After all the angst of 6x05 thought we all needed their first kiss 

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“They shouldn’t even let their kind into that ridiculous school,” Draco’s father, Lucious sighed as he rolled his eyes. You instantly felt a twist in your stomach at the mention of your blood. “Mudbloods are a disgrace to the wizarding population.”

You saw Draco’s expression instantly harden, anger finding it’s way into his attractive features. You bit your lip before placing your hand on his knee beneath the table, hoping to draw his attention back to you rather than his parents who were currently continuing their rant against muggle borns.

“I am just proud to be a part of such a proud bloodline,” Lucious continued in his annoying, bragging type of tone. Your hand moved to Draco’s shoulder as his fingers clenched tightly. His other hand moved to rest on yours as he stood from the table.

“May I be excused father? I’m not feeling well,” He made the excuse quickly, hoping his father wouldn’t question it. To his luck, he didn’t.

“Yes, yes, take _________ with you,” Lucious sighed, waving his hand. Draco simply grasped your hand and pulled you away.


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So the first episode of Vinyl left me scratching my head even though I was really looking forward to it.

THE 2nd EPISODE however hooked me. If for no other reason than the office karate scene that we rewound 4 times and laughed hysterically to.

I don’t think they intended it to be as funny as we thought it was, but I’m looking forward to more episodes of coked up Richie!

Someone needs to get on a gif of that scene! Oh mylanta!