly because of his newborn baby girl.
You definitely don’t see that every day. she thought.
“Have you thought of any names ?” asked Jo.
“We were just about to talk about it when this cutie here showed up.” said Kai smiling at his daughter and making funny faces at her to get her to laugh. “Would’ve helped if we knew if our child will be a boy or a girl but someone insisted on it being a surprise.”
“Hey. You could’ve still found out and not tell me about it.”
“We both know I can’t keep a secret from you..” he winked at her.
Y/N reached for one of the cupcakes , swirling her tongue around the frosting. During the past few months she had thought of names but now that she had to pick , it was like half of the names had vanished from her mind.
“I like Emma.. Katie.. Alexandra? ” she paused seeing how they were looking at her. “I got frosting on my nose , didn’t I ?”
She wiped her nose with the back of her hand , another name popping into her mind. “Lucinda. Lu for short.. or Victoria.”
Kai shook his head.
“You are terrible at this.” he said.
“OH and you can do better ?”
“What about Grace ? Alice ? Mel or Meg ?”
Y/N thought for a moment turning to his sister.
“Care to weight in Jo ?”
“I’d rather stay out of this discussion.” she laughed. “I’ll leave you to it. Call me if you need me.”
Jo carressed the baby’s head , squeezing Y/N’s hand for a moment before leaving the room. Kai looked after her. His baby girl cried out in the next moment.
“OMG What … what did I do wrong?!” he asked with panic in his voice. “Why is she crying ?! I swear I would never hurt her ! Why … why is she doing this ?”
Y/N laughed.
“Calm down. Our daughter is just hungry.” she said. “Give her to me. Bet you’ll be jealous of her in a moment.”
“What ? Me ? Why ..?” he paused for a moment realising what his wife meant. “OHHH… ”
Their baby girl calmed down pretty fast after starting to feed. Kai sat on the chair next to the bed, his elbows resting on it and holding his head in his hands. He looked at them with such interest and affection it was turning Y/N’s cheeks red. Not longer after their baby daughter fed , she fell asleep in her mother’s arms.
“How about Alexandra Grace Parker ?” she suggested.

A few hours later Kai went outside to grab something for Y/N to eat. There was this place barely a street away from the hospital that had her favourite avocado/chicken/leafy green salad. When he came back to the room she had fallen asleep. He left the paperbag on the far edge of the bed and leaned in to kiss her forehead. Something was wrong. Kai placed his hand on her forehead feeling her skin burn. Quickly he ran outside and down the hall to where Jo’s office was.
“Jo ! Something is wrong with Y/N.” he said opening the door without even bothering to knock. “Her skin , its burning to the touch I -”
He didn’t wait for his sister to reply and directly grabbed her hand , pulling her after him. On the way Jo grabbed another one of the doctors and they rushed into the room. Y/N’s eyes fluttered open for a second and then closed again. She was mumbling something that sounded a lot like ‘I’m coming. Wait for me.’ Jo and the other doctor quickly checked her eyes , pulse and blood pressure , her temperature and looked at each other with empty expressions on their faces.
“What is it ?” asked Kai , pacing back and forth around them not taking his eyes off Y/N. Her eyes seemed unfocused and sweat drops had appeared on her face. “WHAT IS IT JO?” he snapped.
“Her blood pressure is too low and her body temperature is almost 40C.” said Jo calling out for one of the nurses. They quickly hooked Y/N up to an EKG , a needle and a tube going in her forearm leading to a fluids tube. One of the nurses passed Jo a syringe and his sister pludged it into Y/N’s arm.
“What does that mean ?!” asked Kai. Everything around him was happening too fast and too slow at the same time. “JOSETTE , TELL ME NOW!”
“There must be an infection in -”
“K-Kai ?”
Kai turned towards Y/N rushing to her side in an instant. He took her hand , bringing it to his lips kissing her knuckles. His other hand caressing her face.
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Why am I on fire?”
“Don’t worry. Jo is going to fix everything.” he said softly. “You are going to be OKAY and in a few days we will go home with Alex , start decorating her room. We have to buy the pink curtains now , remember ?”
Y/N smiled weakly , her eyes fluttering closed for a few seconds too long. Kai hated that knot forming in his stomach. She was everything to him and he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it. That life no longer existed. Y/N was slipping away and everything Jo and the doctors were doing didn’t have any result. He had never feared losing her more than in that moment. Seeing the light slowly drain out of her eyes made him feel as if he was the one dying.
“I want to tell you so-mething.” she said weakly.
“You can tell me later.” he said with a small smile on his face.
“There is no-time.” her eyelids fluttered closed again. “You need to know… just in-case. I -”
Her mouth and eyes froze semi open. A machine near by beeped.
“Y/N? Y/N wake up.” he cried leaning in closer to her. His palm brushing against her cheek. “No ,no no. Come back to me. Jo please do something !”
His sister shook her head. “There is nothing I can do. I’m sor-”
“I don’t need your sorries ! I need you to bring her back!” he snapped. “Please Jo , I can’t live without her. There has to be a spell or something.”
“There isn’t. I know you love her but -”
Kai looked at his sister with tears in his eyes then at Y/N , her hand still in his , her head turned towards him. It was like someone had thrown him straight into hell , a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from no matter how much he wanted to. Kai felt all air being pulled out of his lungs , feeling like his soul had been ripped away. He was ready to do anything just so he can have her wrap her arms around him again , just so he can see her smile and hear her say his name one more time. Just one more time. He hadn’t even gotten to tell her he loves her one last time before she had slipped away. Kai let the tears fall down his cheeks , not minding all the water pooling in his eyes at all.
“I love you.” he whispered, pressing his lips to hers on last time.
Jo closed Y/N’s eyes , hugging her brother from behind. They didn’t like each other much but she knew he needed her. Kai’s hand still held onto Y/N’s , not willing to let go. In all his life she had been the only one who never looked at him with a disgust and threated him like a person and not like trash like his whole family had. When they had met , he had been at his darkest - freshly out of the 1994 Prison World , ready to slaughter his entire family for sending him away. Even then , before the merge he had felt something towards her , an inexplicable desire to be near her. Kai had told her the truth about who he was the first night they had met and she hadn’t ran. Y/N had hugged him and comforted him , promising him he would never be alone ever again , that she’ll always be with him.
“You broke your promise.” he whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks. A moment later he realised he wasn’t going to be alone. Y/N hadn’t wanted to leave him. It had happened , but before she had died , she had left him a part of herself. Even in death she had found a way to keep her promise.
“Jo?” he asked. “How soon can I take Alex home?”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017

