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SOOOO I need serious advice. last night i hooked up with this guy becuase i was tempting him and i really like him. hes 23 im 18. it was really good and i wanna have sex but idk he said last night we cant. the night before he said we are strictly friends nothing more. it was wierd bcas when i hooked up i didnt feel emotional attachment just fun and physical attraction. what do i do/ say/ act around him? i still want him to hoook up with me but i dont think he will

I read this advice on another site, and couldn’t agree more.  I’ve edited it to reflect a more general situation:

Never have sex with someone because you think it’ll make them like you.
Never have sex with someone who is obviously trying to make you like them.
Never have sex with an ulterior motive, other than to have fun in the expeirence.

Otherwise, you’ll either regret it, or be disappointed.

If he says he doesn’t want to have sex, do NOT force it.  You wouldn’t want sex forced upon you; don’t do it to someone else.  Be friends. 

Thanks gifperv (NSFW, 18+)