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Magic anon! The boys turn into Gifre and Elias for seven asks! :D

Saeyoung: //gasps Saeran, our first magic ask! Wow!

Saeran:  ẀHA̸T ͞TH̸E͡ FÙC̡K҉.̢ ̕I ͡C͏A̧Ń'̴T SPE̷A̶K͏!̴

Saeyoung: It’s…coming directly out of your throat. That’s so cool!

Saeran:  It’s no̢t͡ cǫo҉l̀,́ ͜y͜o͜u m̀o̷rǫn̨! T̸h̨is̶ is̨ te͠rrifyi͜ng!̛

Saeyoung: OMG!! My arm is mechanical! That is sweet!

Saeran:  W͠H̵O͝E͘VE̕R̡ DID ́T̷HIS,̛ I͢'M҉ GO͞NN͝A ҉FU̶C̢K̕I̶NG ͘K̕I̛L͜L̸ ̧Y̷OU̷!!

Saeyoung: Ha ha ha! This is gonna be so much fun~!

((WHO ARE YOU I LOVE YOU?? OMG;; Anyway for those of you who don’t know Elias and Gifre are my OCs ;w; All of their information is here, otherwise you can just scroll through my Among the Stars tag on my art blog!))



There was a severe lack of gay robots on my blog, I needed to fix that immediately

Forþon nu min hyge hweorfeð ofer hreþerlocan,
min modsefa mid mereflode, 
ofer hwæles eþel hweorfeð wide,
eorþan sceatas – cymeð eft to me
gifre ond grædig; gielleð anfloga,
hweteð on hwælweg hreþer unwearnum 
ofer holma gelagu.
So now my mind moves above its heartfold,
my spirit with the seaflood,
wide over whale’s realm it moves,
to earth’s corners – returns to me anew
gluttonous and greedy; the loneflier cries,
irresistibly whets the heart to the whaleway
over the swells of the sea.
—  The Seafarer, 58a-64a
Exo reaction When an EXO say their little sister is really pretty and he wants to date her

Hey there, sure we can, hope you’ll like your request ;) it was pretty interesting haha !

Xiumin *he will not interrupt the other member but will staring. In his head it will probably be like that :* I know how pretty she is, that’s why I hid her from you. I trust you but not enough to let you date her, she is my little baby. *if the member is Luhan, for sure he will consider the question more than five seconds, otherwise he will stand his ground. He is the big brother you can trust because he’s always here when your heart hurts*

Luhan *the second he will hear his sister name and the word “date” he will laugh. Why ?* Sorry, it’s just because… my sister ? You complain about me, let’s imagine about her ! between us, she is the worst, you guess ? She is a girl ! *He is not jalous, well, maybe a little. He tries to dissuade his friend by scaring him. Luhan is the kind of brother who can be your best friend, after all*

Kris *the moment he will hear his sister name, he will immediatly stare at the member* I hope for you it was not what I heard *he will not be angry, just protective, knowing all the member he will be worried* If you’re smarter enough you will easily guess you should better not break her heart. *at least it’s clear even if he is a bit frightening. He’s the brother who doesn’t show his love but can’t denie his sister is the apple of his eye*

Suho *he will gently stare at the member, thinking it’s not possible* Is he trying to bother me ? I hope for him, because I’ll never let him date my little pearl I’ll definitly offer me a contract killer for this kind of situation. *he’s definitly the big brother you CAN’T tell everything. However he can’t do something against his sister, because she will get angry with him. Poor Suho, the helpless brother who do his best but fail one time in two*

Lay *with is beautiful smile he will show his happiness* I noticed you like my sister, I can’t be happier than now because I prefer knowing with who she is instead of seeing her with an unknown. I’m sure you two will be a splendid couple, but I have to do my work as a brother *he will place his hand on the member’s shoulder, unable to seem serious or stern* please don’t hurt her, we will be three to suffer *he is the kind of brother you’ll hesitate to talk with because he will never bother you and will always be here for you*

Baekhyun *Because he plays a lot with girls, he will suspect the other to do the same* no… just no ? how about Sehun sister ? *he will try to joke first, and then will stop smiling at the other member* just tell me it’s a prank… do what you want after all, but I warn you, there will be a lot of traps on your way ~ *he’ll seems to be the brother who don’t care, but will protect his sister in the dark*

Chen *he will make a face trying hard to understand why the member is interested in his sister* have you loose your brain bro ? Let me help to find it, you absolutly need it ! *he is the kind of brother who likes squabble with his sister. Needless to say “spare the rod and spoil the child”* please, don’t set your heart on her, I have that feeling you try to compensate with her because you can’t have me… *yes he will make sure the other member will feel uncomfortable*