*Requested - Rocket and the reader have a child together who grows up with the Guardians. Enjoy guys! 😊*

“You’re not having anymore!” Rocket takes the packet of sweets from his daughter. She looks up at him scowling.
From across the room you chuckle to yourself about how alike the two of them are.
Jett was a very extraordinary girl. After you and Rocket got together the whole prospect of children sort of went out of the window. He had assured you there was no way he could give you children and you were okay with that, after all, Rocket was the only person in the world you needed. When you did fall pregnant it was a pretty big suprise to say the least. Unlike you had expected Rocket didn’t pull away or leave you. In fact, he became more protective of you than he had ever been and spent ever moment he could by your side. Rocket chose her name. Jett was what he settled on after arguing the fact that she should be able to call her ‘Gun’. He always was a fan of weaponry.
Rocket adored his daughter. He never thought he would be a father and when he held her for the first time it was the best feeling in the world. Everyone had noticed the change in him though. Rocket, the gun wielding, moon bombing, loud mouth Raccoon, had become the most responsible on the ship. Hence why he had just wrestled the sweets out of his daughters hands.
“You’ve had enough of those, you’ll get sick.”
“Shut up dad! Give them back!”
“Don’t you speak to me like that get to your room!”
You couldn’t stop giggling from the co-pilot chair. Everyone knew that Rocket wouldn’t win this one. Jett took her sweet eating very seriously and her dad was not going to get in the way of that. With a sigh she walks over to Peter and puts on her biggest puppy eyes.
“Uncle Peter, can I have some sweets? Dad stole my other ones.” Peter looks over at Rocket and sees him shaking his head. He laughs and hands Jett another bag. “There you go kid.” He laughs.
“QUILL?! WHAT THE HELL MAN? THE KIDS GONNA BE HYPER ALL NIGHT!” Rocket shouts dragging his hands down his face.
“Sorry dude, can’t say no to that face.” Quill messes up Jett’s hair and she growls (the same way Rocket used to whenever someone petted him). “Plus that’s not my problem.” Quill smirks.
Jett walks over to your chair and sits on your lap. You smile down at her and run your fingers through her hair. She settles and continues to eat her sweets.
“The raccoon has no authority over his spawn! This is most amusing!” Drax laughs and Rocket sighs in annoyance.
“Am I the only one with any sense around here?” Rocket asks looking at all of the Guardians.
“Better to give her sweets and opposed to enduring another one of her tantrums.” You say absent-mindedly. Jett giggles and continues eating.
Rocket flinches at the memory of the last time Jett didn’t get her own way. She never shouted or cried, she was just very passive agressive. Being the child of Rocket meant she quickly learnt her way around a gun. Once father had taught her everything he knew (and she had successfully lured him into a false sense of security) she had taken one piece from all of his guns and hidden them in various places around the Milano. It took him weeks to find all of the parts again.
Rocket scratches behind his ear and growls. “Fine. Have it your way but don’t you dare think I’m going to be the one stopping her from bouncing off the walls later tonight.”
Quill laughs and takes a handful of Jett’s sweets, greedily shoving them all in his mouth.
“Right you are Rocket,” You smile at him. “That’s going to be Quill’s job.”
Peter dramatically chokes on his food and Rocket’s laughter echos around the ship.


