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Heathens (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Violence, Vulgarity

Words: 1.7k

Part 1

The second time you see the Winter Soldier, Natasha had called in a favor and you had somehow ended up at some airport with a buncha loser heroes that you didn’t really care enough about to remember their names. But Natasha said she needed your assistance, and you had agreed to show up after she promised the likelihood of a fight was slim. You should have known better. The teams of supers stood facing one another, but once again your eyes were drawn to the Winter Soldier. Despite the situation, you found yourself just short of beaming at him.

You hadn’t been searching for the man, but you had been keeping your eyes peeled for any news on him after the Triskelion incident. Naturally, he had been way off the radar until the Accords came about – which was something you decidedly had no opinion on since you didn’t go charging in to save the day anyway – and somehow within all the drama the Winter Soldier had become an issue again; you weren’t sure how, since the politics of super heroes and whatnot were not something you really cared about, but you had a vague idea of things. Enough to know everyone in the world was hunting the poor guy and you had ended up on the side calling for his head – you weren’t sure how.

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40 / 365 days of my sunshine


that’s adorable. you’re adorable. i mean, it’s kinda sad and unsexy, but you’re adorable.


David Tennant & Christian Brassington at the Wimbledon 2017 Men’s Final


Once upon a time in ROH…