Chanyeol *As an hyper protective brother he will for sure run after the member to annoy him, possibly until he gives up the idea of seducing his sister* no you can’t be with her, I warn you, if I see you with her, if I hear one of you talking about each other, if I smell your perfume on her, I’ll kick you *he’s not the kind of brother who bother his sister, but can be a little sensitive when it comes to his sister’s love stories*

Kyungsoo *before warning his friend he will visit his sister* so, you understand, I’ve accidentaly killed him, if someone who looks like him ask you for a date, it will be a fake. *yes, he will playfully warn his sister because he trusts her more than he trusts in male instinct. Then, he will return and warn the member* Don’t dare touch her or I’ll choke during your sleep *kind agressive with boys who approach his sister, but looks like an angel when he is with her, very cute and funny*

Tao *it can’t be possible because his sister his too young to have a boyfriend, especially an exo.* You wanna die ? She’s like a baby ! You better choose another girl because I’ll not be patient enough to contain my negative drives *of course, as cool as he can be, he could scream and cry because of this fear he has to lose a friend or see his sister sad. He is the brother a little agressive but totally inoffensive with excessive reactions that will always make his sister laugh and love him more*

Kai *because he is not the agressive type, he will try to dissuade his friend, taking the talk has a joke, with a shred of truth* yah, I know you’re laughing and you know I can do the same, please don’t joke with my sister’s feelings toward you. *he will be the kind who is ashamed to speak with his sister, similar to “Lay’s sister” in his behavior. Even if he’s not comfortable speaking with his heart, his eyes and his contact needs will show her how much he cares about her*

Sehun *first he will try to avoid the discussion. Then, he will be irritated by the idea* If you date her, I won’t talk to you anymore *he will speak calmly, not used to show how he feels toward it. He his the type who intimidate but is cute because he has his own way to proceed and make her laugh. Yes, he does bad jokes to hide his love* I’m fucking serious man ! *he his, but will not interfere in his sister’s love life as long as she’s glad*

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Awww~ You guys look so adorable~ >w<

Saeran: [I’m surprised people find me adorable like this…]

Saeyoung: //gASPS But Sae! You are adorable! The sweetest! The absolute beeeeest~~~

Saeran: […Heh. Not bad, right?]

Saeyoung: You make the cutest robot…❤️️

Saeran: [For the last time, I am not a robot! Rgggh!!]

Saeyoung: Careful! Don’t…short yourself out! //sniggers


Saeyoung: Heheheh! ☆ (It was worth it!)




whoo!!! This took a couple weeks but holy shiz it’s done!!! I’m so happy smh!

This is very early, I know, but I have a trip soon so I must post it now :D

I will say happy birthday again on your birthday of course, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY omg!!!

Shima, you’ve done so much for me over the short time I’ve met you. Even the little things like listening and contributing to my AUs was so amazing and I can’t help but smile when I think about you or see that you texted me! You’re an amazing friend and holy moly am I greatful that you exist. Without you there would be something missing, and it couldn’t be replaced by anyone.

I love everything about you Shima!! Thank you so much for being you

((I? I have absolutely no words





THANK YOU SO MUCH?? THIS MUST HAVE TAKEN YOU AGES TO DO BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD! You drew all of them so well and I’m sobbing I’m legit sobbing I-I am so blessed so have you as a friend and I am so grateful and?? Like I can’t even begin to express how much this means to me and how important it is and how amazing you are and how much I appreciate you?? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I WISH I COULD SMOTHER YOU IN HUGS RIGHT NOW


When they argue with their gf, she leaves and comes back because they’re sick

Hey cutiepie, here is your reaction, we apology if it’s not what you expected, we’ve done it in two times instead of three, we hope you like it,
if you don’t, tell us, we will modify as you wish ♥

Xiumin *In the argument he will not be tender with you, and after you left he probably will get angry against himself more than against you* Aish ! Really how can I lose my mind like this…

*When you’ll come back you’ll find him on the sofa, cough to cover the fact he feels guilty about your quarrel* I’m not crying Jagiya, I’m just… sick… *cough cough* don’t leave me anymore !

Luhan *he will let his rage out, forgetting about the reason you two are fighting* you know what ? You leave ? NO ! I’m the one leaving you ! Fine ! *how manly he is when it comes to a quarrel, more childish than he is usually*

*When he will be alone he will think about you two and start losing colors and strengh. You’ll come back and see he’s trying to take a bath, hesitating while holding the shower curtain* Y-you know… that I love you… right ? *how can you resist when he looks like so breakable than you’ve never saw him before ?*

Kris *he will listen and let you talk when it comes to delicate subjects he doesn’t want to hear for now. Angry, you’ll leave and he won’t know how to react. Angry too ? Ashame ?* Why is it like this ? Really I don’t understand ! Aish she leaves me all alone, is it on purpose ?