Word count: 3098

You get Kai out of prison world but he’s afraid you’ll hurt him, so you write him a letter saying you love him

‘Ok, truth or dare?’ Kai stated the question, pulling his legs closer to his body. 

‘Truth!’ You said enthusiasticly and showed him a big smiles, twirling a small flower with your fingers, that you pulled out od the grass surrounding you. 

'When was the last time you used magic?’ Kai asked and a smile immediately started fading away from your face, replacing with sadness and maybe even a little pain in your eyes. You looked down at your hand and a small yellow flower that was starting to lose its beautiful shape, drying as you plucked a few petals off. 

'I can’t even remember. You know that, they aren’t exactly sure if they should even give me any magic. They say I’m a freak. Some parents, huh?’ You added and threw the flower a few feet away from you and then picked up a different one, fresh and beautifully colored. 

'You know you’re not a freak. You’re just…different. Like me and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hey, if you ask me, I think we’re gonna rule the world someday and show everyone that we’re not a threat or anything. You’ll see. It will get better.’ Kai trailed off and caressed your hand a few times, assuring you that there was nothing to worry about. You chuckled and smiled at him again, his beautiful blue eyes staring deeply into yours. 

'You’re always so positive about everything.' 

'I try to be. It’s not like I have anyone else to help me up when I’m down or someone who could tell me that I’m not an abomination and that I should show everyone how beautiful my powers are.’ He cleared his throat and smiled for a brief second before he looked down at his hands and kept quiet for what it seemed like hours. You knew how hard his life was and how hard his family was on him. It hurt you to see him like that and you did everything to make him feel better. 

'Hey. Like you said. We will rule the world someday and it will be awesome. Because, let’s face it, no one is as cool as we are. Hello, we can absorb magic and it’s unique and beautiful, so, screw them.’ You chuckled at your words, finding it a bit weird because you haven’t cursed in your life a lot. It was how you were raised. To be polite and always use the right words, but the conditions you were in, sometimes those words were the only ones that matched the situation. 

'Wow, who is this girl? I don’t know her. You know, you should curse more often, it’s kinda hot.’ Kai teased you as you leaned in and hit his arm playfully, Kai acting like it hurt but then both of you started laughing and laid down on the big blanket that was spread over a beautiful green grass filled with tiny little flowers that you used to practice magic on. When you had magic, it was the most exciting thing ever. You came to a field which was field with flowers, but when they became withered, you used your magic to bring them back to life. Even though you were using your magic for a good cause, your family still thought that you should be restrained from that and try to act like a normal human being. It wasn’t as easy as everyone thought. There were days when you felt like you were on fire, but they didn’t care. That’s why you had Kai by your side. You were a siphon and so was he and that’s what brought you together. Throughout the years, you became very close to him. You did everything together, but lately you were starting to grow some feelings for him. One night, you went to his house and waited for him on the swing where you would always hang out. You waited for him for almost an hour and he didn’t show up. You didn’t understand why until you heard someone screaming in the woods not too far from his home. You ran as fast as you could and hid behind a big tree, but still had a perfect view on what was happening. Kai was down on the floor, rolling around  in pain while his father stood before him with something in his hand and kept chanting. You didn’t understand what they were doing but seeing Kai like that made your tears form in your eyes. You couldn’t do anything and your heart broke when he disappeared completely from that place. The screaming stopped and all members of the gemini coven stood there in one place, Kai’s father having a big smile on his face. You couldn’t believe what was in front of your eyes. The thing that Joshua held in his hands was called the ascendant. You have read about them but never thought they were real. The legend said that they could create other worlds, identical to ours but instead of normal time, days would repeat themselves over and over again. You knew you had to get it somehow, because you were on a mission and that mission was getting Kai out of that hell hole. 

18 years have passed since the last time you saw Malachai Parker. 18 years and you still couldn’t get the image of him being dragged and locked inside the 1994 prison world. You weren’t a siphon anymore. You were now a heretic. Half siphon and half vampire. Your body was frozen at the age you saw Kai last and you didn’t want to change. You also hadn’t given up on getting Kai out of there. After all these years, you weren’t sure if he would even be alive, but everytime that popped into your mind, you quickly shook it away. Kai was out there somewhere and you were coming from him. You found the same ascendant Joshua used back in 1994 and found the spell that was suppossed to take you to exact place where Kai was. You were nervous and afraid you would fail, but after mergening with your sibling and winning, you had the ability to do magic and after years and years of practicing, you were ready. You waited for the right time and used the blood that Bonnie gave you a long time ago. You poured some on the ascendant and started chanting, everything around you getting lighter and lighter with each second, the wind caressing your cheeks. Your eyes were closed and you kept repeating the spell until the ascendant closed. You opened your eyes and looked around, taking in all the similarities out there. It all seemed so familiar and when you looked around one more time, you realized that you were in Mystic Falls. 

