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Kai Parker Fic

BRUISES - (part ten)

part nine here

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She saw flashes, blurry, foggy, and muffled memories.

Kai giving her that necklace the first day she’d gone to his house, making her promise not to use it. The two of them huddled in the bathtub as he warned her of never using the blood. His flare of panic when she’d lost the crystal vial in the woods.

And then his voice again, this time echoing, calling out.

“Wake up, sweetheart, please.”

Her eyes fluttered open to see a hazy Kai Parker leaning over her, his flesh raw and red, eyes puffy like he’d been crying, hands trembling like she’d shatter in his hands at any moment.

“Malachai?” she rasped softly.

His whole chest pushed forward as if he’d not been breathing, like her voice was giving him oxygen, and he took in a sharp gulp of air when he saw her, “oh thank god, thank god.”

His brown hair was a tangled mess atop his forehead, his jacket soaked red, and skin ghostly white, like he was there, but not.

“It’s time,” another voice said, this time Emily’s.

“Come on sweetheart,” we need to go, he cooed gently, despite the loud noises coming from outside the basement door.

“My spell won’t hold him much longer,” Emily strained. 

As the girl rose on wobbly feet, she saw the witch channeling green sparks at the door that seemed to seal it into it’s frame, and her heart raced in the confusion and panic of the moment. She turned back to Kai, eyes flickering up and down his bruised and bashed body, and it might’ve been the wrong time, but she kissed him anyways, went flying into his arms and pouring her relief of seeing him into his lips, her arms hooked around his neck as her lips did the talking for her. He was hurt and messy, but his lips tasted good, relieving, the way she knew they always would. When she pulled away, a tear was streaming down her cheek, and Kai brushed it gently from her face with his thumb.

“I know,” he said.

“What’s the plan?” Emily asked.

“Let him in,” Kai said softly.

“What?!” Emily gasped in shock, curls falling across her face.

“I’ll take care of him while you two run, I’ll siphon him and meet you two upstairs, then transport us out of here, okay?” Kai rambled.

“Kai-” Emily started.

“We don’t have time,” he cut her off, “I need you to trust me, okay?”

He turned, and his eyes fell to the dazed girl before him. He placed a sloppy and quick kiss to her forehead as she blinked in confusion.

“I’ll explain later, but for now, I need to know you’re safe, okay?”

“Okay.” she whispered with a little nod.

“Ready?” he turned to Emily.


The green sparks puffed out in a cloud of whirring smoke, clearing only to reveal a beat down and not so well looking Joshua Parker. Whatever Kai had done to him had sure slowed him, but didn’t put him down.

“This ends now,” he growled. Then his eyes fell to the girl and widened with shock. “You were dead-” he began with awe.

But before she could even ponder what that meant, Kai had thrown his father aside with a shot of red fizzing magic.

“GO!” he called.

Emily scooped her arms under her still weak friend and pulled her past the door frame in the mess of confusion and noise. The girls feet skidded roughly on the dusty wooden floors, eyes flickering over the moldy wallpaper and dimly lit candles in the hall, a strange smell wafting in through her nostrils. She heard another bang and flare of light, but didn’t look back as they sprinted down the corridor.

“What’s that smell?” she groaned softly into Emily. “It’s,” she stopped, pondering as she took in a gulp of air, “good.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Emily panted softly as they began to climb the creaky old staircase.

“Mmm,” her head lulled back, “it’s just, really good,” she said again, mind spinning as a sweet aroma filled her being. She tried to hone in on it, hearing a faint rush, and a thrum of something, a heartbeat?

“Almost there,” Emily ignored her as they rounded the staircase

Her boots clacked on the floor as they covered the last stretch of hall and went tumbling out the door and onto the dewy grass. It was so late out that the black canvas in the sky and it’s twinkling stars were the only source of light, as well as that of the moon above them, which sent a glow over the lawn.

“What the hell is that?!” she gaped at the mess on the grass, and the red that stained it.

“The bodies,” Emily said, “don’t look.”

But she couldn’t help it, and as her eyes scanned the mutilated corpses, she said again, “god, what is that smell?!”

“I don’t know,” Emily lied, diverting the subject. “Kai should be here any minute, and when he is, we need to be ready to run.”

“I will be,” she gave a firm nod.

She hated the silence that came next. The faint breeze and chirping bugs, the stickiness of her clothes to her skin, the blank white light and shifting shadows. Then a faint thump came, and Kai went toppling out the door, looking shaken as ever, but okay.

