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The Start

Warnings: Angst, Implied Smut

Read The Fight before reading this

“I can give you a hundred reasons not to,” he chuckled to himself. “But you’ve already made up your mind. So what are the chances you’re going to stick around?” He scoffed. He had already admitted defeat and he wasn’t going to waste his breath. You knew that much. What was worse was the fact that you thought he would. You thought he’d try, because there was a part of him that still loved you deeply, even if he had never expressed it with words. You couldn’t have been more wrong. Your hope had turned to disappointment. Your heart shattering in the process.

 You nodded your head, your tongue pressing to the roof of your mouth to help you refrain from crying even more, embarrassing yourself further. “I’ll be out within the hour,” you breathed out. You turned on your heel, your head sagging in defeat. Your heart heavy, along with the rest of your body. Every ounce of energy had dissipated in your body.

 “I’m not enough for you, Y/N. I never have been enough,” he said lowly. “I don’t deserve a love like yours. You tell me that you love me every night before I go to sleep and I have never said those same words to you. And you haven’t complained. I let the women in the bars flirt with me, not even thinking that it would hurt you. I didn’t even comprehend that they were flirting because all I can think about is you. I’m still an asshole for letting it happen, and you deserve someone better than me. Someone who won’t let women flirt with him at the bar. Someone who won’t try to push you away when times get hard.”

 “I never said you weren’t good enough for me, Dean. Don’t you dare say that to me,” you stated, turning around to face him. Your expression was angry at best, but sad at the same time. “I never needed you to tell me you loved me every single day, Dean. Your actions spoke louder than words ever could. I didn’t need to hear those three words.”

 “Then tell me what you need. Tell me what you need me to do and I’ll fucking do it. I’m not letting you walk out that door without a fight,” he declared. “Tell me.”

 “What’s the point?”

 “What’s the point? What’s the fucking point? The point is you’re the first girl I’ve ever loved this much and I can’t stand the thought of you not by my side. I know things have sucked lately and I know I’ve pushed you so far that you have every right to walk out that door but I will never forgive myself if I didn’t fight for you. Tell me what I can do to fix this and dammit I will.  You want a bouquet of a dozen roses everyday then I’ll do it. You want a date night once or twice a week and I’ll fucking plan a date night.  Tell me that there is something I can do to fix this. I know I don’t deserve it but please. Please don’t give up on me.”

 “What I want is for us to stop fighting about everything. I want you to be able to trust me and trust that I’m a good hunter and that you don’t have to be on my case every single time. I want to come home and know that I can relax and not have to worry about where I might be sleeping tonight. I don’t want to question whether you love me or not. I don’t want you to push me away when things get tough or watch a bartender hit on you yet again and have you do nothing about it. I just want you, Dean. I want the man I fell in love with,” you told him. You were calm, even though your heart was racing a mile a minute. Dean nodded his head after every sentence and you know full well that you had his attention. “I don’t need flowers or date nights every week. I just need to know you love me and that we’re in this together.”

 “We’re in this together. I promise you right here, right now. I’ll fix this,” he breathed out, taking a step closer to you. He was hesitant at getting closer to you. Instead, he reached his hand out. You weren’t going to deprive yourself from being in the arms of the man you loved, even if he had screwed up. In an instant, you were in his arms, hugging him tightly.

 “I suggest to start, you take me to bed and makeup for the months that passed without you touching me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

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You better Marry her One Day (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt/Request: ‘’Hi!! I really liked my last imagine that you wrote for me. Do you think you could write another Draco Malfoy imagine, where the reader meets his parents and she later overhears his mother telling Draco that he better marry the reader one day? Thanks!’’ -  abbeyshadowhunter

Word Count: 1,181.
Warning(s): Fluff, I guess?
Note: Thank you for the amazing request, I liked it to write. :) Hope you like it too! xx

+     +     +     +     +     +

The nerves were killing you as you stood in front of the Malfoy Manor, a very big manor, almost like a castle with its own, little kingdom. Even though everything looked very clean and neat, it still had a very dark look. Yes, even when you were sorted in Slytherin and a pureblood, you still disliked dark colours. But following Draco his advice, you wore some black jeans, a dark blue shirt and a black leather jacket. To finish of your outfit, you wore black shoes, hoping the family wouldn’t hate it.

God, everything mattered if you thought about it. You were so concentrated on your appearance and manners you didn’t even realize someone opened the door already you had not even knocked on.

‘Good day darling, I’m assuming you’re Y/N?’ a woman with dark hair and dark clothes greeted you. In her hair were some grey locks and immediately you liked it the way she slowly accepted growing old. Well, that’s what you thought, maybe that was not the reason behind the grey locks after all.

You nodded and shook her hand, which reached out to you already. ‘Yes, Y/N Y/L/N. And you’re Draco’s mother?’ you questioned, not trying to sound rude at all as she led you in.

Inside it was dark too, as you expected, but it was very beautiful and all the stuff looked very expensive. Even when you’d touch the walls, you felt like it would break down right down to your feet. This was a whole other universe than your own, ordinary home. You shook your head and let your thoughts drift away.

‘Yes, yes I am. Narcissa Malfoy,’ she smiled before letting your hand finally go. The door behind you was now closed and you started to follow Narcissa to another door inside. Narcissa opened the door, which seemed to be the door to the living room. On the couch was Draco, laying down, reading a book for school while on the chair on the other side of him, was another man. He looked a lot like Draco. The blonde hair, the same face expression and his whole appearance made you conclude he was his father.

‘Draco, Y/N is here,’ Narcissa announced, making Draco look up. He shot up immediately and walked towards you with open arms.

‘Hey babe,’ he whispered when he was close to you, pressing a small kiss on your lips, before letting go of you and wrapping his arm around your waist. And there you stood, like Draco was presenting you to his parents, despite your little meeting with his mother.

He took a short breathe, looking at his father, who had not a single emotion on his face nor in his eyes.

‘Hi, I’m Y/N,’ you shortly introduced yourself, waving a little before a small laugh left your mouth. Narcissa was already smiling, but Draco’s father stayed silent.

‘Father?’ Draco said kind of unsure about his words, also nervous because his father hasn’t said a single thing but sending you glares. Well, you thought it were glares.

‘Lucius Malfoy,’ was the only thing he said. The corners of his mouth went a bit upward and you questioned yourself if this was supposed to represent a smile.

But to prevent any other awkward situations, you just said: ‘Nice to meet you, sir.’ And you showed your most beautiful smile, feeling Draco chuckle. His grip around your waist stiffened a bit, so you smiled even more, but not towards Lucius anymore, but Draco.

Your eyes met, feeling the spark inside lighten up again. He nodded, gesturing it was going okay. A wave of relief washed over you, before Narcissa and Lucius started to walk to another room. Draco hold on tightly when he walked with you, entering the big room which seemed to be the dining room.

‘Dinner’s almost ready,’ Draco’s mother said as she smiled, walking to the kitchen to check the food one last time.

‘Good,’ you answered, turning towards Draco and his father, ‘mind if I use the bathroom real quick and wash my hands?’ You showed a grin and frowned a bit. Draco nodded, ignoring his father as he told you were to find it. A quick thank you rolled over your lips and before you knew it, you were already inside.

‘Come on Y/N, you can do this,’ you whispered to you reflection, trying to encourage yourself, ‘it’s all going well right now. Kill it out there.’

You took a deep breathe, fixing your hair and make-up again, washing your hands before exiting the bathroom. That’s when you realized you got lost in the house. It was a bloody maze in your eyes.

Voices were heard, so you assumed it were Draco and his parents and as you were approaching the voices behind the door, you saw it was a direct door to the kitchen and not via the dining room.

The voices belonged to Narcissa and Draco.

‘What a beautiful girl Draco, reminds me of the younger me,’ you heard Narcissa say, making you smile and your heartbeat quicken.

‘She’s the prettiest and sweetest woman alive,’ Draco told his mother, love lacing in his words.

Narcissa laughed and laid her hands on the shoulders of her son. ‘Your father will love her too, darling. She makes you so happy, I’ve never seen you so happy.’

Draco just nodded, hearing things he already knew. You were indeed one of his only lights that brought him happiness and made him turn into a good person. Well, let’s just say you made him have a good side too.

‘You better marry her one day,’ Narcissa smiled while stroking the arms of her only son. Draco laughed and grabbed his mother’s hands.

‘Don’t worry mother, I will,’ he assured her, making her nod.

On the other side of the door, you were almost fainting. A hand clasped in front of your mouth, you silently left the door, finding the other way around immediately as the smile on your face wouldn’t fade away.

When you were in the dining room again, everyone was finally there, Draco sitting on a chair next to an empty chair. The whole table was filled with so much food, you almost lost count of the different meals.

Once you sat down, Lucius lit the candles with his wand and filled all the four glasses with some wine.

‘A toast for Draco and Y/N,’ Narcissa said, raising her glass as you followed her actions. Draco did the same and then everyone looked at Lucius, who still hadn’t raise his glass.

But after a few seconds, his mouth went open, his eyes showing some sympathy as he looked at his loving son.

‘To the beautiful, kind Y/N and my only, dear son Draco,’ he said, finally showing some of his opinion on your relationship.

You smiled, mumbling a ‘cheers’ but you were at cloud nine at the moment, so happy with this meeting.

Soon enough, Draco’s hand found yours, him squeezing your hand a little as you were smiling like a dork, happier than ever before.


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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 2 :)

a/n: ok im super nervous about this one. i was requested to do a daddy smut w joker so ill try :) and let me tell you what this joker is like, he’s passionate here about.. making love sooo yeah AND he’s not 100000% maniacal, just a little bit of a maniac. here it goes 

a/n: update - im eating a banana rn :D

characters: Jared Leto!Joker, Reader

warnings: smut, swearing, daddy kink

Ever since the encounter with Mr. J two weeks ago, he was the only thing on my mind. How unfair, I get him as my only thought subject while he gets to have other things on his mind. Like… His business, Batman, police, his henchmen and other problems. I bet he doesn’t think about me at all. But God do I hope he does. What am I to him? A maid? A fuck toy? No thanks. He said he had a liking in me, does that mean I mean something more to him than just sex? I hope. 

Well, I can’t hope for that. We can’t have feelings for each other, that would be wrong - he’s my boss. If he uses me just for sex - that would partly be acceptable. No, no that wouldn’t be. Jesus, what’s gotten into me lately? Have I caught feelings for him? Him? 