'What the-?’ You muttered under your breath and started roaming the streets of Mystic Falls, confused as to how everything looked he same as out there in the real world. It was a bit scary but also helpful because it was something you knew like the back of your hand. You stopped in front of a coffee shop and picked up the newspaper, spreading it out and quickly went theough the pages. You were hoping you would find something, but nothing important cam  up until you closed them and saw the front page. May 10th 1994. It was the day Kai disappeared. You read the article and swallowed hard, throwing the newspaper back on the side walk and started walking again. You stopped in front of Mystic Grill and went inside, hoping you would find him here. After all, he was obsessed with food so seeing him in here wouldn’t be such a big surprise. 

'Kai?’ You muttered out, looking around to see if anyone was in there. 'Hello? Anyone in here? Kai I know that you’re here. I’m here to take you home.’ You shouted, but there was still no sign of Kai. You sighed heavily and prepared yourself to walk out of the Grill. 

'Are you really?’ You stopped at the sound of a male voice echoing through the big room, but it sure wasn’t loud enough for you. You froze at one spot, afraid to turn around. You were scared of what could have happened but at the same time, you wanted to see Kai’s face more than anything. 

'Hello? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to talk to me?’ He said abruptly as your hands started shaking. You sighed heavily once more before you turned around as slow as you could, your jaw almost dropping down when you saw him. Fuck. Language! 

'It’s me. I- Remember me? We were best friends in 1994. We- we used to hang out a lot.’ You answered and took a few steps closer but he didn’t want you to get closer. 

'Why are you here and how are you so young? It’s been eighteen years! Are you really- is that- is that really you?’ He asked and pointed at you, placing his hand on his mouth as he leaned against one of the tables, running his fingers roughly through his hair. It was like he was avoiding your eyes and didn’t want to face you. 

'It is me. I- I came to save you. I came for you, Kai. You’ll be ok now.’ You said gently, trying to calm him down and convince him that it was ok if he trusted you. You were still his friend just like you were 18 years ago. You took a few steps closer, watching every detail on his face, confused as to how is he still so young after so much time had passed. It was unbelievable and amusing but it also scared you a little bit. 'How are you so young? I- it’s unbelievable.’ You asked him, your gaze foxused on him. 

'I don’t know. It’s something about this place and not to mention all the days have been the same, like they’re on some magical loop. It really changes you, you know.’ Kai stuttered and took a deep breath, exhaling deeply and sat on the table that was placed behind him, his legs dangling from it. Kai was staring at you but kept quiet like he was waiting for something. 

'Look, as much as I would like to stay here and talk to you, we really have to go home. Eclipse is about to happen and we don’t want to miss it, except if you want to spend an extra day in this…hell hole.’ You chuckled a bit, but Kai’s face was still serious. 

'How are we- how can you take us out of here?’ Kai asked. 

'You’ll see. C'mon.’ You ordered and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the Grill and to the place where you were suppossed to be. In the woods. You stumbled over your feet a dew times, hearing Kai chuckle everytime behind you which only made you smile a little bit. Oh, how much you have missed that laugh of his. It was like music to your ears. You weren’t just happy that you had found Kai, you were happy because all the feelings that you had back then in 1994 were still there. You were still in love with Kai and wanted to tell him with everything you had in yoir body, but it wasn’t the right time. 

You stopped and looked at the hole in front of you and then back at Kai. 

'Ready?’ Kai looked at you befuddled for a second, but after that a smile flashed across his face, making you go weak at the knees. His eyes were a light shade od blue, like when the sun shines down on the blue ocean water. You got lost in them for a minute and forgot why were you even there. You cleared your throat and shook your head, snapping out of your thoughts. 

'So long 1994.’ He trailed off, making you chuckle as you started saying the spell, the ascendant in your hands opening and the biggest wheel in the middle spinning, covered in Bennett blood as the light of eclipse shone down onto you and Kai. 

'Sangima Mearma, Ascendarum Cavea’  you kept repeating the spell until there was a white light surrounding you and after a few moments, everything stopped. There was no wind, no light, only a bunch of trees surrounding you. Kai looked around as everything seemed surreal.

'We’re here? This is it?’ Kai asked.

'Yes. We’re back. You can finally continue with your life as you used to. I can stay with you if you want. I wouldn’t mind if-’

'No.’ Kai said abruptly, taking you by surprise. He took a step back and shook his head 'no’. You swallowed hard, trying to suppress a single tear to fall down that was forming in your eye.

'What- what do you mean no?’ You asked him, your voice barely audible.

'i don’t trust you.’

'What do you mean? It’s still me, Kai. I’m your best friend.’ You muttered, trying to convince him that it was going to be fine but he didn’t believe you.

