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of course i did a header that has teeth. of course, what do you expect?! so it’s that time of year again! i’ve reached a huge milestone and i’ve made so many friends this year that i cant help but want to show my love. i love every single one of you and you all have made my tumblr experience worthwhile. thank you! (this is not in order btw! i just did it quickly) 

my wonderful friends i’ve made and talk to on a regular basis thanks to this site. (hover for a message wow soppy much heh)

prettiestalpha / finduilasclln / hoechlined / dylan-louis / officerstilinskihale / zainclaw / riidus / howllett / sinyhale / qhuinn / hellasterek / constileslation / jackfalahohoho / stileslovesderek / shepherdings / emoussie / tsuminubiaru / akissforabite / youresoprettythatithurts / teenagedsuperheroes  

my mutuals who I talk to sometimes and i love you all and i count you all as my friends because we’re mutuals. put up with it <3 but seriously i love you all and i can’t imagine my dash without you wonderful people

felicitysmock / lonewolfed / youneedmetosurvive / hohohoech / felicitysmoaking / connorwalhs / bellamieblake / shadowstiles / gladerboyfriends / werebohen / haletostilinski / werefoxstiles / allhalestilinski / hawkcawcaweye / sterek / obrojobs / sebuttchinstan / brodie-sangster / halewinchester / ohhelga / ohsterek / rustypolished / chasingshhadows / wolfsanatomy

and finally, those I admire and stalk from afar, i just didn’t want to call them non-mutuals

tifferini / cora-hale / hoechloin,

and my blogroll (just in case i’ve forgotten anyone and i honestly don’t mean to! i love every blog i follow as i’m really picky! i only follow 63 so bear that in mind)