gifs by me

Character PSD #2 : S K Y L I N E  {download here}

  • Hey, look, I did another thing. These are great stress relievers. 
  • This one is also pretty simple; just a gif over a background with whatever text you want. I used Myriad Pro Condensed Bold
  • Everything’s labeled in the layers so that you know what goes where.
  • Have as many background layers as you do gif layers, and have them all set to the same timing so that it looks right.
  • I suggest using a gif with a light/white background so that when you copy it over to the background all you have to do is set the gif group to Darken. To have it look like the gif is behind the skyline, once you have it in the position that you want, create a layer mask for the gif group and color the skyline in black.
  • If the layers don’t show up right or if you want my help with anything, go ahead and send me a message. I’ll answer, I promise. Also, if you have ideas or requests for some of these, let me know!
  • Oh, and please like/reblog if you use it. Thank you!