'You’re going to hurt me. Gemini coven sent you to get me out so you can hurt me. I- I don’t want you close.’ He claimed and stepped away from you. His walking soon turned into running. You were hurt at the way he reacted as you were expecting much more from him and you wanted to continue where you and Kai left off before he was sent to prison world. But instead of that, Kai was afraid of you and it hurt you more than anything. You spent a few more minutes in the woods and then used our vampire speed and ran back to your house, slamming the doors behind you, feeling frustrated and sad at the same time. You roughly ran your fingers through your hair and started pacing around the house, thinking of a way to get Kai to believe you. You saw a single paper and a pen on your coffee table in your living room and picked it up. Everything that had build up inside you throughout the years, you let it out and put it on the paper. Your feelings for Kai, completely everything. It was time he knew how you felt about him and it might be the only thing that could bring him back to you or push him ever further away from you. You read it one more time before folding the paper and putting it inside a simple envelope. You grabbed your jacket and ran fast to where you thought Kai would be and you were right. He was inside the house, all alone. You pushed the envelope through a narrow opening on the doors and ran away with your vampire speed, not wanting for Kai to see you just yet. You hid behind a tree not too far from his house, waiting for him. After  few moments, he opened the front door in a hurry and slammed them behind him. He started running and had a piece of paper in his hand. A small smile appeared on your face. You started running behind him and then cheated a little bit, using your vampire speed and stopped right in front of him. When he looked at you he stopped a few feet away from you, catching his breath. You saw his chest rising up and down from heavy breathing and you heard his fast heartbeat, sounding like it would jump out of his chest any minute.

'Are you just going to stand there or are you going to say something?’ You yelled loudly enough for Kai to hear you, but he was still quiet. Out of nowhere, he started running towards you, his arms instantly wrapping around your body when he reached you. He pulled your body closer to his, his heartbeat luder than ever, and so was yours. You could feel each others heartbeats on one anothers bodies. He cupped your face and leaned in, brushing his lips against yours before he finally pressed them against your lips, deepening the kiss as seconds passed. Your hands found their way to his hair, tugging on it lightly, his body moving even closer to you, like he was afraid that you would run away from him if there was only an inch of space between your bodies. He pulled away but hadn’t let go of you. He kept you as close as he could, his hot breath brushing on your face every so often.

'Did you mean every word you said in that letter?’ Kai asked, out of breath and pecked your lips swiftly.

'Every word. I love you, Kai. I’ve been in love with you since 1994. I didn’t want to let you go and when I saw you being dragged away and how your family abandoned you and sent you away, my heart broke into million pieces. I wanted to help you but I didn’t know how. I have spent years trying to find the right ascendant and to find a way to get you out, but when you turned me down today, I thought I was about to lose you forever.’ You muttered, a single tear streaming down your face. Kai placed his palm on your cheek and wiped your tear away with his thumb as you slowly leaned into his palm, his touch feeling so soft and gentle against your skin.

'I was afraid. You kind of lose all faith in people when they abandon you like that. I’m sorry, I- I would never leave you. I just needed some time. You have no idea how long I spent thinking about you and how much I have missed you. You were the only thing that kept me going when I was trapped in there.’

You were completely lost for words and just kept looking at him and how his beautiful blue eyes became even more blue when tears were forming in his eyes. He looked more beautiful than ever.

'You don’t have to be afraid anymore. I’m here. For you.’ You whispered and hugged him tightly, his strong arms wrapping around your body.

'I know. And- hey, look at me.’ He lifted your head up, his eyes meeting yours. 'I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. Ok?’

'Ok.’ You whispered and pulled him in for another kiss, is lips feeling like they were made for you. He was still that old Kai you fell in love with and he was yours. Only yours.

(A/N: I would like to thank @psingh97 for helping me with this, you are awesome!)

Another day in Malaga, Spain at the Vans BMX Pro Cup leads us to another ridiculous highlight reel. Here’s France’s Maxime Charveron with the move-of-the-day and taking 2nd place against 80 riders from all over the world in the Regional Qualifier. Australian Chris James also went to the moon and finished with the win. And the main event is on today!!!

See the Regional recap video that is now live, and peep some photo’s from the event while you’re at it. 

Video: Justin Kosman / Additional filming Dan Foley

Title: Need You Now

(gif belongs to of-badges-of-guns <3)

A/N: Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “#1 for Pride.”

Word Count: 390
Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

1. “I need you.”

It wasn’t often that Pride showed vulnerability, hardly ever when you thought about it so when you received a phone call from Dwayne in the middle of the night, his voice shaky and it sounded so small you knew something was wrong.

