gifs are fun to make ok

here’s a gif i made after talking to @rynnaminttea for a bit and seeing the gif that she was making of Killu, i don’t want to spoil since her’s is ssooooo cute but i got inspired! I feel like it’s moving a bit slow but idk (thank you Ryn for adding on my signature!)

Happy Birthday, Iwa-saaan! ✺◟(∗❛ัω❛ั∗)◞✺

~Baby Belevdeer learning how to fly!!!~

I wanna thank @m-gm for unintentionally inspiring me to animate again!! I hope this is a fun, cute way to end off the year!!! ~Happy New Year everyone!!~

☆*:.。 \(⌒ω⌒)/ ☆*:.。


Attention, squad…


leyton appreciation week 2017 ♥ day one: highschool leyton or adult leyton
Lucas Scott, we’ve been through so much together. And despite how confused I’ve been or how lost I might have gotten, there was always you, finding me and saving me. […] I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will be.


Joseph “Joe” Toye: Hey guys, I’m glad I’m going to Europe. Hitler gets one of these right across the windpipe, Roosevelt changes Thanksgiving to Joe Toye Day, and pays me ten grand a year for the rest of my fucking life. / +


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two) (three) (four)