If we could keep it as just sex, it would save heartbreak for everyone. I wouldn’t be complaining. I’m not complaining, the sex was just… wow. The best I’ve had. And, it was the only time for me and him. Did he not like me in bed? What if I was bad at it? Oh my God, I hope not.

Every day I was longing for his touch, but the only thing I received was looks and orders. This was really frustrating me. He was so complicated, I couldn’t figure him out in any way. I guess that was his goal. To be mysterious and unpredictable, closed to everyone around. Mr. J was giving me a hard time.

I was cleaning the boss’s own bedroom - which didn’t need much cleaning, but I cleaned it anyway cause there was nothing else to do - when I heard an echo of a door being shut. He must have come back from business. I heard shouts that seemed like happy ones echoing through the house, but just kept cleaning. Guess Mr. J had successful business today. 

I spotted a gun on the floor and bent to pick it up.It was quite heavy.  I hoped my uniform didn’t go up too high because if someone walked in, there would be quite a funny situation. I reached the gun and picked it up, straightening my posture so it would be more comfortable for me to look at it. It was-

“I would prefer the other position, doll.” I heard him speak from far behind me. My body froze, not knowing what to do. I had just picked up his gun. Oh my God, I’m so dead. Had he been watching me? I was so scared I couldn’t even think of what to say, I couldn’t move an inch. Okay, whatever happens, happens.

My breathing was heavy and quiet as I heard him walk up to me from behind and put his firm hands on my hips. What was happening?

“Be a good girl for Daddy and put that thing down, baby girl.” Mr. J spoke lowly and dominantly in my ear, his breath tingling my skin. I swear, my heart almost jumped out of its cage. I was scared, but also turned on a bit. Wait, did he ask me to put it back? But that would mean bending over again. I could just put it on the night stand. Yeah, let’s go with that option. I slowly, with my body shaking, bent forward and put the small weapon on the night stand, with his grip on me tight. 

“Oh baby,” he almost moaned in my ear. “Obedient today, are we?” He said as I bent back up. He pulled me even closer to his front and I could feel his boner through the fabrics of our clothing (a/n: gOD HELP ME I HAVENT WRITTEN SMUT IN LIKE A YEAR SHBSH I FEEL LIKE IM SINNING). I sucked in a sharp breath at the realisation that he was turned on by me. Wait, was it me? Oh my God what’s happening. “Not talking, either?” He asked and laughed lowly. He was turning me on, christ.

Suddenly Mr. J turned me around to face him and pull our bodies even closer, if that was possible at this point. I finally saw him for the first time today and we were finally as close to each other as last time. He looked pretty good, his shirt was unbuttoned at the top, showing a bit of his pale chest and tattoos and he had a slight smirk on his face. My mouth unvoluntarily fell agape at the sight before me.

“Do you like what you see, doll?” He said and raised my chin up to him with his hand. His eyes were focused on my face, as if searching my features. “C'mon, talk to me. You haven’t said a word.”

“Y-yes, sir, I-”

“It’s Daddy to you now.” He butted in.

“Yes, D-daddy,” I hesitated a bit. I know I was quite young to be working here - I finished high school a year ago, and he was a few years older than me, but his ‘daddy’ fetish was a little weird. “I j-just-”

“You look like something’s bothering you, can you tell Daddy what’s wrong?”

Can I? I mean, it has to do with him. Nah, I won’t let my self-consciousness ruin this perfect moment.

“It’s n-nothing, nothing’s bothering me, Daddy.”

“Really? Are you not lying to me, baby girl?”

“No, Daddy.”

“I love how it sounds when you say it.” Joker growls at me, making me shiver. His left hand makes its way up my back and soon he’s holding the back of my neck tightly, making me gasp. 

He pulls my face closer to his and connects our lips. Oh, so that’s what’s happening. I hesitate at first, but then put my hands around his neck and kiss him back. The way he kissed me was… with power, force and lust. I loved the combination. 

I moaned when he bit down on my lower lip with his metal teeth, there was more pleasure than pain. He grunted with a smirk and untied the bow that was holding my uniform together and threw it somewhere on the floor. I kicked off my heels before he pulled down my tights, all while our lips moved in sync.

Joker pulled away abruptly, making me whine at the loss of contact. He then tightened his grip on my neck and I got it as my que to be quiet.

“Now, baby girl,” he said, moving his hands to my back, “I’m gonna lay you down.” He said and did as promised, slowly, almost teasingly, laying my back first down on his bed. The covers felt like silk against my bare thighs, they were so soft. Joker leans back up and removes his… armory. He looked great from this point of view. He looked good from every angle, actually.

“You know,” he starts speaking matter-of-factly, ”you’re lucky I’m in a good mood today. Business went really well, so I’ve got nothing to be angry about. And to come home to such a great view of baby girl cleaning up… makes my day even better.” He finished, opening the lower buttons of his shirt.

“Aren’t you lucky to have me here, all just for you, Daddy?” I asked in a sweet voice, trying to ignore the hundred questions in my mind.

“Of course I am, my dear doll.” He said before getting on the bed and situating himself above me. “But now… it’s time to play a little bit.” He said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. “What do you say?”

“Sure, Daddy.” I said barely above a whisper. Joker showed me his wicked smile and leaned down to kiss me again. I loved how rough, but soft his lips were, I loved the feeling of them. Mr. J’s hips pressed down on mine and his hands moved up to push my dress off of me. Once it was over my head, he threw it somewhere behind us. Now he was fully clothed with his purple shirt hanging on his torso and I was in only my black matching underwear.

Joker then sat up straight and his eyes raked over my body, mine watching him intently.

“We’ve got something beautiful here.” He stated loudly with a lustful smile. “Aren’t you beautiful, my dear?” He asked rethorically and I couldn’t help but to giggle and bite my lip. I watched as his face lowered down to my neck and he started slowly leaving rough kisses on my skin. I moaned as he traced his lips down my body, the valley of my breasts and he stopped at the middle of my tummy. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said quite sternly. I opened my eyes and looked down at him staring at me, his chin resting on my stomach. “Tell me what you want.” He said. He then turned his head so his cheek was on my stomach and his hands were resting under my body. “What do you want… What do you want… What do you want… Tell me, tell me, tell me…” he said, playing with the skin of my back.

“What re the options, Daddy?” I asked, in a half-moan. This all was turning me on so badly I just wanted him to take me right there, right now.

“Well… we could always just go with the boring option… or we could play games… or I could use my fingers, lips or any toy to make you, doll, pleased.” He said with joy filled eyes. “Today’s your day, baby girl. Daddy’s already happy, and he’ll be even more happy if his doll is.” He finished and I smiled at him. “So make your choice, darling.”

“Oh, Daddy, I would love to have your fingers work wonders on me…” I moaned out. 

“Beg for it, baby girl.”

“Oh, please, please, please, Daddy, I want your fingers so bad.” I whined, shutting my eyes closed. “Daddy, please.”

“You sound desperate, doll, so…” He rose up in a sitting position, straddling the sides of my hips. “I will give you what you want.” Mr. J said, tracing his fingers all over my face, moving them just the way to arouse me. I bet my panties were so wet it was visible. Jesus Christ, the things this man made me feel… 

His fingers moved down to my neck, then to my bra covered chest, kneading and touching it perfectly. Where has he been? He knows how to please a woman so well. He ripped my bra in half and threw it away. Multiple moans left my mouth, getting louder each time.

“Yes, baby, be loud, I love to hear you.” Joker encouraged me, moving his fingers further down my body and stopping just above my underwear. “Where do you want my fingers, doll?” He teased, tracing the line of my underwear with his fingers. “Do you want them…” he said, suddenly cupping my heat and making my back arch up from his bed. “There? Would that be okay with you?” Joker leaned in close to my face, his other hand supporting my back, so we were both sitting up. I put my arms around his neck. “Speak.” He growled.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” I managed to choke out. “Right there.” I said just before Joker pressed on my underwear, beginning to trace circles after. “Daddy, that feels s-so good….” I moaned out, dipping my fingers into his skin. He teased my center before moving my underwear to the side and continuing his work without a fabric bothering. “Daddy, please….”

“What? What is it?” Joker asked. “You don’t like it if I tease you, huh? You don’t like that?” He asked with a fake pout on his lips. 

“M-more, please, Daddy…” I begged. I bet there was a satisfied smirk on his face, but I didn’t see. His finger entering me had my eyes closed shut and mouth wide open, high pitched moans leaving it. “Oh, yes…” I sighed in pleasure, only to be interrupted when he added another finger, nearly reaching my G-spot. I almost screamed when he did that, it was more of like a scream and a moan mixed together. Mr. J began to circle them both around in me, bringing me closer to my release any second.

“Are you going to cum on my fingers like the naughty girl you are?” He huskily spoke in my ear, making me near my orgasm even faster. “Go on, do it. Come all over Daddy’s fingers, baby.” He spoke and that was all it took. My body shook, if I hadn’t been holding onto his neck, I’d probably hit the bed hard. With many moans and Mr. J holding me, I finally came to my release.

“Baby, that was wonderful.” He spoke with an audible smirk. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he raised his fingers in my view and licked them clean, humming. “You taste so sweet. I wish I could taste more of you, but not tonight…” Joker said and then leaned forward and kissed me… passionately? It must be a hallucination from the mind-blowing orgasm I just had. With as much energy as I had left, I kissed him back, being laid back down on the mattress under Joker’s body. “Now, baby girl, I hope you can take one more.” 

“Of course I can, Daddy.” I replied with a smile. “I can do anything for you.”



“Perfect.” He says and connects our lips again. Joker’s hands then reached down to his pants to unzip them. Soon enough the only thing he was wearing was the shirt, which barely covered anything except his arms. He pulled my panties down my legs and leant back over me. My hands slithered on his chest, reaching under the shirt and tugging it off. Mr. J quickly took it off himself, showing me the whole glory, aka his body. God, he was truly something. I ran my hands over both of his biceps, admiring how strong they were, he was. All his tattoos looked so good on his white skin, it was a total contrast

“Doll, you’ll have another time to analyze my body, but it’s not now.” Joker spoke, aligning himself with my entrance. “I believe we have something better to do now, don’t we?” He said before pushing all the way in, making me yelp out loudly. I had forgot how roughly gentle he was during sex, god… I loved it. I loved everything about him. 

