Since everyone else gets to wax poetic about 0.0005 seconds of a Steve/Bucky gif


Not about Sam, but about Steve. 

LOOK HOW RELAXED HE IS IN SAM’S HOUSE. He’s just chilling there, with Sam’s OJ, that Sam definitely drinks straight from the bottle btw) He’s leaned so far back into his chair that he has to actively sit up. 

This is a man who just got chased around and nearly murdered by Nazis on several occasions, but he feels so safe and secure in Sam’s house that he can melt into his chair and sip orange juice. Yes, he’s probably bone dead tired and still thinking about the fact that what little he knew about everything is a fucking lie, but here’s Steve in a similar situation:

Bone tired, Loki has been fuckin shit up and the nice guy who made his really tight suit is ostensibly dead. But he’s sitting forward, alert and thinking. 

Overall I think Steve is a pretty tense and closed off person. He’s always got this ridiculously rigid posture and doesn’t seem to let himself go around anyone, including his team.   Actually I think it’s gotten more tense as time wears on.

In CA:TFA, he’s pretty relaxed, even with the new body.

In The Avengers, unless actively fighting, he stands like his suit is lined with solid steel and not Kevlar.

In TWS, it’s even stronger. He stands like a hardened marine who’s seen too much. 

and also he has that JFC face that puts even my shadiest and saltiest of friends to shame:

And of course, there’s the RAEG OF STEVE, which really only apparently happens out of costume. (Interesting? Interesting.)

But around Sam, he’s super chill. He drops his shoulders and visually looks less like Captain spandex and more like a dude who wants to get to know Sam, possibly even in the biblical sense. 

Shoulders dropped, open posture, smizing. 

Then you see him more vulnerable than he’s been in this entire series. Even skinny! Steve walked with more aggression than the dude who shows up on Sam’s doorstep:

he maintains that vulnerability when in Sam’s presence through the entire movie, even when he’s pissed. 

When he puts the suit on however, he squares right the fuck up

ANyhow i forgot what i was doing but IN CONCLUSION

Steve is super relaxed around Sam and has probably definitely been to his house before the world went to shit. 

Little psychosis things
  • when you cant tell if something is a picture or a gif
  • not knowing how to speak
  • “you have psychosis? does that mean you want to….kill people?”
  • when youre trying to do shit but theres an endless whispering going on in your head
  • theres something rotting, you dont know what or where but you can smell it
  • being unable to remember anything at all
  • or remembering things but not being sure if theyre real
  • that thing where the room is very slowly shifting
  • what is time??
  • feeling like theres always someone watching you
  • the Simulation
  • being sure that theres someone hiding in an impossibly small space
  • invisible bugs trying to crawl into your ears
  • no impulse control whatsoever
  • being afraid of telling others about your delusions because you know how crazy it sounds
  • dirt?? everywhere???? theres dirt in between my bones how did it get there?
  • people misusing the word psychotic literally all the time
  • “cute but psycho”