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Love the way you are

Word count: 3,299

Request:  You’re plus sized and feel insecure about it, but Kai tells you how much he loves you and the way you look

It was Kai’s birthday and you wanted to surprise him all on your own. Just surprise him at his place, give him a present and then what happens happens. That was your plan until Damon started to interfere and throw him a big party at Salvatore’s house even though you wanted for you and Kai to be all one. He insisted on throwing him a party, despite the fact that he wanted to kill him and even succeeded once. That day was the worst day of your life. Seeing that has caused you nightmares and you lost count at how many times you had awoken up in the middle of the night screaming or with your cheeks stained with your tears, Kai losing his life hurting every single day more and more. You couldn’t cope with it and felt as if there was no point of focusing anything else in your life. You spent your days sleeping in his shirt and on his pillow that always had that perfect scent that you have always loved and the one that made you calm and made you feel as if you were protected by him even though he was gone. When he came back and when he just appeared in your room like it was nothing, you thought that you were crazy but he really was there and it didn’t take you long enough to throw yourself into his arms and hug him as tightly as you could, kissing every part of his face and feeling how his warmth radiated theough your body. Since that day, you and Kai had been inseperable. You did everything together and acted all cheesy sometimes, that made some people wanting to puke, but you didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that Kai was there with you again and everything else suddenly lost it’s value in this planet. He was the only person who meant to you more than your own life and that’s why his birthday meant so much to you. You wanted to show him how much you loved him. As you knew Damon, you knew he wouldn’t throw a small party and once you have entered Salvatore’s house, you were right. The house was filled with people, guys, girls, drinks all over the place, from some expensive beers to hard liquor. Kai’s fingers were intertwined with yours, holding tightly onto you as you both looked around the room. There were times when you felt self concious because you though you weren’t pretty enough for Kai just because you were plus sized, but he loved it. He loved every inch of you and he made sure you knew how beautiful you are to him every single day, showering you with beautiful words that felt like rose water on your body and how he worshiped your body everytime his hands laid so perfectly on your skin. 
When you saw all the girls in short skorts and heels, you couldn’t help but think about how you looked and felt self concious again, the same thought hitting you again.

‘Did you hear what I said?’ You snapped out of it when Kai’s voice finally found its way into your ear, registering his words. You shook your head and tucked a lock of hair behind your ear before your eyes found Kai’s, a weak smile flashing on your face and then quickly disappearing. You exhaled deeply and pulled your dress down a little bit, Kai’s eyes instantly following your actions. You suddenly didn’t feel beautiful and comfortable in the dress you had on, thinking how maybe you should have worn something that covered up your body better and something that didn’t show that much skin.

‘Sorry, can you repeat that?’ You leaned in a little bit because of the loud music and asked him, clearing your throat. You shook off all the thoughts that were in your head, trying to focus on Kai.

'I asked, do you want something to drink?’ He said, his lips pressed against your ear.

'Yeah, sure. Pick whatever you want.’ You trailed off, that weak smile appearing on your face again. Kai nodded and winked at you before he let go of your hand and got lost in the crowd as you kept standing near the front door. You held onto your purse a bit tighter and looked around again, watching how all the girls in there danced and you couldn’t help but think how beautiful every single girl there looked. You looked down at your fingers for a split second and then almost fell backwards because of some girl bumping into you. She looked at you from head to toe, scanning your body completely and then laughed in your face.

'A simple sorry would be nice.’ You snapped at her, but all she did was snort and came a bit closer to you, looking at you from head to toe again as if she missed a part the first time she looked at you like that.

'If you weren’t standing here, then I would have some free space to walk.’ She answered as you completely understood what she meant by that. 'Also, who is that hot guy over there at the bar?’ She pointed at Kai and then bit her lip for a second, her gaze strongly focused on Kai. 'I wouldn’t mind getting some of that tonight. Yummy.’ She trailed off, making you roll your eyes at her comment.

'That’s actually my boyfriend.’ You answered her proudly but as you expected, she looked at you like you were joking and then a few moments later, she bursted into laugh, her fingers running through her hair.

'Oh sweetie. Don’t you think that maybe, um, he can do better than… this?’ She stated the question and then pointed at you, her words hurting you more than you wanted. You swallowed hard, trying to hide how hurt you were and didn’t want to let her know that you have thought about that before. You thought about that almost every day since you and Kai started dating. A voice inside your head kept repeating that he could do so much better and that you don’t deserve him even though Kai hated when you were thinking so low of yourself. 'You don’t have to answer that because we both know the answer to that question. But wow, that strong body and him being a heretic only makes him more attractive.’ She kept staring at him, looking at him from head to toe and somehow you saw her eyes always stopping on his ass. 'I can see that you are just a human, obviously not strong enough for him or even that pretty. I don’t know how you managed to get yourself a man like him. If I didn’t know some people who know you, I would say that you have put some kind of spell on him.’ She started laughing and put her hand on your shoulder for support. You looked at her and chuckled as she lifted her one leg from the ground.

'Maybe I did.’ You said with a serious face and took a step to the right, making her lose her balance, almost falling down on the wooden floor. You couldn’t help but laugh. She quickly fixed her hair and made sure everything was in place before she looked at you from head to toe once again.