“Please, faster..” I moaned out. Soon enough I got what I wanted, Joker and me both moaning in sync. He kissed down my neck while pounding into me like there was no tomorrow, totally leaving a hickey here and there.

“Are you close, baby?” He whispered lowly.

“I am now…” I said.

“Are you going to cum for the second time tonight, doll?” He teased, knowing just how to speak to get me cum sooner. “Aren’t you a naughty little slut for Daddy?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” It was so hard to speak while he was so deep in me, he was already touching my G-spot again. “Can you p-please go.. Ah! Deeper…” I asked, knowing it’d hurt a bit, but it would be worth it. Joker pushed harder, deeper into me, stretching me out a bit more than before. A string of moans came past my lips when he went probably balls deep in me, and it felt so amazing. “I’m s-so, so close, Daddy…” I moaned out, pulling him closer to me and scratching my nails against the skin of his back.

“Cum, baby, cum for me…” He said shakily, shooting his load in me just as I came undone. My legs were shaking and we were both sweating and breathing heavily. He pulled his member out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me. Now one thing I knew about him was that he couldn’t let anyone see him defeated or just… done in general. But he looked quite exhausted now, beaten down. 

J looked at me and turned my face in his direction by grabbing my chin. My eyelids were dropping close already, I could barely see him in front of me. 

“Rest, my doll.” He said. “You did amazing.” Him kissing my lips was the last thing I felt before totally blacking out.


Imagine skipping class with Chris.

A/N: Here’s Part 3. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2) I hope you enjoy it, ‘cause I am. I like that it’s not as easy as the other love stories, it’s nice to see them really work for what they want. Anyhoo, I’ll leave you to read. X

Chris paced the pavement outside your apartment building, fingers playing with the hairs on his face. He was waiting to catch you before you headed to UCLA for your Tuesday morning class. The class that you’d told him numerous times was your least favorite and least important with your least favorite lecturer, hence why he was waiting outside your door; he had hope he could be a bad influence and steal you away for the day.

Since meeting at the airport a few weeks ago, you’d been inseparable. It was insane, but you could now safely say you were friends with Chris Evans. The same Chris Evans you’d been a fan of for years, and also the same Chris Evans who was a fan of your work. You still couldn’t believe it when he told you he’d read all your stories- that he was an avid fan of your mini-series. You thought you’d died in a plane crash on your way over to Sydney where you were catching a flight back to Los Angeles, and that all of it was part of your afterlife. But no, you were still alive and you were friends with your celebrity crush who had planned an amazing day for you.

His plans started with breakfast because he knew you more often than not skipped breakfast, then he was taking you to Marvel Studios in Burbank to meet some of the people in the industry. His grand finale had him pulling some crazy strings; he still couldn’t believe he was going to be able to take you inside the Dolby Theatre- where he knew your incredible talent would take you one day- and have dinner on the stage itself. He didn’t realize that in doing all of it, he was basically doing what he promised he wouldn’t do until he answered the question he’d been losing sleep over- “am I in-love with her, or the idea of her?”- and that was to take you out on a date.

But the thing he didn’t see was that if he was in-love with just the idea of you- the image he’d conjured from the words you’d written, he would’ve just taken you out already. He wasn’t just being your friend to start with because he was confused, he was doing it to show you that he respected and cared about you. Yes, your second person protagonist was wonderful and he wished he had that life, but that wasn’t real and you were. You were real and as wonderful and right in front of him; he wasn’t going to do anything to risk losing you. If he had to take it incredibly slow to achieve the life you clearly both craved, so be it.

“As I live and breathe,” Chris heard your voice and a smile immediately formed on his lips. “Chris Evans.” He looked up and saw you exit, smiling as you slung your bag over your shoulder and walked down the steps to meet him. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Well…” He began, taking your backpack from you to help with the load; you smiled at the gesture as you took the arm he was holding out for you. “I was just wondering if you’d let me be a bad influence and steal you away for the day.” He said as the two of you started walking towards the direction of your university.

“Mm…” You wiggled your mouth from left to right, pondering. Your attendance was- as they say- on point, so you could afford to skip one day without any negative repercussions. “Depends,” you quipped with a smirk and he bit back his smile to hide his growing excitement. “What’s the offer?”

“I can’t tell you just yet,” he winked and you rolled your eyes. “But I can assure you that it’s better than anything Professor Killian can offer you.” You laughed and he nudged you playfully, “c'mon. You’re the perfect student, you can afford to miss one day. The most you’ll get is a light slap on the wrist, a 'I’m not angry, just disappointed’ speech.”

“That is a terrible speech to get.”

“True, but I promise it’ll be worth your time.”

“Is it worth missing my chance at education though?”

“Oh, definitely,” he nodded with a serious look that made you laugh. The second you started laughing, his lost his composure and a wide smile spread across his face. “It’s a boring and uninspiring class, Y/N. I think you’re much better off spending the day with a guy who’s been in the industry for decades now.”

“Wow, decades. That’s amazing, Chris,” you said and he nodded, a little to smugly. “But do you want to know what’s even more amazing?” You tried not to laugh as you proceeded to tease, “that I’m friends with a man sixteen years older than me.” You quipped then laughed when he shot you a deadpan look, even though he was trying very hard not to smile.

“Ha ha,” he bit playfully and you giggled. “Are you going to let me take you for the day or what?” You shrugged, smirking, but of course you were; you would never give up a chance to spend time with him. “I know you don’t want to miss out on school, but our trip is going to be somewhat educational. So…” He trailed off, smiling.

“Somewhat educational, you say? Oh, well- how could I refuse?” You dramatically responded in a almost south western accent; he nodded in response, chuckling at your overacting. “It sounds like you’ve got an actually educational event beat.” Your normal accent returned as you continued to tease him. “I guess I’m all yours, Evans.”

Chris felt his heart flutter at that statement, which was something he’d only read himself do in your stories. He realized that the more time he spent with you, the more he felt like he was living in one of your perfect worlds where nothing would ever go wrong. He looked over at you as you allowed your attention to drift from him to a woman walking her Labrador, and smiled when he saw you smile. Was he in-love with you, or was he just here for the perfect experience? You were a writer and he read your works; both of you knew what the other expected. So what if all of this was just another story? What if things between the two of you weren’t real? He didn’t want to jump into things too soon, the last thing he wanted was to hurt you or get hurt himself. Things were still foggy, everything was still so new. He needed more time to figure out if what he was feeling- what you were feeling- was genuine and not based off a fantasy.

“Just out of curiosity,” you began and Chris fell out of his thoughts, “are we going to walk to wherever you’re planning to take me? 'Cause um-” you glanced over you shoulder and he followed suit, “your car is back there.”

“We’re coming back to get it, we’re just going to get some breakfast first seeing as you skipped yours this morning?” He raised a brow and waited for your confirmation; you nodded, chuckling. “I just know you too well, Y/N. You should really stop giving out personal details in your stories, there are repercussions to telling the internet things.”

“Yes, but not all repercussions are negative. I mean-” you poked his arm and smiled, “I wouldn’t be here with you right now if I didn’t write the way I wrote.” He chuckled then nodded in agreement. “And that breakfast thing you found out after being friends with me, my protagonist always eats breakfast.” He rolled his eyes as a response. “And I don’t skip breakfast on purpose, it’s actually my favorite meal of the day. I just-”

“Like sleep more,” he finished for you and you scoffed in amazement. “I told you,” he winked and you chewed the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from smiling too widely, “I just know you too well. I mean- we have lived a thousand lives together, it’d be embarrassing if I got details about you wrong.”

“Very much so,” you quipped, blushing.

Even though things with Chris were more comfortable now, you still had moments where you had to just breathe. You were a fan of his, after all. He was your celebrity crush and there wouldn’t be a day where he wouldn’t be. Friends or not, you still got overwhelmed by him. The way he talked, the way he smiled, his laughter- everything got to you if you didn’t take a step back from yourself. You knew it was wrong and that it probably wouldn’t happen, but you were still holding out for a relationship with him. The only thing that prevented you from showing that side of yourself was fear; fear of so many things.

What if he was only here because he was trying to see if you matched the character he loved so much? What if you were just something to take his mind off his breakup with Jenny Slate? What if you got together and you weren’t good enough for him? What if his mother hated you and he broke up with you because he was so close to his mother? You were turning twenty, he was turning thirty-six; he had his whole life figured out and you were still sorting through things; he was Chris Evans and you were just Y/N Y/L/N. Everything about the two of you didn’t make any sense; the only thing connecting the two of you was your stories. So what was going to happen when that excitement became obsolete? What was going to happen when he realized you were just a girl?

“Pancakes or waffles?” Chris’ voice brought you back to reality. “Wait, don’t answer that,” he held a finger up at you before you could answer him; you chuckled softly. “I should know this, I mean- what did Chris cook for Y/N whenever they had breakfast together?”

“Pancakes,” you both answered in unison then laughed. “You know what, Christopher Evans. I think it’s time you tell me more about yourself.” You said and he raised a brow with a cute smirk on his lips. “Every detail in my story about me is true, I’ve just been guessing with you. So right now, you know more about me than I know about you, and that’s not very fair, is it?”

“No it’s not,” he smiled, his hidden feelings for you surfaced slightly and you blushed at the look of love in his eyes. “Okay then, Y/N.” He caught himself and blinked, smiling like a friend would instead of a lover. “What would you like to know?”

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Part 3B

I FINISHED! I almost died. My feet were killing me and I got slower and slower. There was a lot of smiles, but also a lot of tears. If this were any other race I think I might have quit. It was definitely tough, but I overcame the pain, pushed through and I’m done. Right now I never want to move again, haha. But I did it. Glass Slipper Challenge complete! More photos and such to come. Now I get to just relax and enjoy the rest of this vacation without having to worry about anything other than getting my feet to be well enough to go to Disney on Tuesday, haha. 

Tom Holland Imagine: Interview

Summary: You’re being interviewed and have mentioned in the past that you have a crush on Tom Holland. He surprises you in air and asks you out.

A/N: so this is based on something that actually happened to poor sweet little Bea Miller with Luke Hemmings where Luke surprised her on air when she had mentioned in the past that she had a crush on him😂😂 enjoy!

Warnings: None


“So, we’re on air with Y/N L/N and she just sang a cover of Sam Smith’s "Stay With Me”. So Y/N, what first inspired you to become a singer?“

"Well, I’ve always loved singing and one day there were some painters painting our bathroom and I was singing Cinderella by the Cheetah Girls and one of the painters thought that I was the radio and after that I just became very passionate about singing and wanted to peruse it. I was very lucky to be given such supporting parents that allowed me to follow my dreams.”

