Summary: Five times he says “I love you” without actually saying it 

Word count: 372

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He entered the living room, secretly watching you from afar, a small smile on your lips as you talked to the people around you. Bucky joined in the conversation but only to listen to your sweet voice. As he placed his hand on your waist, you blushed looking up at him. 

“Hi” you softly said. 

“You look beautiful tonight, darling.” He replied.

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littlestubbornfreak  asked:

1) I need your analysis: Why Kara renounces her human identity? Mon-El was with her Kryptonian identity (Kara Zor-el or Supergirl) since both Mon-el and Kara work in the DEO. Mon-El has only interacted a couple of times with Kara Danvers in Catco and both insignificant in their relationship since he admits not to feel comfortable because he is not himself there besides the infamous phrase of "being supergir and having you (mon-el) should be enough"

To me, I don’t think that losing Mon-El was the only thing that caused Kara to renounce Kara Danvers. Yes, it was a catalyst, but Mon-El and Kara Danvers were not a couple. It was Kara Zor-El that fell in love with him. She never had to hide behind her human identity. 

Instead, I feel like it was the events that resulted in her having to send him away that caused her to feel that way. In The Girl of Steel, Kara reminds us of the notion that the decision she had to make could not have been made by a human – someone with human emotions. To draw upon her (harsh, but realistic) comparison, could Alex have made the decision to send Maggie away? How would Alex handle losing Maggie? We already know that Alex couldn’t destroy the Daxamite ship because it would have meant killing her sister – a human faced with the impossible choice of killing someone she loved in order to save the city or not taking action in hopes of saving someone she loved. To Kara, that choice would have and should have been simple to Supergirl. Supergirl wouldn’t be broken after doing such a thing.

So in Kara’s mind, Kara Danvers wouldn’t have been able to make the choice to detonate that lead bomb, which could have killed hundreds (enemies or otherwise), including the person that she loved. Kara Danvers would have struggled more with sending him away. Kara Danvers isn’t strong enough. Kara Danvers is weak and sad. She isn’t able to handle the weight of the choices that Kara Zor-El and/or Supergirl have made. Forget Kara Danvers.

That’s my analysis. Now for some quick commentary. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was Lena that has indirectly helped Kara realize that just being Supergirl is not enough – as opposed to the other way around. 

It was Alex that fought Kara saying that she would really think before trying to get rid of Kara Danvers. 

On the other hand, it was Mon-El that was hopeful that being Supergirl and having him was enough. He was hopeful that renouncing Kara Danvers was okay. He supported the erasure of Kara Danvers. 

I definitely agree that the writing decision they attempted was incorrect. They wrote the final episode of S2 and the opening episode of S3 in a way that made it seem like Mon-El was Kara’s primary humanizing connection – her Lois… he’s not. Not at all. The only connection that can be made there is the idea of falling in love. They wrote it off as something only humans can experience… it’s not. Can someone that isn’t human not experience romantic love? Is that the idea? Of course not. But it’s easy to reach for that after some of the decisions made.

So, yes, what they were shooting for was backward. It would have been far more appropriate with Lena, or even a member of Kara’s family – those that helped shape Kara Danvers as an overall identity.


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more highlights of the tumblr fashion article (besides the guy wearing his tie as a belt):

  • david karp says he’s different from other CEOs in the business because he doesn’t have a “uniform” and doesn’t just wear the same hoodie every day. instead, he wears SEVERAL hoodies
  • interviewer asks dude in a pink shirt what color his shirt is: “I would maybe say it’s something like soft red. I don’t want to say it’s pink, but it definitely straddles that line.”
  • guy with a thick handlebar mustache asserts he is not a “crazy glasses kind of guy”
    • describes his girlfriend as “kind of a sneakerhead”
  • dude wearing colorful/shiny shoes says they remind him of a tumblr gif
  • one guy is not wearing shoes, just toe socks. not those flexible shoes that kinda look like toe socks. just toe socks.
  • one guy refers to little socks that won’t show above the shoe as his “secret shame” and claims he’s embarrassed admitting he wears them because it’s “so ballerina”
    • same guy wears an apple watch “just to tell time”
  • a 39-year-old man refers to his shirt (a very normal short-sleeved button-down) as a “punk slash mod thing”
  • 27yo white dude w/ glasses on his tattoo: “It’s from “The Pale King” by David Foster Wallace, my favorite author.  It’s supposed to be a reference to Walt Whitman.”