'Whatever. It’s not going to last anyway, so have fun while you can.’ She trailed off before walking away, leaving you alone, your eyes finding Kai in the crowd. You couldn’t help but smile because of how a big shiny smile illuminated his face, looking incredibly happy. You had everything you have ever wanted. The best boyfriend in the whole world who loved you more than anything, taking care of you and there really wasn’t a thing that you missed in your life. You wrapped your arms around your own body, sudden cold breeze caressing your bare arms, making you shiver for a little bit. All of that girl’s words flooded back, on an endless loop in your head as tears startes forming in your eyes. A single tear escaped your eye and just at the moment when you wiped it away with the back of your hand, Kai glanced at you, his smile disappearing from his face, replaced with worry. You quickly turned around and walked out of the house, walking as quick as you could but just as you thought, Kai stopped right in front of you, taking him only a couple of seconds to reach you.

'Hey. Where are you going?’ He asked, his thumb gently caressing your cheek, feeling a trave of a single tear that rolled down your cheek before. 'Are you ok?’ He cupped your face, desperately trying to lock his eyes with yours, because that was the only thing he had to do to read all the emotions you have been hiding from him. He knew you as the back of his hand, which you sometimes hated. He always knew when you were hiding something, also the pace of your heart didn’t help either.

'Everything is fine, Kai. Don’t worry.’ A weak smile flashed across your face, but deep down you knew that Kai would hav never believed that.

'C'mon, talk to me. Something is clearly wrong. You know you can’t keep things for me because I know you too well so, c'mon, you know you can tell me anything.’ He assured you, his eyes looking at you so softly and with a lot of love and compassion.

'I- uh, it’s your birthday. I don’t want to ruin it for you.’ You said with almost a whisper and looked down at your shoes as if you were too embarrassed.

'You could never ruin anyhing for me. I love you and I want to know if something is bothering you. You know I won’t give up until you tell me. I might have to do this!!’ He started tickling you and ended up wrapping his arms around your waist, lifring you up, your feet dangling above the room as he spun you around, a joyful laugh escaping your body.

'Ok, ok, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you!’ You said while laughing, trying to catch you breath as Kai had finally put you down on the perfectly green shaded grass, a few dops of water ending up on your shoes. You took a deep breath, trying to put the words together but just when you wanted to tell him, Damon shouted from the front doors, asking for your help.

'It’s time! Can I borrow you for a second?’ He shouted, making you roll your eyes because everytime when you wanted to say something to Kai, you got interrupted.

'I’ll be there in a second!’ You shouted back and turned around, your eyes locking with Kai’s. You brushed his cheek with your fingers and pecked his lips swiftly before running towards the house. You walked into the crowded kitchen, Kai’s birthday cake placed on the kitchen counter. The only thing that was missing on that cake were candles.

'You got this?’ Damon asked, handing you a package of colorful candles and a lighter.

'Of course! Go get him.’ You trailed off and smiled before you neatly organized the candles on Kai’s chocolate cake, placing them in a perfect circle.

'It’s time.’ Elena peeked through the kitchen doors and smiled at you before disappearing again. You picked up the cake, holding it perfectly in place and walked out of the kitchen. Light from the candles illuminated beautifully your face as Kai couldn’t take his eyes off you. A huge smile flashed across his face when you started singing happy birthday, everyone else joining you a few second later. You kept walking towards Kai until you were just a few inches away from him, holding up the cake. Everyone in the room went silent. You were still aware of people around you, but the way Kai gazed into your eyes, felt as if it was just you and him as you got lost in his beautiful blue eyes, that still made you weak at the knees.

'Make a wish.’ You said, your voice almost a whisper and smiled at him. Kai closed his eyes and it didn’t take him long to open them again and blow out all the candles, smoke disappearing into thin air. Elena took the cake from your hands and placed it on the big dining table, taking all the candles off the cake. Not even a second had passed and you were lifted up in the air, your feet dangling as Kai’s arms wrapped around your waist, pressing you tightly against his body. You leaned in and wrapped you arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

'What did you wish for?’ You whispered on his ear for only him to hear, a quiet chuckle escaping his body.

'Nothing. Because I already have everything I have ever wanted in my life. An amazing girlfriend who just adores me and a fantastic best friend.’ He trailed off and let you down, his arms still resting on your waist. He smiled at you and just when he wanted to lean in, you stepped back and almost fell down on your ass. You furrowed your brows in confussion, but when you looked up and locked eyes with the person who you hoped you would never have to see in your life again. You sighed deeply and crossed your arms, waiting for her next move.

'Kai Parker. Wow. Your name just rolls so perfectly of my tongue. Want to hear it in a bit different way?’ she said and bit her lip, literally drooling over Kai. You rolled your eyes at her and chuckled because of how Kai completely ignored her and kept looking at you, but she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. She stepped inbetween you and Kai and threw her hands around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Kai pushed her away and looked at her with confussion and maybe a little bit of annoyance.