“Well, thank you Mrs. And Mr. L/N! I love your music. And I heard recently that you’re quite the marvel fan! Any crushes on the cast?”

“Yes! I love marvel. And I do have my eye on one marvel actor…”

“C'mon, spill, Y/N, who is it!?”

“I’ve already spilled it! I’ve been saying for the past couple months that I’ve had my eye on that new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. He’s VERY cute.”

“Tom Holland!?”

“Yes, he’s sooooo cute! I’ve never really cared for Spider-Man until him. He’s just amazing for the role.”

“He is amazing. What would you do if you ever met him?”

“Uhhh would it be weird if I asked him to marry me? Haha”

“Well let’s ask him. Tom, would you be weirded out if Y/N asked you to marry her?”

I paused before I heard a British accent speak through the phone.

“I would be honored if she asked me to marry her! I’m quite the fan of hers.”

“Well, Tom, I just have one request, wait till you’re older!”

“Haha, well of course!”

I sat there waiting for the interviewer to tell me this was fake.

“Well, Y/N, you have your answer!”

“…That’s a joke, right?”

“No, that’s really Tom Holland!”

“No, that’s a joke! That has to be a joke! Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed!”

“No, it’s really him! Go ahead and ask him any question!”

“No, because then I’m gonna look like an idiot because that’s not really him!”

“Not it’s really Tom! Tom, say something to prove that it’s you!”

I heard a laugh before “Tom” finally spoke again.

“I don’t know what to say, I’ve never really had to prove myself before.”

“Well, how about you just ask Y/N what you wanted to ask her.”

“Yes, of course! Y/N, I was wondering if you would like to be my date to the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere in LA next week.”

“What!? This is a joke! This isn’t Tom! This isn’t happening!”

“Love, it’s really me! I would love for you to accompany me! I have to go now, but have Ryan give you my number before you leave and you can call me and we’ll set everything up! Goodbye, everyone! I can’t wait for you guys to see the film in theaters worldwide on July 7th!”

Then the line went dead.

“That was fake, right?”

“No that was really Tom Holland.”

“OH MY GOD! I hate you! That was so embarrassing!”

“Well, now you have a date with him!”

“I can’t believe that just happened! Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed! Wow, it’s really a good thing that I said he was hot cause like it would’ve been really awkward if I was just like ‘God I hate Tom Holland he’s the worst spider-man ever’ and then he was just like 'uhh… hey…’”

“Hahaha! That would’ve been so funny! Well, for all you people just now tuning in, we’ve just set Tom Holland and Y/N L/N up on a date for next week. Well, Y/N, it’s been a real pleasure to have you with us today! We’ll have to get you back soon so you can tell us all about your date!”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to spill the details to anyone else!”

And with that the interview ended. Before I left, Ryan made sure to give me a piece of paper with Tom’s number written on it.

—Time Skip—

“Alright, Y/N, Tom’s going to meet you at the premiere at the front of the red carpet. He should be there before you so just go meet him there.”

“Okay, Lindsay. Thank you!”

I hung up the phone with my manager before I got inside the black car waiting outside to drive me to the premiere.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor of the car as I waited for it to pull up to the premiere. Not only was I FINALLY going to be seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming, but my celebrity crush was my date to the event!

After what felt like hours, the car pulled to a stop. A man in a black suit opened the door and helped me out. I thanked him and then walked to the entrance to the red carpet where Tom was standing, fidgeting nervously with his tie.

His eyes finally landed on me and smile lit up on his face.

“Told you it was me.” He said as he held his hand out to me.

I laughed as I shook his hand.

“Sorry for being really awkward, I was just caught off guard…”

Tom laughed.

“You’re fine. It was actually really cute and flattering. And hey, maybe if everything goes well tonight I really will take you up on your proposal.”

I elbowed Tom in the gut as he laughed at my red face.

“Shut up!”

Tom finally stopped laughing and guided me out onto the red carpet.

Cameras were flashing and people were yelling our names as they noticed our arrival. Tom’s hand laid on my lower back as we smiled and chatted as paparazzi took our picture.

After a few minutes of picture taking, Tom and I walked away to the interview section.

“I’m gonna skip this part and go get a drink. I’ll meet you when you’re done, okay?” I said to him.

Tom smiled down at me.

“Sounds good, love.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

I watched as Tom walked up to where Jacob was standing and began to interrupt their interview.

I smiled and walked into the lobby of the theater.

I grabbed a water bottle off the table and pulled my phone out and began to reply to a few texts when I felt a hand tap my shoulder.

I turned around to face a boy around my age standing there. He was slightly taller than Tom and had bright blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Hello! I’m Harrison, Tom’s best friend!”

“Oh, hello! I’m Y/N.”

“Yeah, I know. Tom hasn’t shut up about this date all week.”


“Yeah! He dragged me to TONS of stores trying to find the best outfit and wouldn’t stop nagging me about whether or not he looked good enough for you.”

I blushed at Harrison’s confession.

“Alright, Haz, that’s enough.” Tom interrupted before Harrison could go on.

I turned to face him and saw that a slight shade of pink on his once pale cheeks.

Harrison laughed before walking away to where Zendaya and Laura stood across the lobby.

“Sorry about him, love. He sometimes doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.”

“It’s fine. He’s seems really sweet.”

“Yeah, as much of a pain in the ass he is, he’s the best friend I could ever ask for.”

I smiled at Tom before he lead me into the theater. Tom greeted some of his friends and cast mates before taking a seat between Harrison and I.

As the movie ended, I noticed how nervous Tom seemed as he look around at everyone’s reactions.

“Tom, the movie was absolutely incredible!” I said to him as I squeezed his hand.

Tom looked over at me with a look of relief.

“Thank you, Y/N. That means a lot.”

“Of course, Tom. I loved every second of it.”

Tom couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

“Y/N, do you think maybe we could go out tomorrow? Like, on a real date?”

“I would like nothing more.”

—5 Years Later—

“Y/N! How have you been?!”

“I’ve been outstanding, Ryan!”

“So, I have to know what you wanted to share! Once you called in, I couldn’t wait to get you on air again.”

“Well, Ryan. As you and most of your viewers probably know, Tom and I have been dating for 5 years as of yesterday. And since Tom and I met on your show, I thought it be best if I shared the news on here first. On April 14, 2023, Tom and I will be getting married!” I said as I held my finger up showing the ring Tom had given me last night.

“Oh my god! You and Tom are getting married!?”

I nodded.

“He proposed last night on our anniversary. I called first thing this morning and demanded to be put on air to make the announcement!”

“That’s so amazing, Y/N! I hope I’m invited to the wedding!”

“Well of course! How could we not invite the person who started it all?!”

“Wow, thank you so much for sharing the news with us first! Now I’m sure you have a lot of planning to do so I’m going to let you go. I hope you have the best time planning your wedding!”

“Thank you, Ryan!”

And with that, you were out of the studio and on your way home to your future husband.

[SUMMARY: Lisbeth sneaks into Negans compound, eventually finding his bedroom. Negan returns a lot sooner than she expected. As she is hiding, she realizes he is seriously wounded and he collapses in front of her.]

Semi fluff, flirty Negan.

Negan and Lisbeth.

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Reader is best friends with Grayson and Ethan, and gets one fleeting day to meet them for the first time, during which time Grayson struggles with the fact that he is helplessly in love with her.

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Funnily enough, you had met Grayson online. You’d messaged him expecting no response, but for some reason, he did reply. And then he replied again, and again, and now you were best friends, who until today, had never met. He was on tour at the moment, and as much as you’d told him you were so excited for him, a part of you did feel heartbroken knowing that there was no way the twins would ever stop where you lived, nobody ever did. But after the international dates were released, your city had been sneakily added after the release of the list, and it would be the last stop.

You were first meeting them at their meet and greet, which meant that all your past months worth of wishful longing were coming true, and you were going to have to mask your bubbling joy and act semi-normal. The girl in front of you finished her turn, and Ethan and Grayson waved her off politely before spinning in sync to meet the next person, you. They had to play it off like you were any other fan, but it didn’t take a genius to see their dumb grins grow twice the size when they saw you. You zoomed forward, both twins opening their arms for you at the same time, the conflict startling you momentarily, but you went for Gray first. Grayson slinked his arms tightly around your waist, pushing you firmly into his rippled chest, your face buried into the crook of his bronzed neck. He smelt of fresh laundry and overpowering cologne, his breath tingling of mint.

“I wanted to say thank you in person,” you whispered faintly into his ear.

“What do you mean?” Grayson said through a clenched smile, swaying the hug left to right.

“I know you added this tour stop for me,” you smiled into his skin.

Sure, fans in your city had been thrilled to hear they were coming, but the fanbase itself certainly wasn’t booming almost nearly as much as at their other stops, it just seemed a little odd.

Grayson’s cheeks flushed faintly as he squeezed your waist, “I wanted to see you, so why not add another stop?”

You giggled and released him, “We-”

“Are you gonna talk to Grayson all day, should I just give up now?” Ethan said, his arms still weakly outstretched, his lips pouting.

You snorted and leaped into his arms, your legs coming snugly around his waist. 

“Sorry E,” you smiled.

Ethan’s pout faltered a little, “I’ll forgive you if you gimme a ki-”

You shut him up and dropped a kiss on his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed as you felt him smile under your lips.

“Forgiven,” Ethan did his ‘I’m hilarious’ grin, and plopped you back down, his eyes lifting and his smile wavering for a second.

You raised an eyebrow in confusion and turned to G, swearing for a second that you glimpsed…jealousy? Oh well, you shook it off quickly.

You took your picture and and got a hug goodbye, parting with an almost inaudible whisper, “See you soon.”


By the time the show was all packed up, you were passed out at home on your sofa from exhaustion. You heard a knock at your door, and blindly stumbled over to let two extremely hyped boys into your place. 

“Let’s get a pizzaaaa!” Grayson bounced up on the couch, his earring jumping up and down. 

“TWO PIZZAS,” Ethan yelled.

You rubbed your eyes and slapped yourself awake, “O-o-” you yawned wide, “Okay.”

“Are you tired? We can go if you want,” Grayson said, catching on to your sleepiness.

“NO!” you jumped, his words waking you right up, “This is the one time I get to see you two idiots!”