“GRAB ON!” he screamed as he sprinted, “HE’S COMING!”

His faded converse went pounding and sending dirt flying, “HE’S COMING!”

Joshua Parker emerged a second later, the determination in his eyes evident. He had a gash on his leg, which only slowed him so much. As Kai went barreling into Emily, his hands outstretched, the touch of fingertips being all he needed to get through, Joshua sent an explosion of magic out to them.

“DUCK!” Emily pushed Kai to the ground.

“GRAB ON!” he called, pulling himself up, his face stained with mud. 

The girl’s hand went stretching out to Kai’s, her fingertips brushed to his, eyes fluttering closed and awaiting the puff of magic that would transport them to safety, but it didn’t come. Her eyes opened again, and instantly a searing hot panic shot up as she blinked open to a plank of wood heading directly for her heart, and she froze in shock as it came flying to her front. A scream rang out through the night, but it was not her own. Then there was a second’s silence, and-


She screeched, watching as Emily, who had dove before her, turned slowly around to face her. The wood had impaled her right into her abdomen, and red blood went pouring all over her dress, Emily looking at her own messy front in awe. She touched her fingers to her stomach, lifting them and gazing at the blood that drenched them. Then her eyes went back to the girl’s, and she smiled faintly before collapsing to the ground.

“No, no, no!” the girl shook, scooping up Emily in her arms.

“I’m sorry… I failed you,” Emily wheezed. “This is all my fa-” she hiccuped on her own words, eyes fluttering.

“Please, no, no, don’t die,” she shook her head and wiped at her eyes.

“Go,” Emily nodded, “you deserve your second chance, I want you to have it.”

“We can save you!” she shook her head in denial.

“I don’t…want…to be saved,” Emily breathed, “my life has been over for years.”


“Go,” she choked, convulsing, “now.”

And then the ruby red split across the ground, and she went still in the girl’s arms, her eyes glazing over and reflecting the gold stars in the sky. Her curls framed her gentle face, making her look almost angelic and as if she were simply asleep.

The girl lifted her head to look at Joshua Parker, who had gone still in shock, but now shook out of his trance, and went sprinting over to them, ready to finish what he started.

“Let’s go,” Kai said quietly, reaching for her shoulder.



“No,” she said again, standing and facing the man who barreled at them.

“Emily just died in my arms, and you know what I was thinking?” she whispered dangerously low.

“What?” Kai said urgently.

Her eyes flickered up to Kai’s, words feeble, “how much I wanted to rip her throat out.”

Kai gulped nervously, blue eyes averting hers.

“That smell? Blood. The wooden plank? Trying to kill me. What he said before?” she took in a shaky breath.

“I’m dead, Kai.”

And then, before he could respond, she turned, and as Joshua sent a blast of magic at her, she leaped into him, nails digging into his neck and snapping it to the side as two sharp teeth burrowed out from her lips and went sinking into his flesh. Joshua screamed, but the noise was completely drowned out by that of his rushing red blood and pulsing heartbeat that pumped ruby liquid gushing down her throat, the taste stronger than that of any drug, and sending crackling fire into her whole body. She started to sink, to loose herself in the flavor that entered her mouth, but before she could kill him, she sucked in a sharp mouthful of blood and pulled away, throwing aside his limp body onto the ground and raising her head. 

It was strange for Kai to see her like that, so beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Her face still sweet as ever, but eyes crackling with black veins, and mouth and neck drenched with liquid. Joshua had passed out on the ground beside her feet, and she didn’t give him a second glance as she slinked slowly back over to Kai.

She stood before him, leaving a gap that left him room to flinch or run, but he didn’t. She sniffed softly, wiping her palm at her bloodied face, her dark eyes flickering dangerously over Kai’s expressionless face. Kai breathed quietly as she listened in to the sound of his heart rising, her darkened self still radiating under the moonlight.

“Are you scared of me, Malachai?” she whispered quietly.

She didn’t care for what she’d done, what anyone would think of her, but to hear Kai afraid would shatter her.

Kai’s blue eyes blinked open and closed, and he raised a hand slowly to her cheek, his slender fingers cupping her gently against his palm. He bent forward, touching his forehead to hers. His free hand came up, fingers wiping around her lips and softly brushing away the mess from her mouth before gently pressing to the veins around her eyes. Her eyes fluttered as she took in a shaky breath, and Kai nuzzled the tip of his nose against hers. When she opened her eyes again, they had resumed their normal and vivid color, and he smiled.

“Never,” he said as they vanished.