*Because when you’ll come back he will certainly sulk at you and you’ll do the same, after a few minutes he will arrive slowly and steal your food* next time, take care about me… you know ? I’m sick because of you *of course he is the one who let the fever growing up, it’s just his way to let you know he loves you*

Suho *everybody knows Suho is a shy boy even if he knows how to be… really attractive ? So, he will try to be persuasive but you’ll not be convinced enough to stay* why ! why is it like this ! Jagiya come back ! we’ve not finished yet !

*after he calmed down, he will feel lost without you and hesitate with his phone ready to call you. You’ll come back before he pressed his finger on the screen and he will run after you* Jagiya I’m sorry, forgive me, please, I’m an idiot, how can I act like this !

Lay why are you yelling at me ? I don’t understand, do you need to yell or what ? Baobei… *he will really not appreciate this conversation and will stay on his feet without a word getting out of his mouth when you’ll leave the house*

*our Mister Perfect will not show you he is sick, he will try to smile and be a good boy for you, because he doesn’t want you to leave again* It’s okay Baobei, I’m fine as long as you’re by my side *you’ll be the one feeling ashamed for the argument and you’ll for sure take car of him*

Baekhyun Girl, if you continue on this way, I promise it will rain shit today ! *Baekhyun dislikes to quarrel and once you two are in the fight, it will probably alarm all the neighbours*

*You’ve probably noticed his hair was wet during the fight, and guess what ? It was the start of a fever. His condition has not improved, quite the opposite. When he will see you come back, he will feel eased* I know I’m not in a position to speak like this after what I said but, can you be my doctor honey ? I’m sorry I don’t want anyone else than you

Chen Woman, stop saying shit right now, you’re annoying, I don’t listen to you *when Chen doesn’t want… be sure he will not let you a chance to get in the fight*

*When you’ll get out he will ask himself what you was talking about and why. He will fall asleep on the couch and when you’ll come back and put an hand on his forehead he will just pull you against him and kiss your neck. You’ll forgive him, not completly… because he’s not apologized* loveyajagi !

Chanyeol *he will feel bad because you wanna leave but he doesn’t know how to keep you without saying shit* Don’t leave ! Who do you think am I ? You can’t leave !

Jagiyaaaaa *cough cough* Jagii honeeey ! *cough cough. After you left, he’ve felt bad and it makes himself ill. He will exaggerate to look for sympathy* please… don’t leave me !

Kyungsoo *because KyungSoo hates speaking too much, he will stay staring at you with those angry eyes without saying a word and it will make you go crazy because he does it intentionally*

*When you’ll come back, because he coughs and doesn’t tell you a single word, you’ll understand he sulks*

Y/N : Yah ! Look at me in the eyes !

*He will do it a second and turn his head because you’re preparing medicines for him. As kind as you’ll be, as weak his capacity to resist you will be xD*

Tao Are you sure about what you’re saying right now ? You better have to change your tone girl ! *he will act like a man and feel like a lost boy inside when you’ll leave* I’ll go crazy…

*when you’ll come back you’ll find him on the sofa, looking at the wall in his big scarf* Baobei… there is ghosts here… I’m afraid without you

Y/N : is that all ?

I’m telling you there is ghost, I’m not joking, I’m losing my mind without you… with me !

Kai *he will listen to you and be unable to compete with your anger and keep eating while you’re leaving. He will immediatly call you but you’ll not answer and he will feel like an idiot*

*when you’ll come back he will be on the couch, holding one of your shirt. He will stay silent his eyes up to look at you* I’m sorry if you get angry because of me, I did not understand… I missed you…

Sehun blah blah have you finished to cry in my ears ? Stop ! You ! Don’t hit with your strengh of mosquito you’re just annoying go for a walk ! *because he can be a little brat when he wants, he will be the one sending you out*

*after you left he will think about what happens just now* what I’ve done, seriously what I’ve done ! My stomach hurts a lot now ! *when you’ll come back and see him dying on the sofa you’ll probably throw him medicines, increasing his guilt xD*

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Soooo if the boys are Gifre and Elias now, does that mean that there's a Sae-bot and a Lu-bot too?!

Saeyoung: Robot versions of us! Sweeeet!

Saeran: [Oh, great. And I thought having one Saeyoung around was bad enough.]

Saeyoung: Saeran, you’re such a meanie! Shh, Lu-bot, don’t listen to him!

Lu-bot: [[Okay…]]

Saeran: [Well, at least he listens to directions.]