“Why thank you,” Ethan smiled.

You giggled and clawed at your face, “You’re gonna have to hook me up with some of your sugar high.”

“Buy an extra large coke with that pizza then,” Grayson winked.

Those pizzas,” Ethan corrected.

The rest of the night was a blur of stories, coca cola burps, and excessive singing to overplayed songs. Three hours after arriving, one sad piece of cheese pizza remained.

“Who wants?” you groaned out, your belly full of bubbles and pizza dough.

“Share with me,” Grayson smiled wide.

“Gray, I’m gonna explode.”

“Oh come on,” Ethan mumbled sleepily, “couples do it all the time.”

“Couples?” You laughed out loud.

Grayson laughed awkwardly, shoving his fist into Ethan’s belly, “You’re so funny,” he growled.

You plopped down beside Grayson, stretching your legs out onto the couch and resting your head into his ‘Post Show Comfy Sweatpants.’

Grayson looked down at you, his startled expression molding into a satisfied little smile, his brown eyes crinkling.

Grayson lowered the piece of the pizza down into your open mouth, and you quickly swallowed a piece of it, clutching at your stomach in protest.

“Sooo cute,” Ethan mocked before promptly passing out.

“He’s right, you are cute,” you giggled up at Grayson.

“Not as cute as you,” Grayson mumbled affectionately, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear and drawing a pattern across you skin with his thumb.

Well, that was new.

You blinked up at Grayson, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“Gray?” you said.


“I’m so beyond happy to have seen you today. I’m so beyond happy that you exist. I love you so much,” you breathed, your eyelids drooping.

Grayson closed his eyes, his teeth grinding together lightly, his hand coming down to rest on your cheek.

“Y/N?” he struggled.

“Yeah?” you managed.

“I love you.”

He said it weakly, barely forcing the words out his lips, and you held onto those three sweet words as you sunk down into your slumber, not realizing the intention behind them.

The next morning

You knew you were too late as soon as you awoke.

The boys were leaving first thing in the morning, and you had slept right through their departure. The only trace of them ever having come was a note.

“You drool when you sleep. Also I’ll miss you, I guess”

- Ethan

Grayson hadn’t written anything, that kind of hurt.

You grabbed your phone, quickly dialing Grayson, who didn’t pick up, so you tried Ethan instead.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” he said.

You laughed sadly, annoyed at yourself for wanting to cry.

“Hi Ethan, where are you?” you laughed softly.

“In a cab,” he said, “We didn’t want to wake you up,”

“I miss you already,” you smiled sadly, wiping away a small teardrop.

“We miss you too.”

“I don’t think Grayson does,” you mumbled bitterly.

Ethan coughed uncomfortably, taking a second to respond. “I think he misses you a lot, actually.”

You heard Grayson snap something, to which Ethan hissed, “Well maybe if you weren’t such a cowar-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Only if you cut the bullshit and tell her-”

“I don’t have to do sh-”

The line went dead.

Your mouth hung open and you dropped the phone down carelessly, sinking down onto the floor and starting to cry. Crystal droplets trickled down your cheeks as you sobbed into your knees without caring even a little bit. You couldn’t comprehend why Grayson had just turned against you with no cause.

You don’t know how long you stayed like that, but you ended up sinking into a restless silence, which was abrupted who knows when, by a quick knock at the door. You brought yourself up, confused as you dawdled over to the door. You pulled it open, your eyed red and cheeks stained.

“Y/N,” Grayson started.

You stared at him, unable to piece together a response, so you started to close the door on him.

“Please, Y/N,” he begged his large hand forcing the door open.

“I don’t feel like hearing your shitty excuse as to why you pretended to be my friend.”

Grayson swallowed, your words sinking in, and he looked beyond hurt.

He pushed the door open, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you straight into his warm chest. You wanted to protest, but god, it felt good in his arms.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye?” you wept into the soft fabric of his tee.

“Because saying goodbye hurts,” he whispered, his eyes moist as  he nuzzled into your hair. “It hurts so much,” his voice broke, “and it was easier to let go this way.”

“Tell me why,” you begged, ungluing yourself from his body and blinking up at him through your bleary vision.

Grayson shook his head and laughed pathetically, swiping up your tears with his thumb, “Don’t you get it? I already told you why.”

You shook your head in confusion.

“I love you, Y/N, I told myself it was nothing, that I didn’t come here just for you, but who am I kidding? I love you so damn much and I was stupid to think for even a second that by seeing you, these feelings would go away. Being with you yesterday just made me it worse, looking into your eyes and knowing that you don’t feel how I feel. You think I won’t miss you?! No..I’m going to miss you so much that I couldn’t even say goodbye. And it’s been destroying me piece by piece, because every fibre of my being just wants to hold you like this forever, and I love you so much, and it hurts, Y/N.” 

Your heart froze in your chest, and you momentarily forgot how to breathe.

“I just, needed you to know, I’m sorry,” Grayson sighed, letting you go.

“Gray-” you stuttered.

“I have a plane to catch,” he turned.

“Grayson,” you commanded, but he ignored you.

“GRAYSON,” you snapped, grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing his back into the wall.

He blinked down at you in shock.

“You think you’re the only one who gets to talk, you jackass?” you hissed.

“Well what do you have to say to me!?” Grayson said, his jew clenched in frustration, his eyes dark.


You grabbed Grayson by his jaw and forced his lips down into yours. They were soft and full, sweet like cotton candy, and right now, they were all yours. His scent consumed you, the feeling of his lips molding against yours flaring a fiery spark in your chest. Grayson’s chest heaved heavily against yours in the heat, his hands dropping to your hips and his lips responding quickly. His nails dug into your tender skin, flipping you around and pressing your back hard into the wall as he towered over you, arching his body into your chest, his lips devouring yours. You moaned softly into his lips, sending little vibrations into Grayson’s, your hands grabbing the back of his hair and tugging him into you as you urged for more. He squeezed at your hips, his tongue entering your mouth, and you followed his lead, letting yourself explore him. Your head spun, knees weak from the taste of him that you knew you would never get enough of, and it consumed you like a drug.

Grayson detached his lips from yours, his eyes closed, his heavy breath tickling your skin.

“Y/N…” he mumbled faintly, his hands moving gently to hold your wrists, which fit easily in his grip.

“I always loved you, Grayson Dolan.”

Gray opened his eyes, scanning you over carefully.

“Maybe it took me this many I love you’s to finally get it right, and maybe ‘I love you,’ means something different to me now than before, but Grayson, I-”

Grayson silenced you with his lips, pressing them to yours for a fleeting second.

“This is all I ever wanted,” he breathed, placing his nose to yours.

“You’re all I ever wanted,” you smiled softly.

Suddenly, Grayson released you, his expression saddening.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“In a way, this is worse.”

“Hm?” you questioned.

“In a way, saying goodbye… is even worse now,” he sighed.

You stared blankly at him, the silence ringing in your ears, your answer falling easily off your lips.

“Then don’t say goodbye.”

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: The girls are supposed to be Marine Biologists. I know nothing about that profession. I am doing a bit of research for it, but if any false information is given, I sincerely apologize. Also, please don’t expect a lot of fluff in this. Honestly, this isn’t really going to be a romantic series. The mermaids/mermen in this fic are predators and will act as such.

“Nat, see anything on the radar?” She sighs in response, disappointed with the results after an hour of scanning. “Not a single thing. We’re not even picking up fish in the area. We should have spotted one of the pods by now.” Y/N starts flipping through the charts from the past few years. “This makes no sense. They’ve been coming here every year. Where the hell are they?” The door to the cabin opens and Wanda steps in after scouting the waves for breach sightings. She grabs one of the papers sitting on the desk and then looks over the map. “Well we’re definitely in the right spot, but I’m not seeing anything out there. You think they relocated?” Y/N shakes her head, “Doubtful, the waters here are rich, perfect for breeding and raising their young. Something must be wrong.“ Nat grumbles something under her breath before turning and heading downstairs. “I’ll radio the guys. Maybe they can find something on the males we tagged last year.”

Y/N drops down to her chair and runs a hand down her face, frustrated that they have not had any progress in the past few hours. “What do you think happened, Wanda?” “The thing that really comes to mind is climate change, but everything has pretty much been the same. Only other possible conclusion is that maybe a bigger predator moved into the area.” “Girl, they’re Orcas. Nothing is above them in the food chain, except asshole humans. Giant squids? Maybe, but the Orcas hunt in packs and squids are solitary creatures so I don’t see how that would keep them away.” Wanda hums for a bit, trying to think of anything else. She smirks when a thought pops in her head. “Megalodon?” Y/N glares, inwardly cursing at her for even bringing up such a thing. Especially when they were currently adrift on a boat that’s probably small enough to be swallowed by one. “What the fuck, Wanda? Are you trying to terrify me?” She goes into a fit of giggles as Nat comes back up to join them. “Clint says that the pod isn’t even close to this location right now. They’re apparently sticking to the deeper waters. He has been watching they’re movements and it seems the pod is moving back and forth at the edge of the shallows. Something is keeping them from getting closer. There’s also news, that one of the males is dead. His tracker hasn’t moved in the past two weeks.”

Nothing is adding up. What could possibly keep Orcas from traveling into their natural breeding grounds? “Do you think whaling could be involved?” Nat scoffs and shakes her head at the question. “They would have to be really idiotic. Whaling on the coastline would make them a very easy target. Anyone could spot them.” Wanda hops up from her spot on the couch with a smile on her face. “Well, I have an idea, but you guys might not like it.“ The girls turn towards her, giving her the sign to continue. “Lets get our gear on and head in. See if we can find anything strange.” “You were right. I don’t like it. That is a horrible idea. We are not about to jump into the sea with who knows what might be out there that the whales are afraid of.”

Nat starts pacing, “She has a point though. We have to find out what the problem is, one way or another, right?” “Or…you know, we can leave it to some other professionals who might have some kind of weapon in case something big is lurking down there.” The conversation comes to a halt when a sound comes through the hydrophone. All three girls freeze and listen closely as the sounds come through a second time. It was a low rumbling, almost as if another boat was passing by. However, when Y/N looked out through the windows, there was no one around them for miles. There was a sudden thud that came through the speakers, alerting them that whatever made the noise was now underneath them.

