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Okay so I just saw this gif and I was overwhelmed by pheels just look at how Dan is staring at Phil like the boy has taken his breath away and then Phil turns to look at him and Dan instantly looks away all embarrassed like he doesn’t want to be caught staring but Phil just stares back at him with an equal amount of love and adoration and laughs and kinda looks down at his lips and uggghhhh


Welcome to Fun Facts Friday! This week we are bringing you someone quite spectacular and avante-garde. With his pink hair and unique style, and a smile that could literally kill, Koichi!

I swear my heart skips a beat or two when i look at this boy. The god’s  blessed you with your heavenly looks, but I can show you a place where we can indulge in a pleasure the god’s may not be so approving of, just take my hand and enjoy the dark and twisted ride.

So, let’s begin.

- Tiger

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Name : 恋一 Koichi
Part : Bass
Birthday : 22nd December
Zodiac: Capricorn
Bloodtype : B
Birthplace: Takaoyama
Height: 178 cm
Favourite Brands: Vivienne Westwood, LAZY HAZY PLANET

Always had a lot of friends over and they would wrestle, they put holes in the wall, he says some of the holes are still there in his parents home!

His mom helped him dye his hair when he was younger, he has had long hair since elementary.

Born and raised in Takaoyama

Had a bad accident on a bike when he was a teenager. Was in intensive care and after he got out decided to take up music.

Had a senpai named Koori-chan who was foreign in his school, who played the bass and drums

He picked the bass because Koori-chan played it and his father always said if he was in a band he would play bass

Was introduced to Tsuzuku by a friend {I must thank this friend}

People told him “you’re weird” even as a child {awww… }

His favorite class was home economics cause he got to use the sewing machine

Attended college for a few months then dropped out, it was a year before he took up the bass.

His father plays guitar, and showed him how to play when he first got his bass.

Wants to make his father proud

He has a total of 14 piercings (but that doesn’t include his left ear and belly)

He grieved a lot when his first cat died then he adopted a little kitten. {can you adopt me?}

It’s February 1st·4th! (Because I was supposed to upload this a few days ago, but I’ve been having troubles with the new update.) To celebrate that, I have decided to make a photohunt of VALENTINE’S DAY THEMED PHOTOS

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