Sae-bot: [[……]]


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So what's your OC Jasper's story? :3

Ah yeah!! So basically Jasper is a part of Spinelrose, the sister guild to Shima’s (and the guild where Elias, Gifre and co. are also a part of). He’s been blind ever since he was born. Originally he was born as a non-elemental with no powers, but miraculously he was granted the powers of sky by someone several months after he was born (and keep in mind that only all-powerful beings can grant other people elemental powers–not even Rulers are capable of this)

Jasper grew up honing his abilities and using them to help with his blindness. It’s a lot easier now that he lives at the guild and knows his way around really well. It’s easier for him to avoid bumping into living beings than inanimate objects, since people move and shift and he can detect how they move by sensing air currents n stuff~

Jasper is…well, he’s really sarcastic and sassy and sort of an asshole, lol, and while he pretends that he isn’t sensitive about his impaired sight he really is. Let’s just say he gets ticked off when people make fun of his blindness, especially if they say he’s useless and can’t do anything without help. That is what really pisses him off. So he gets into spats often with people who don’t understand his point of view, ya know? But he’s proven himself many many times in a fight, so the guild doesn’t really worry about him since he is very capable of kicking ass when he needs to.

Jasper keeps to himself most of the time, but he’s the type of person to attract attention so there are always curious people following him around and asking questions. I don’t know if you remember Misto and Terrence, who I introduced way way back in October of last year, but yes, Misto has a younger sister (haven’t figured out what I want to name her yet) and she is the sweetest person in the whole guild, and also the only person who Jasper is able to open up to and be himself around and not be guarded or anything ^^ They get along really well.

Anyway here’s a sketch I did of him yesterday excuse my messy lines but yea

Not sure if the wing is gonna be a thing since he’s a sky elemental but?? Yeah that’s his basic design at least for right now I might change some things

Oh Tammy… I’m afraid even my real-life friend made a crack pairing of Blue and Whinter; I’m not kidding.  She wanted me to draw a lil’ sketch of Daisy and Rose trolling the boys and making their “Krack” ship.  I’M SORRY FOR SINNING.

Also, you and I are guilty because of our dirty jokes about them! XP

Daisy and Whinter belongs to @cafe-cardamari/@tamarinfrog

Exo reaction When their American gf takes them to her home

Hello little heart, here is your request, we appreciate your idea, it was very cute (And we’ve had fun writting your reaction), Thank you for your support and love
you’re adorable ♥ hope it was what you expected ~

Xiumin *he will look around an stay with his mouth opened first not doing a move* waaah…*and then he will make heart with his arms* it’s so beautiful I love-you-i-love-you-i-love-you !

Luhan *he will look everywhere and his eyes will stop on you, he will stare at you* i didn’t know you lived in such a place, thank you for taking me here *he will kiss your forehead and carress your cheek*

Kris *because Yi Fan is not easy to please he will act shyly at the beginning* what I’m saying is… thank you *he will laugh and lick his lips before kissing you  softly* where is the room ?

Suho *he is usually calm a  bit nervous and when you will open the door he will lose control* Jagiya I’m proud of you, you live in a beautiful Country *he will make aegyo to make you smile*

Lay *he will immediatly make a polite bow* Baobei I’m gratefull you allow me to discover your place, I’ll do my best to make you happier than I’m now 

Baekhyun *he will laugh and make you laugh* guess who’s happy now ? Guess who will handle my hyperactive me ? Jagiya you’ll assume that ? *he will take you in his arms and tickle you kissing your shoulders and neck*

Chen *he will not show how he feels but will show you his grateful by playing with you* Jagiya, do you prefer to discover what is hidden in my shirt… or waiting for the next surprise I’ll make ?

Chanyeol *he was not expecting for this and will be shy in front of you, smiling and laughing* thank you so much ? it’s very sweet here, I love you. May I ask you for a kiss ? *yes he asks because he wanna trouble you as he is*

Kyungsoo *he will not know how to act and will be cute as hell in his behavior* Super it’s a great place to make my satanic invocations ! No I swear I was joking, Jagiya, WE will rule the USA too ! *he is laughing hehe !*

Tao Jagiya, I like your home town and your house. It’s a new world for me and I think I’m ready for it because you want it ! *he can be handsome when he wants xD but DO NOT let him come across dangerous bugs*

Kai *he will scream not for real and take you in his arms to hug and kiss you* it’s wonderful shall we stay here for a time ? Anyway, we will take our time to visit, teach me ~

Sehun *he will make a face just for make you believe he dislikes* I’m supposed to be impressed ? *he will stare at you before laughing and kiss you before you protest*


If he hadn’t been able to sense thoughts, Gifre probably never would have been aware that he wasn’t actually alone at the moment. What he didn’t know was where the person who’s thoughts he was hearing actually was.

He began to look around the area, albeit it very carefully as he didn’t want to step on his guest. “Hello? Come out, dear. I’m not going to hurt you.”