Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: The 3D Gif 

In this submission, with the animated GIF format both celebrating it’s 25th birthday and becoming the U.S. word of the year, I take a look at some creative projects which take the 2D format and takes it into another dimensional context.

Included are ‘Gifpumper’, a community GIF collage project which can place a series of GIFs in a 3D space, 'Animated GIF in 3D’ which displays the GIF frames spatially (bottom left image), 'GIF 3D Gallery’ which can take a GIF and place it on a virtual gallery plinth (top image), and 'GLGIF’ (bottom right image), a piece of code which can be set up to create a spinning GIF video wall with music.

Also included to test these projects are GIFs by a few Tumblr artists - DVDP, V5MT and Max Capacity.

You can read the piece at Rhizome here

Gifpumper Launch & Group Show

External image

Launch Party: Thursday, January 12, 6 pm - 8 pm

540 W 21st St. 
New York, NY 10011 is a social platform by Eyebeam Resident Slava Balasanov which allows for the creation of 3d websites with 2d content found online. Users are able to manipulate content on a given page together, in real-time. To celebrate the public launch of the site, Balasanov has invited 10 artists to contribute digital media to a single Gifpumper page along with related physical objects that will extend the webpage into Eyebeam's architectural space.

Exhibition on View in Eyebeam Project Space: Thu, Jan. 12 - Sat Feb. 4

Gallery Hours are Tue - Sat 12 pm - 6 pm

Participating Artists:

Andrew Fenlon - , , Anthony Antonellis - Dora Budor & Maja Cule - Douglas Schatz - Dusty McDowell - Helen Adamidou - Jeremiah Johnson - Joshua Caleb Weibley - Jules Laplace - ,, Slava Balasanov -