“Oh god…” Wanda looked frightened as she stared Y/N in the eyes. “I knew I should have warned you guys this morning before we left.” Nat gives her a look, “It better not be something I’ll kill you for.” “I was watching the news last night and they mentioned finding abandoned boats all across the coast these past two weeks. Whatever got our whale probably got those people too.” Y/N throws her arms in the air, “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Nat places a hand on her arm, in an attempt the calm her. “Relax. Chances are the people from those boats probably got drunk and fell overboard.” Another thud came through the speakers, the rumbling noise picking up again, but somehow more drawn out. “Yeah, we are going home.” “We can’t just leave, Y/N. We have to find out what it is. Imagine what it could bring to our research!” Nat sighs in exasperation and stares Wanda down. “Sweety, I love you, but what you’re suggesting…well, that’s how people end up dead.” “Come on! It could make history today. Look, we don’t have to get in the water, just drop the camera in and see what we can find.”

“The water is too murky for the camera to pick anything up, but sure if it gets you to agree to just go home.” Y/N reluctantly picks up the equipment and heads outside, both girls following close behind. The sounds had stopped, but they were all wary of whatever could still be around. The camera is slowly lowered into the water and the girls stare at the screen. Nothing could be seen no matter which way it was turned. The water was just not clear enough. “Well this was a complete waste of time. At least we can g-” Before Y/N could finish speaking, the camera and the rest of equipment was yanked out of her grasp. The girls jumped back and almost stopped breathing. “Okay, yeah…that right there was some horror movie type shit. We are going home, NOW.”

As they turn to head inside, something slams into the boat and causes them to lose their footing. Y/N ends up slaming her back against the rails while Nat and Wanda are sprawled out at her feet. “What the fuck was that?! I almost broke my spine!” “No idea, but it definitely is not friendly.” Y/N scoffs at Nat’s response as if it wasn’t obvious enough from the beginning. “Lets just get the hell out of here.” Two more slams violently rock the vessel, throwing Y/N right over the edge of the rails. The last things she hears right before hitting the water were the screams of her friends as they try reaching for her and the blood curling screech of whatever was waiting for her below the surface.

Tags: @iamwarrenspeace @ok-ladies-lets-get-in-formation @arabellaaurorabarnes @inlovewithmydreams

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Title: Bloodbath

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Angst, fluff, stalker dude.

A/N: I know I’ve been posting a lot of NCIS/NOLA lately, but I am trying to keep it even. Some of these requests are old and I have to be fair. <3 I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

This was requested by flufy07: So I watched Bloodbath and I was wondering if you could write a story where Gibbs finds out that you have a stalker and he gets all protective? Please?

You spent the night sleeping in Abby’s lab.  Not only because of the case, but because you were afraid to go back home to your own apartment.  You were worried that your stalker would be watching or waiting somewhere in the shadows.  Going to Abby was hard enough, but going to your team was impossible, especially because of Gibbs.

Gibbs went to your apartment to bring you some coffee and pick you up, but you weren’t there.  Now he was looking through NCIS headquarters, looking for you.  You hadn’t answered his calls like you usually did.  He wasn’t sure why Abby’s lab was unlocked, especially since she wasn’t in yet.  That’s when he spotted you sleeping under her desk.

The Marine knelt down beside you, giving your shoulder a quick shake.  “[Y/N] wake up,” Gibbs whispered.  

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Just A Little

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 675

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Thank you so much for the submission. Here’s what came to mind. Hope you like it.  P.S.This is placed before Sam met Jess.

Ever since high school photography had been a passion of yours and when your college professor assigned a portrait session, the first person who popped into your head was your best friend, who you secretly harbored feelings for.  You knew that Sam would make a wonderful subject. His face was always so full of expression.  The hardest part would be getting him to look up from his textbooks long enough to take the pictures you needed to have. You decided to ask him during your study session that night.

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Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Title: Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 2,575

Warnings: angst, abuse from significant other (not Tony), and some cursing I think.

A/N: I have had this series for SO LONG. I was trying to save it for December, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I hope you all love this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You made your way to your desk and threw your jacket over the back of your chair.  You had a rough night last night with your boyfriend, Alex.  You had been together for almost two years.  At first he was loving, kind, and caring, but as the months went on he became more aggressive and more hurtful.  Instead of kissing you and taking you on dates, he would insult you and belittle anything you did.  These past few weeks he’d been more physical and you weren’t sure what to do about it.  You knew if your team found out, things would only become more of a hassle for you.  You didn’t want to answer questions and have them pester you on the matter.  You were going to think of a way out, even if it was on your own.  You didn’t want your team to think that you couldn’t handle it.  You fought off bad guys all the time, so this should be no different, right?

Your team was on a case where a Petty Officer was found dead on his ex-wife’s kitchen floor.  The husband and wife had been married for 10 years and he just got back from his last tour.  He was a respectable man and he seemed to be loved, except for the fact that one person didn’t love him enough to not kill him; his wife.  You were the one with the lead, but ultimately Abby pulled through and proved your hunch.  However, you still had to get her confession, so you weren’t done just yet.

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One-shot #2

Fandom: MARVEL
Pairing: Tony Stark/Reader
Summary: Tony has made everyone on the team stay away from him because he is getting angry at something he has been working on in his lab, and Natasha sends you down -per everyone’s request- to try to calm him down.
Warning(s): Language.
Word Count: 2,383
There was a light knock on my bedroom door, and Natasha walked in slowly. She stood for a moment silently, and I waited for her to finally speak “Sorry to bother you. But you’re best friend is being a total ass. You think you can talk to him?” my eyebrows came together as I stood from my desk, walking over to her with a sigh.

“What did Tony say to you all now?” I asked, walking past her and out of my room, into the hallway with her.

“I don’t know what he’s been saying privately, but he has been screaming and cursing at everyone that talks to him all night while you’ve been in here. I swear, I’m just hoping he stays off of the phone with Pepper, because that wouldn’t end well.” She spoke, and a small smirk met her lips as I nodded, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to him I guess.” We were standing in front of my room, and she almost laughed as I turned to walk down the hall.

“You might want to put on some more clothes before walking out there. Everyone is in the kitchen right now.” She spoke, walking past me to where the kitchen was at the end of the hall, and I looked down at my tight shorts and sports bra, as I had just gotten back from working out a bit before sitting at my desk to unwrap my hands just before she came in.  I sighed at the thought that I wouldn’t have to go bother Tony if I  would’ve been working out in the gym still.

“You are probably very right. Clint might drool.” I joked and I heard her start to laugh as she pushed open the door at the end of the hall. I laughed, shaking my head I turned back into my room and threw on the first shirt I saw, but not bothering with the shorts.

I walked out into the kitchen and heard Steve instantly groan. “What? Are you going to suck up to him to get him to stop being an idiot?” He spoke and I brought my eyebrows together, until he pointed to my shirt and I looked down to see that it was the loose red ‘Stark Industries’ tank top that Tony had gotten me a few months ago.

“Don’t be rude to me because he was being an ass Rogers. I’m doing this for you weak kids. Anyways, I’m not sucking up. He got this for me as a joke a while back , and it was the first thing I grabbed to put on for going down there. If you want, ask Natasha what I almost walked out here in. This is an upgrade.” He turned to Natasha and she explained as I walked to the elevator, and I heard Clint and Steve both  mumble in understanding. I turned back around to them, pointing to Cap with a smile. “See Rogers?”

“Sorry Y/N, I’m just tired of Tony’s anger issues.” He chuckled, and I winked with a laugh as I stepped into the elevator.

“You’re good Rogers, I get it."I replied, and just before the doors shut completely, a silver blur flashed through the door, and Pietro was suddenly beside me. "What is it Maximoff?” I rolled my eyes, leaning against the elevator wall, pressing the button to go up one floor to Tony and Bruce’s lab.

“You might say it was an upgrade,” he spoke with his thick accent, looking at my clothing. “But I wouldn’t have complained.” I rolled my eyes as the elevator bell rang and the doors opened.

“Shut up Pietro.” I went to hit him, but he was suddenly down the hall. As I stepped out of the elevator and the door began to close, he was almost instantly behind me again, waving with a wink as the doors closed.

I walked down the hallway, opening the door to Tony’s lab and walking in. He was leaned over a table with his headphones in, mumbling as he worked on something. Out of all the time I had known him, it was times like this that he always seemed to be most comfortable. I had known Tony for about a year and a half before he had joined the Avengers, and they soon asked me to join as well after getting word of my military training. I walked over to the fridge, pulling out two beers before going to where Tony was working and pulling over a stool.

“Hello Y/N.” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice sounded through the lab. “If you would like to speak to Mr. Stark, he is currently listening to Black Sabbath in his headphones and most likely will not hear you. He has also requested not to be bothered, would you like to leave a message?” I rolled my eyes at the sound of the programs voice and frowned, I had a strange hatred for F.R.I.D.A.Y that even I myself couldn’t quite understand.

“Can you tell him to shut you down and use a different program?” I spoke simply.

“I do not understand why you would want that.” She replied and I rolled my eyes.

“See? That is where J.A.R.V.I.S would have used sarcasm to say something like 'I would tell you that that hurt me on an emotional level, but due to the fact that I don’t have one, your insults are hollow.’ and I would have laughed, because that program had a damn good sense of humor. But you, on the other hand, didn’t say that. Do you even know what sarcasm is?”

I waited for an answer , which she quickly came back with. “The Oxford dictionary lists sarcasm as a noun meaning, the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Example-”

“Oh my god.” I cut her off, then stood, walking towards Tony.

“Y/N. Mr. Stark has requested not to be bothered. I can deliver a message to his headphones.” I rolled my eyes again, annoyed with F.R.I.D.A.Y by this point.

“No, I can deliver my own message, thanks.” I gave a mocking grin to the air as I moved.

I walked over to him, ignoring her as she repeated what she had just said to me. I pulled out his earbuds, only for him to turn quickly in his chair, a frown on his face. “What do you want?”

My eyes widened and I took a step back from him. “I came to talk.” I replied, holding one of the beers out to him, which he took and instantly took the cap off, taking a swig of it as I did the same.

“They send you down here?” He asked and I sighed.

“I heard you were being an ass, so I came to talk.” He shook his head, turning back to what he had been working on.

He set his beer down before leaning closer to the thing, and I jumped when his hand crashed down on the table. “The damn thing just isn’t working!” He screamed and I sat down on my stool.

“Y/N, I told you Mr. Stark was busy.” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice came back and I had to keep myself from losing my temper.

