Request by anon: “Hi there! Please could you write like a mini one shot about Kol? Something like he tells you that he wants to be more than just friends with benefits with you, as he fallen in love with you..

Warnings: little bit of violence (idk)

Hope you like it since it’s my first one shot (ever) with Kol so sorry if it sucks, and i also decided to add some of Damon in this one shot so i hope you don’t mine it (you can send me an ask telling me what you think). Sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.


-you were currently on a date with Damon, everything was perfect, he had picked you up in right time, you two talked through the meal, never an weird silence between you two. You were glad that he had asked you out- ‘Hello darling’ -you suddenly heard a voice that make you turn your head to face Kol- 'Kol’ -you said almost as a whisper- 'How are you?’ -he said while pulling another chair sitting in it at the table- 'Kol I think you should leave’ - you heard Damon’s voice which made you turn your head back to Damon just to see him standing up- 'Damon’ -you whisper trying to not draw more attention than needed which made Damon sit down again- 'I think you should leave too Kol’ -you said seeing a smirk on Damon’s face- 'Goodbye’ -said Damon before kol had his neck between his hand- 'Kol’ -you shout standing up from your seat making Kol lose focus and let go Damon- -Kol looked at you and you took his hand pulling him out of the Grill without saying anything to Damon- 'What’s wrong with you?’ -you shouted at him when you two got out of the grill- 'you can’t stand the idea if me being happy?’ 'Maybe I don’t want to be 'your special friend’ anymore (Y/N)’ -he said calmy approaching you and cupping your check- 'I love you (Y/N) and I want you to be happy with me’ -and with that his lips crashed into yours-