'Not interested.’ Kai trailed off and pushed her away, trying to get to you. She stopped him by grabbing his shoulder tightly, her body still too close to his.

'I’m sorry, but, wouldn’t you rather have fun with someone who is a-’ she leaned a bit just to get a clear look at you. 'better looking and more fun?’ She stated, making Kai’s eyes go wide.

'He said no, blondie. How about you take a walk and leave him and me alone.’ You snapped at her and heard Kai chuckle at your response.

'Just remember what I said before. Right there when we were all alone. And when that happens, I’ll be the first one in line to take. Your. Place.’ She muttered and then walked away as you kept repeating her words in your head. You swallowed hard and looked at Kai before you ran upstairs, directly into Stefan’s room. You closed the doors and leaned on them, a single tear rolling down your cheek. All you could think about is that maybe she was right and how maybe Kai did deserve someone better. You sighed deeply and walked over to a small table placed in the corner of Stefan’s room and looked through pictures that were laying on the table. Memories. You smiled at how happy Stefan looked surrounded by his friends back when he was still human and couldn’t help but wonder if life as a vampire was better for him than when he was a human. A soft knock on the door echoed through the room, making you snap out of your thoughts.

'It’s me. Can I come in?’ Kai said gently.

'Sure.’ You placed the picture on the table and turned around, your eyes instantly meeting Kai’s. He came closer and hugged you tightly before cupping your face, getting a good look at your red eyes.

'You cried. Why?’ He asked as you instantly closed them, trying to hide how hurt you were.

'It doesn’t matter.’

'Yes it does. Hey, look at me.’ He put a finger under your chin and lifted your head a little bit so your eyes met his again, the colour making you go weak at the knees again, but then at the same time, you wanted to assure him that everything is alright because of how worried he loked. 'Tell me everything. I know that something happened. That’s why you were so upset before. What did she tell you?’

'Nothing that I didn’t already know.’ You trailed off and pushed Kai’s hands slowly off your face and took a few steps away from him.

'Please, tell me. I hate seeing you like this.’

'Maybe she’s right. Maybe you do deserve someone better than me. Someone who’s more stronger than me and looks a lot better in a dress than I do.’ You felt relieved, but at the same time worried because of what might happen next. You weren’t ready to lose Kai. He was everything to you and the only thing that kept you going.

'That’s what she told you?’ His hands found their way to your waist, embracing you from behind.

'Yes. I don’t blame her. You’re so handsome and you could literally have any girl you want, but you chose to stay with me. Just an ordinary human who gets hurt easily and stops you from doing things you want.’ You wrapped your arms around yourself and felt Kai’s arms leaving your waist, only to be placed on your arms and turn you around.

'That’s right, I did choose you. I chose you because you were the only thing that kept me grounded. You are the only person that makes me feel like a normal human again. Maybe you hate that you are a human, but I love that. I love how warm you are and special. And don’t let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are my girlfriend and how happy I am to call you mine. I love you more than words can describe and I will never let you go.’ He trailed off and pecked your lips gently. He made you cry again because of sweet he always talked about you. He knew exactly how to make you feel better.

'I love you too, Kai.’ You whispered and kissed him again, his hands resting nicely on your waist.

'Now, let’s go have some fun. The party has just begun.’ He said and laughed, taking you by your hand as he led you out of the room and back to the living room, spinning you around on the dance floor. Your smile has always been Kai’s favourite thing about you, because it showed him how happy you are and how beautiful you looked when you smiled. He loved everything about you, your flaws, your crazy moments. Even when you were mad, he still loved it because it made him feel like a human again and when everytime you told him you love him, those three little words made him feel alive again. You were the right girl for him and he made sure that everyone knew that and that he had no intentions of letting you go.

Professor Pride Week 5

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Title: Professor Pride Week 5

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,437

Warnings: fluff, angst

A/N: Just gonna remind anyone who cares that there is a new NCIS and NOLA tonight! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I hope you all enjoy this new chapter! I love you all so much! <3 <3

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Out of all the times he walked into class, he never thought he would catch you in the act.  He watched as you placed the coffee on your desk.  You set it down so gingerly, a soft smile on your lips.  He wondered if you smiled every time you had set a coffee down on his desk.  He had to admit that he missed the coffee on his desk lately.  No one ever got him coffee before.  He wanted to make it up to you somehow, and he would.  

Pride acted as if he hadn’t just seen you place the coffee down on his desk.  He hummed happily as he sipped his coffee.  For some reason, the coffee tasted much better than it had all those other times.  It was from the same place just like before, but it seemed different today.

He watched the class as they took their test.  His eyes scanned over the crowd of students.  Some of them had that concentrated look on their face, while some of them had that clueless look on their face.  He huffed out a small laugh from behind his newspaper.  He set down the newspaper as people started to turn in their tests.

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