“Would you please shut her up?” I spoke slowly, and he sighed.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, leave us alone until we are done here. It shouldn’t take long.” He picked up his beer and took another drink as he sat down, turning towards me. “So, what do you have to say?”

I sipped from my beer, then set it on the table beside my stool, trying to look for the right words. “For one, I liked J.A.R.V.I.S better, he was fun.”

Tony nodded, “But now he is all human form on us, so.” He spoke and I shrugged with a small nod.

“And two, whatever you are working on, I know it’s for this upcoming mission in a few weeks, but if you need to take a break it’s fine, the team would understand. You can slow down if you need to.” I spoke simply, a soft smile coming to my face as I looked at him.

What happened next I didn’t see coming. “You can’t just tell me that it’s fine to take a break from what I am working on! You don’t understand because you aren’t a necessity to this team! Sure, you help, but this is the main thing we need for this next mission! So do not tell me that it is okay for me to slow down!” He screamed, standing and getting closer and closer to me as he went on, before he finally turned around and took a breath.

You aren’t a necessity to this team. His voice repeated in my head, and I watched as his body seemed to tense, and he turned back towards me, a softer expression on his face now. “Y/N. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“No! You do not have any fucking right to treat me like I am beneath you in any way. So don’t you dare try to give me that shit about you 'can’t take time off of your little project!’” I was standing, screaming, and stepping closer to him with each word as he had just done to me. “You do not speak to me like I am a child. If anything, this team doesn’t need the rich guy that sits in a suit while the rest of us are actually fighting. You are here because mentally, we need you, but physically, we could get any damn John Doe off the street to learn how it works and sit in that suit to do your job.” Venom laced my every word, and I could see a slight twinge of fear in Tony’s eyes. “You will speak to me like a normal, rational human being, because I am your equal! You will not speak to me like that because you are pissed that something you are working on isn’t fucking doing what you want! I am not your work, so you will not treat me in the way your work has you feeling!"Tears of frustration had built in my eyes as I finally stopped screaming, taking a few deep breaths as I walked back to my stool and sat down.

"Y/N.” He whispered, walking over to me. “Shit. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m just pissed it’s not working, and Pepper is mad at me, and the entire team is done with my sorry ass.” He ran his fingers through his hair as he stood in front of me. “I’m sorry. I am.” I shook my head, looking up at him slowly.

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again.” I replied, and he nodded. “But I’m sorry for what I said as well. It’s not true.” I finished and he smiled, shaking his head.

“Yes it was, every part of that was true. The only thing is that I already knew all of it.” He spoke and I shook my head again.

“No it’s not. We need you here.” I spoke, and he went over, pulling his stool closer to mine as he replied.

“I really didn’t mean that. When I said you weren’t a necessity to the team. You are. We all need you.” I smiled and a small laugh escaped my lips. “All I’m needed for is to keep Pietro from flirting with Natasha.” He laughed as well, nodding.

“Yeah, being fast wouldn’t help him from what she would do if he did to her what he does to you every day.” He spoke, making grabbing motions in the air, and I reached forward, punching his shoulder.

“Shut the hell up Stark.” A smile was on my face now, as it usually did when we would argue. We always ended up joking around afterwards and apologizing, but we never seemed to question what the other really meant. We knew that anger meant honesty, but we never lingered on what had been said. We heard it, took it in, understood it, and then got over it.

He raised his eyebrows then, a smirk coming across his lips. “I like it when you call me that.” He spoke slowly and I rolled my eyes. “Come on, say it again baby doll. Nice and slow.” I threw my head back in laughter, putting my hand on his arm. I looked at him again seriously, standing up and standing between his legs, which were spread out per usual when he sat in his work stools.

I brought my lips to his ear, whispering lowly, “Anything you say Mr. Stark.” I pulled away slowly and his eyes were closed as he nodded.

“Mhm, yeah, I’m feeling it. That’s a lot better than F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice.” he spoke before we both fell into laughter again.

“Seriously though, you’re an ass Tony.” I spoke and he nodded.

“I know, I took it out on the team. I shouldn’t have.” I leaned forward, pushing on his arm as we stood, about to go to the elevator.

“I don’t give a flying falafel what you said to the team. You were an ass to me back there. ” I hooked my thumb over my shoulder as we walked out of the lab and headed down the hall.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He raised his hands defensively as the doors opened on the elevator and we stepped in together.

After a moment, he spoke again. “I like the shirt you’ve got going on.” He pinched my shirt, pulling at away from me. “I respect the branding.”

I rolled my eyes, “Only because it’s your name across my chest.” I pushed his chest and he smiled.

“That brings new meaning to me being all over you.” He winked and I scoffed. A moment of silence passed before he suddenly looked really confused and spoke again. “What the hell is a falafel?” He questioned, and I responded quickly,

“It’s an Arabic word. A deep fried ball made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or possibly both.” I shrugged, and he rolled his eyes.

“It was a rhetorical question idiot.”

“I’m just trying to be F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s level of helpful.” I smirked, and he laughed, nudging my shoulder lightly as I chuckled to myself.


Please feel free to send me any feedback, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much, X.


A/N: It’s CB Friday! This chapter has quite the roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t really have much of pervy Ben, sorry! This is leading to something pretty big to come in two chapters! Thanks for always reading and enjoy! Your feedback is welcomed :) [Y/N/N means your nickname]

Warning: Angst?

Word Count: 4.6K

“And you didn’t call the police?!” Leia exclaimed, hands on either of your upper arms as she rubbed them. “Ben, you should’ve done something about it, the person for all we know is out there waiting for their next victim!”

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What A Wonderful Night

gif is not mine

Title: What A Wonderful Night

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 1,755

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is an OLD fic I wrote a LONG time ago. So I apologize for that, but I know I don’t have too many Tony fics, so enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You sighed at your watch, it was 8 p.m. on a Friday night.  You were supposed to be picked up by your best friend, but she didn’t show up.  You paced the sidewalk outside of your work building, NCIS.  You’d been working there for almost two years.  Your favorite person in the office to talk to was Tony DiNozzo.  Little did he know how much you adored him, how much you loved his movie references and the winks he would throw your way.

“[Y/N],” Tony spoke as he walked towards you.  You knew he did his best work at night.  You figured he was probably leaving to get food and then coming back to work.  “What are you still doing out here?  I thought you were going somewhere with your lady friend,” he mused wriggling his eyebrows.

“I thought so too,” you frowned.  Your phone made a noise letting you know you had received a text message.  It was your best friend, she was letting you know that she was going to her boyfriend’s house instead and apologized.  You huffed and threw your phone into the pocket of your coat.  “Well, now I know for sure that my night is ruined,” you said throwing your arms in the air.

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A/N I am so, so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Hopefully, this will make up for it. I tried out a new writing style, not sure how I feel about it just yet, but feel free to let me know how you do! I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Reader is Bobby’s daughter, and gets captured by a group of demons and is tortured for information on the brothers, which doesn’t sit well with them. Especially Dean.

Warnings: Torture-ish, I didn’t get extremely vivid but it’s there 

Dean Winchester

If there was one thing you should never, ever do, it’d be to mess with the Winchesters or anyone they love.

Because one way or another, they’d come for you. But, if there was one person more protective than Sam or Dean, it’d be Bobby Singer’s daughter. She’d taken over the ‘mother’ role, in a sense, over the boys as they’d all grown up. Any time they boys were at their home, she’d made sure they were okay and fed, along with Bobby. She was their shoulder to cry on, one of the only people they felt comfortable crying too.

And along the way, she’d grown feelings for Dean.

So, when they’d taken her captive after she’d gone to the store for a supply run and demanded to know where they were, she endured the torture. She’d been there for god knows how long. Chained up, bloodied and beaten, dehydrated, half naked in only her bra and underwear, and starving, but she wouldn’t give the brothers up.

She knew they’d come for her. And if they weren’t in time she’d know she died protecting them, and she was okay with that.

“You know, if you just tell me where they are I can let you go.” The demon in charge of the whole ordeal spoke, arms crossed as he set his knife down. With the little energy she had left, she chuckled,“No, you won’t. You’d kill me right after I told you. O-or use me as leverage to get them.”

“Is that so?” He smirked. With a small nod,“So, you may as well just kill me now, because I’m not going to tell you where they are.” He walked closer to her, their faces only inches apart,“Yes, you will. Eventually.” Y/N glared, spitting on him, which she really shouldn’t have as he immediately back up and punched her in the face. She let out a groan as her head snapped to the side, blood pouring out of her mouth.

It was just another bruise to add to the others. She had cuts, burns, and bruises all over her body. He got to work once again, torturing her in ways she’d never seen or heard of. Her screams filled the abandoned warehouse as he sliced her skin with a sharp blade.

And all of a sudden, the door to the warehouse slammed open, and in came her saviors.

“Get away from her, you son of a bitch!”

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ALTL Part 43

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 43

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,089

Warnings: Death of a character, angst, and slight fluff

A/N: Since all the rest of the parts of ALTL are written and done, I’ll be posting it three times a week now. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!!

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

As you were driving along the road at dusk, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on back at the bunker.  You could feel Lucifer’s eyes on you.  Was he worried about you?  Was he thinking of ways to bring up what happened?  You weren’t sure.  All you could do was focus on the road ahead of you.

“[Y/N], there’s something you should know,” Lucifer finally spoke.

You checked your rear view mirror, making sure that Dean and Sam were still behind you.  Your eyes glimpsed over at Lucifer before returning back to the road.  “I was wondering when we were gonna have this talk,” you muttered.  

“I’m sure we can all say, except for Sam and Dean that is, that what Bradley did was unexpected,” Lucifer stated flatly.  “You know I’m not one to get all mushy, so there’s no delicate way for me to say it.  You’re mom got shot a few times before I could take away his weapon.”

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  • Oops, another one!

“What?!” You gasp, holding the letter in front of you, darting your wide eyes as you read a letter of employment from Alfred Pennyworth, “Hourly wage of 59 dollars!” Your lips turn into a large grin, hugging the tan hued letter in your arms, dancing around your one bedroom apartment. Due to complications after college, you found yourself scrambling for on-the-side jobs until finding an actual career that brought bread to the table. Realizing the time, you quickly put on a long coat and scarf before heading out the door, locking it in a hurry. You had a meeting with a guardian angel.

