It contains 8 psds from my gifsets:

Like/reblog if downloading. Feel free to add an adjustment or play with layers. And please don’t repost or claim as your own. {DOWNLOAD}


gifpsd pack 03 by rollpsds. hey guys! i’m posting this pack as a form to say “thank you” for 4k followers. you guys are amazing! this pack contains 8 psds for gifs. feel free to adjust/delete some layers but please don’t repost it or claim as your own. i hope you guys like it! don’t forget to like/reblog this post if you download it. bye and thank you ♥


hello guys!!! i’m posting this psd as a form to say thank you to all my beautiful and amazing followers… i really love y'all<3 i made this psd exclusively for harry potter movies, but i think that this one will work beautifully on everything. feel free to play with the layers (mainly “levels” and “exposure”) and that stuff. i hope you guys like it!!! [download]


SERENADEPSDS’ FILE #002 (download).

  • Redish pale coloring for gifs, you can easily modify it to suit your edit better.
  • Don’t ever pass this psd on as yours.
  • Any doubts? Come to our ask and we will try to help you.

Hello my followers !!! as some know, our tumblr reached the thousand followers and I want to thank you for it and say I love you so much ♥ always wanted to have a thousand followers, no one knows how important this is to me. I made a pack for you, it will not sampled how much I love you, but ok. I spent day and night doing it, and I want you to know that it was made with much love and affection I hope you enjoy!

This pack contains eight psds:

  • 5 for series
  • 2 for videos and..
  • 1 for movie!!


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In honor of the few civil war trailers out I’ve decided to make a psd! This is a base psd that can be used for pretty much any scene. You’ll probably need to change the brightness/contrast or curves depending on the gif. Just please don’t redistribute for claim as your own. Please like or reblog before you download (let’s me know that people like!) Hope you guys enjoy this :D

download (mf)


PSD #21 by flatlinepsds // This psd can be used on any type of gif, especially in music videos or series (clear scenes). Feel free to adjust something if necessary. This psd you can use in your edits, will be very nice! Please do not steal this psd or don’t say that it is yours and don’t forget to give like or reblog if they’re downloading this psd. {download!}

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Any chance you can tell the psd you used here: /post/141450211635/get-to-know-me-meme-15-favorite-movies ? It's just so beautiful. The second, third and sixth are specially amazing

thank you!! i used the guardians of the galaxy psd from this psd pack as a base coloring then added selective color/hue & saturation/color balance to get the final result! but here’s the specific coloring i had for the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th gif:




hope this helps!! x