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Hello turn fandom!

Yours truly, @poeedamerons, and @greenofallshades have created this meme to inspire turn content creators to keep their inspiration floating now that the show is finished, and what better way to start than by picking our favorite moments?

[7] episodes
[7] scenes
[6] colors
[6] outfits
[5] characters
[5] quotes
[4] moments that made you cry
[4] badass moments
[3] episodes
[3] relationships
[2] locations
[2] deaths
[1] battle
[1] season

Tag all your creations with #turnedit and #turnamc, and if you want we are happy to have your edits in our tag as well, #turnnetwork

Take as long as you need to finish this and happy editing!

A special thank you to @culpers for creating this beautiful gif!

wow. i’ve got to say i deserve absolutely none of you. i am so happy you guys are all here though and enjoy what i create. faves will be bolded! (banner made by yours truly) also screw alpabetical order, I don’t have time for that.

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i love all of you!


Happy birthday to this kind, genuine and sterling gentleman! 

»I just love everything about my life and every single person that is close to me. I’m really really in love with the music I’m writing and I’m really in love with the people I’m writing it for. Everything else means nothing to me. All I care about is making them happy and making me happy« 

                                                                                             -Van McCann-