“I do hope the policies are not too much to ask of you, Ms.(Y/L/N).” Alfred smiled. You shook your head, “No, this is all right. Thank you so much, Mr. Pennyworth. This is really life changing!” You constantly bowed in such gratitude and followed him inside a large black car with tinted windows. As you were driven through the gateway to a large mansion, your eyes constantly wandered around in awe. Do all billionaires live like this? You ask yourself, smiling slightly. This was such a great opportunity to turn your life around and maybe move out of that hellhole apartment.

Entering the manor, you gasp at all of the expensive decor and furniture that appeared with every step you took. “Master Wayne is currently out on some errands, so I’ll quickly acquaint you with the whole manor. If you’d follow me, madam!” Alfred motioned you to follow, giving you an exquisite tour of the whole mansion. Returning back to the main hall, as there were so many, Alfred made sure to emphasize one rule, “Also, please refrain from exploring into areas I haven’t shown you. It is of utmost importance that you do not run into things private to Master Wayne.” You nodded, but wondered what things would Alfred be talking about. “Now, I shall see you tomorrow at nine in the morning!” Alfred led you outside and called for a cab, paying in advance for you. “Thank you, Alfred!” You wave before entering the taxi gleefully.

“Good morning, (y/n)!” Alfred greeted you as he opened the main doors. He explained a few things he had to attend to, leaving you to clean the bathrooms and prepare a meal for Bruce, as he knew your culinary talents provided by your resume. You immediately tied your hair up, slipped on your handmade apron, and began wiping down the sinks and bathtubs of all five bathrooms. After finishing the last of the five, you dap your apron across your damp forehead and proceed to the kitchen. After washing your hands and face, you decide to make chicken alfredo. Grabbing the pasta, the chicken, and the ingredients for alfredo, you begin to work your culinary arts magic. Once stirring the whole mix together, you inhale the heavenly smells and grin in excitement for the food, “This shit is the bomb.” You squeal to yourself, lowering the heat.

“Hopefully I won’t be eating feces tonight.” You hear a voice from behind you, causing a sudden scream come out. The man had black hair and a sideways grin, chuckling softly. “No, I, that was, it’s not shi- feces.” Your cheeks begin flushing as you lower your spoon to your side. “It’s all right. Smells great by the way.” He approached you, eventually bending down and grabbing a whiff of the pasta.  “I look forward to eating this.” He smiled and left the kitchen. You had your mouth slightly open, staring off into space until things suddenly clicked in your mind, “Bruce! That’s him..” You whisper to yourself, narrowing your eyes. Isn’t he some chick magnet playboy?!

Alfred returned from his errands, immediately serving the alfredo along with the additional side appetizers you prepared after the little encounter with Bruce. You slowly creeped out of the kitchen, watching Bruce begin eating the pasta. After the first day, there hasn’t been a day gone by without a flirty remark from Bruce as you cooked or wiped down a sink or two. Eventually, your unamused responses caused Bruce to quit his playboy antics, thus his appearance around the manor diminished as well.

On your way to purchase some groceries for the manor, since you basically live there, you stop by a certain clothing shop. You told yourself it was just a quick in-and-out glance. “Hello, welcome to xxx. What are you interested in looking for tonight?” A lady with black hair and a sharp bobbed haircut said with a smile. “I’m just looking around, thank you.” You smiled and proceeded to check out the accessories, but quickly made your way out. “Two thousand dollars?!” You mouth, walking down the dark street. The price of a jacket you had glanced at made sure you were to never return again. Holding the plastic bags in your hands, you quietly walked but made sure to stay under the street lights. Darkness creeped you out. As you walk past a pitch black alleyway, you are surprisingly grabbed by your right arm. Too confused to respond, you remain quiet until looking upon a man above you, pointing what appeared to be a gun at your side, “Give me all you have princess, or you won’t open your eyes ever again!” You remained quiet from shock, clutching onto the bags of groceries you paid for with your own money, “I-” you begin, “please don’t. I spent all I had on groceries, just put down that gun and I can help you out..” Your eyes were squeezed tight, knowing it was all over. Guys like these don’t take no for an answer or any other answer that yes.

“Oh shit!” You heard him say, then a loud bang from the gun. You collapsed onto the pavement, still holding onto the bags. You saw a large dark figure, then you blacked out. Awakening once more, you found yourself in someone’s arms. He was in all black and he was silent as ever.

“Wh-who are, what?” Your speech began slurring the moment you started to speak. You squirmed around in his arms until a sharp pain struck throughout your body, causing you to yelp in the process.

You awaken once more in a hospital room, with the company of the heart monitor machine. You blink several times before glancing around the white and beige room, gazing upon a man sleeping across from your bed. You recognized his broad shoulders but your mind was still fuzzy. Struggling to get up, the man quickly rose from his chair and tried to help you up.

“Bruce?” You looked up at him. He ignored you for a moment, grabbing ahold of you to adjust your position to sit upright. He hadn’t looked at you until you began sniffling. Warm tears fell down your face as you finally recollected the memories of last night. Bruce grabbed the kleenex box and placed it on your lap, sitting on the chair besides the bed. “Did Alfred get the groceries?” You asked with your lower lip protruding outward. Bruce frowned at you, wiping your tears, “Yes, (y/n), he did. Don’t even worry about that. What do you remember? I don’t want to put a lot of pressur-” You began to describe the events that took place. “I exited from a store and walked down the sidewalk and passed a dark alleyway. This guy asked for all I had and then I think he shot me. But there was someone there who helped me, but I couldn’t see his face becau- because he was in all black.” Bruce sighed and shut his eyes, looking somewhat relieved, and placed his hand across your thigh. “It’s all right now, (y/n). Doctors stitched you up, and the IV is almost finished. You can take a vacation, go see your family or something. You deserve it.” Bruce began to get ready to leave, but before doing so, he glanced at you once more before disappearing.

A couple days after your recovery, you decided to visit Alfred and hopefully Bruce as well. Knocking on the doors, you waited for at least ten minutes before quitting, returning to your car. With the day still ahead, you decide to visit the mall to get some shoes or something; you wanted to get your mind off of that one night. Walking around the mall, you find the bathroom. Before entering a stall, you hear a quiet conversation. You decided it was best to find another bathroom, hearing their conversation contained bombing the mall and killing people. But before leaving quietly, the door squeaked. You began to bolt out of the bathrooms but had been grabbed by your hair, pulling you closer to who appeared to be a lunatic. He wore a prison suit along with rifles and grenades strapped around his body. You glanced behind him and a few more clones of him stood by with manic grins.

Having been knocked out by a punch or two, you woke up on the mall floor. People were whimpering and crying as they two were on the floor. Several shouts were heard from far away and they got closer. “The next person crying is a dead man!” The men were all masked in different animals: pigs, cows, and wolves.

Your arms were restrained and a rising pain began to occur from your bullet wound. Damn, it must’ve opened up, you think. Trying to wriggle out of the rope that tied your wrists, you were violently grabbed by one of them and told to stand up with the shotgun barrel at your side.

“Get the camera ready!” He shouted. One of the wolves grabbed a phone and began recording you two. “Hello Gotham. Pig here. I wanna let you guys know that we’re gonna kill these people unless a certain nightcrawler comes outta the darkness! But don’t do anythin’ hasty Batsy. We know your weakness.” The man grabs your hair and takes out a knife, slowly pushing it into your skin causing a sudden sharp pain to spark on your throat. “Mistakes can be devestatin’.”

You were then pushed against the wall by the same pig masked criminal. He was silent, but you felt his smile widen every breath you took. “Now, let’s see how that open wound of yours is treatin’ ya.” He lifted up your shirt, exposing your side and a bit of your bra. You glanced down to see blood sliding down from the wound and winced at the pain. For a moment, he stood still, and then he started to lift off your whole shirt, laughing in the process. You panic and knee him in the groin, watching him yelp and hug himself. “Why you bitch!” He laid a heavy punch across your cheek, throwing you against the floor. Before he could do any more damage, the ceiling window crashed and down came the infamous Gotham hero: Batman. All of the hostages gasped but still remained on the floor, watching the bat approach you and the pig. Before he could walk any closer, the pig grabbed you from the floor and pointed a knife towards your stomach, threatening to kill you. “I’ll do it! Don’t you fuckin’ test me, asshole!” The traumatic memories invaded your conscious mind. You convinced yourself this wouldn’t end well.

“Why’re you just standin’ there!” the pig asked, sounding more nervous. You saw Batman grin before he threw his own knife, hitting pig’s hand and dropping the knife with a clang. With his last hope, he still held onto you until shoving you aside, receiving the first punch from the bat’s fist. The other masked men approached the three of you, aiming their weapons. As they all charged towards you both, Batman swiftly turned around to throw even more punches, eventually beating all six of them. He approached the rest of the captive citizens and removed all of their ropes, setting them free. Watching the others run towards the exit, Batman stomped towards you.

“Oh, I don’t have rope–” He released his long black cape and covered you with it, lifting you up from the blood-smeared floor. “We meet again, (y/n).” He said. His voice was robotic but he still heard the way he pronounces words. It was somewhat similar to Bruce’s talking. “Oh, right! I remem–” You yelled at the pain coursing through you, the cut on your throat to your opened gunshot wound.

Lifting you up in his arms, Batman carried you towards the mall’s exit, handing you to several paramedics who placed you onto a gurney. Before you were pushed towards the ambulance, you glanced to your savior of two times and smiled. “Thank you Batman.”

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“What are you wearing, Y/N?!” 

Dean’s doing everything in his power not to flip his shit right now and it’s pretty comical. 

At least it is for you.

“A bathing suit. What does it look like, genius?” You glare gesturing to your tight black dress and red high heels.

“You might as well be.” He scoffs dramatically in his typical Dean fashion.

Here we fucking go again. If it was up to your boyfriend, you’d be walking around in a god damn parka.

“I need to interview the shady fuck from the crime scene earlier. He was checking me out so obviously it’s the best move to get information.”

“Wear my coat.” Dean demands starting to remove it.

“No I’m good.” You roll your eyes at the pathetic hunter in front of you.


“I’m not gonna blow him in his office, Dean. I just need to speak to him.”

Dean’s eyes go wide in shock, he looks two seconds away from throwing you in Baby and locking you in the bunker forever. 

“Watch yourself, little girl.” He growls leaning into you as much as he can while still looking professional. 

“Watch this!“ You sass slapping your ass before spinning around and sauntering off. 

“Damn it…people walking away from me!” Dean huffs stalking after you.