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hoseok + jungkook (+ smiling, laughing & holding eachother)  for @jcnghope

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Gymnasts I didn’t realize had eponymous moves: 1/???

The Zonderland: 5/4 Diamidov + Healy to support (F)

To see him actually compete it this way is apparently rare; he usually ends the Healy in an upper arm hang (D value) instead of a support or he messes up the 5/4 Diamidov (AKA Pegan, though that’s been removed from the COP) (OR DOES HE DO IT ON PURPOSE?? The world will never know).

cmon guys we need more shitposts memes and broke college student jokes with these fuckers they’re from our generation after all

do you really think they wouldnt

[also im crying dahl stop]