He had been looking for me; his eyes darted around the room before they lighted on me, and a heart-stopping smile lit his face. Thank God, his dark-blue eyes said, and Thank God, my own echoed back.


What are your favorite moments throughout the filming of Shameless?
One of my favorite moments - was the early season, we had to go bail Lip out of jail, it was really cold and snowing in Chicago, and we were outside a police station, huddled up, it was our last scene of the day, and our last scene of that SEASON, and it was when we bailed Lip out of jail. We all got in a huddle and told each other how much we loved each other. That was really special.Steve Howey


What happens to me between now and then doesna matter to anyone. It matters to me! 
I know it does, mo duinne. And that’s why you’ll go now. So I’ll know there is someone still who minds for me.