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How come Shoma Uno's jumps look so... odd? (Genuine question) Maybe it's just because I'm new to figure skating and I simply don't have enough knowledge about the sport (yet, I'm in the process of reading about the jumps and scoring system @_@). His jumps look so different compared to Nathan Chen or Yuzuru Hanyu for example.. What is it that he does that make his jumps look so strange?? (also sorry if the phrasing didn't make any sense; English is not my first language)

There several reasons but the main ones are: prerotation, axis angle at take off and rotation speed (actually, the reason could be just one: Yamada school and her flawless jumping technique. Kanako says hi!)

Now, now. I know some will tell you prerotation doesn’t count and everyone does it and blablablabla. Which is like the biggest bullshit ever, but what can we do.

Everyone prerotates ( = starts rotation before leaving the ice)… to a degree. It’s just the natural dinamic of a jump. But, but but. One thing is to prerotate let’s say 90° of a jump. Another one is to prerotate 270°.

Now, before Shoma’s ubers come at me for being your house hater, why do I say prerotation? Simply because prerotation = you are doing less rotation in the air = your actual air time is shorter = your jump is smaller. And the height of your jump is not as high as a not prerotated (to the same degree) jump.

Another point is axis angle (at take off). Shoma’s is usually a lot more inclined than Yuzu’s or Nathan’s. Again, this means his jumps have less height and cover less distance.

All this plus a rotation speed which is slightly slower than theirs (we are speaking of a very tiny difference, but when you have to squeeze so many rotations in so little time every millisecond is important) that means that Shoma finishes his last rotation (or better, can “unwrap” his free leg to finish his jump) later and closer to the ice than Yuzu’s or Nathan’s. Direct effect of this is he needs a very low knee bent to keep his outside edge straight on the landing (and here you are served his scary landings)

Here you are some gifs of Shoma’s 4F vs Nathan’s 4F:

And between Shoma’s 4T and Yuzu’s 4T:

gifs from #gifmaster @jumpitwithashuulanditwithapa

(Or maybe I’m just a hater who likes to badmouthing poor little Shoma ‘cause… - I don’t know why, I need some anon to help me and gimme a good reason! - and anyway Shoma’s the best thing since Dai!*)

*quote. Maybe

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Oh great and wondrous gifmaster! I am seeking a gif of Harry saying the funniest signs at 1D concerts were the ones that were like "you suck, I'm just here for the drummer" from an interview in 2014 or 15 - do you know what I'm talking about? Do you have a gif in what I imagine to be your infinite and meticulously curated vault of Harry gifs?

Wasn’t it from one of the Four album interviews? If I remember correctly it was one of the Lirry interviews where Harry was using the purple shirt wasn’t it? I’ll try to find the video and gif it for you, but if any of my kind followers have the link of the gifs or the video please share it with us! Thank you ❤️


You got this?! 😂 Our gifmaster @axekrill invented a new trick on GSD. 🎥 by @jakeowenpowell. Head to @crossfirezine on Tumblr for his work. #skate #chooseskateboarding #yougotthis

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