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Soul x Maka: 💛💜💙

💛: Who believes in Soulmates ?

…Hey, I know the first thought that would come to mind is Maka, but… I want to say—what if it’s Soul ?

Soul’s that dork who depends on Maka without wanting to admit he does. Maka’s wavelength has kept him safe throughout the entire series—and their bond ? Please. Don’t start. Maka served as his escape from his fancy musician past and with her, he can be who he really is, and Maka wouldn’t do shit about it. (…Well maybe scold him for being lazy, but she accepts Soul even if he’s a couch potato at times) 

 Soul is a very observant person (or at least I perceive him that way) and maybe one day, while his video game’s taking too long to load, he’d wander in his thoughts and think of the stuff he went through without actually meaning to. He’d notice how much Maka impacts him and his decisions. Then, he’d have that “Wait that’s what soulmates are, right ?” Thought and… He’d know.

💜: Who said “i love you” first? Or, if neither has said it yet, who is more likely to say it first? 

Maka. Hands down. See, Maka’s the “I am a reckless bitch and if I think of stuff I get very confused but once I have finalized what should be done, I’ll fucking nail it” kind of person. If she started to feel herself falling for the certain shark-teeth asshole she’d pretty much do her best to hide it for as long as possible. But in the process, Maka would get very confused, she’d be stuck between “Should I stop this ? He’s my partner, I can’t love him it might ruin us and the sync” or “Damn it, maybe he loves you too ? You won’t know if you don’t try !” situation and… Well, Maka is a brave girl, she has the ability to fight her fears and face them. 

Pretty sure she’d confess with that “I am brave and I can do this, and if Soul doesn’t feel the same way I’ll suck it up and move on.” thinking even if we all know it’d kill her if he doesn’t.

💙: who is more protective?

C’mon guys, if you have seen Soul Eater it’s obvious Soul is the protective boyfriend partner. I mean, He took a lot to keep her alive and, well, starting from the way he threw himself on her to protect her from Stein (Episode 5)

 to the part where he literally took that blow from Asura the day they defeated the kishin (take note that their kishin hunter resonance shattered; must’ve taken a toll on him but he still came to save her at the last second anyway.),

he made sure he was there and made sure that if one of them would have to die, it won’t be her.

In the manga he was willing to fight a death match against Giriko (while being aware of how he’d easily lose) because the son of a bitch actually thought of touching her and, what, having the rabid thought of raping her ? (I’m sorry for those who can’t stand that word though). When Spirit told the two of them about that one guy with really strong soul perception I forgot his name was dead and that it was most likely for the witches to target Maka next, because with the guy gone she was the most dangerous “soul radar” ever.. Soul had this look, like “bitch anyone who touches Maka will come through me first”

Oh, you guys also want fluffy proof ? Well, when they were talking to Lord Death about the book Maka borrowed using her father’s ID (The Book of Eibon manuscript thingy (I think) two-star meisters like her can’t borrow) Soul argued with “Hey I’m a deathscythe now too so can you just not punish her or something ?” and Idk standing up for your girl against the Lord of Death must be the most protective gesture anyone could ever do.

So yes. Soul will, and forever will, protect Maka as long as he is alive and breathing.

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hey y’all!

im looking for co-mods for these weeks/events i want to plan to help me with prep-work and to bounce ideas off with. job includes working with me and having blog access and moderating the event itself on the day of, ect. i very much like to work in teams of three, but if i don’t find people then i will go for it alone possibly. please message me if you’re interested in doing the following:

  • kilik week (pre-existing, please just help plan this year) looking for 2/2
  • harvar week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • rare pair week/ monthly day (fresh start) looking for 2/3
  • comedy week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • patty week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • sen week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • fandom manga book club (fresh start) looking for 4/4
  • to be planned- kidliz week and angst week may be up later

*2 co-mods per thing, but i will be down to have 3
*first come first serve, but i will be asking questions about commitment and how interested/passionate you are
*i apologize in advance if the position you want is already taken; i’ll try to update this post as people message me

i have big plans and i want new (or old) friends to enjoy these events with~

if you also have a week or event that you want to see in the fandom but don’t have the courage or experience to kick start it, throw me a proposition

Final (main) weapon for the Soul Eater AU. And iiiit’s…Mr. Archer! Now you know why I’ve been talking about him recently!

His weapon form is a steampunk-looking gun (which I have trouble getting right sometimes), and he’s the weapon partner of…no one, actually. This version of Archer likes to switch up meisters every now and then, never sticking to one wielder for longer than a few necessary battles. As such, he’s very good at adjusting his soul wavelength to said differing meisters. Not that anyone minds it - he was always a free spirit to begin with. The Lodgers do gossip on why he does so, though. They don’t always talk about Jekyll and Hyde’s possible romantic relationship. He’s still loyal, believe me, but he tends to attach himself to ideals and organizations as a whole rather than individuals.

As the story goes on, however…I’ve made it quite clear who he’ll partner with more and more!