gifmaker's challenge


iris and daisy birthday week ✿ day eight: au
   ↳ Iris West thinks Central City’s newest superhero is a villain in disguise. Daisy Johnson is pretty sure Central City’s best reporter is up to something shady. Turns out, they’re both wrong…and if they want to take down the real villain in town, they’re going to have to work together.


GD Monthly Prompt | Canon Divergence AU | Astra is in the pod that Kara finds at the end of Season 1. She’s immediately taken prisoner by the DEO. However, when the Daxamites attack, and their prince tricks Kara and breaks her heart, Astra escapes the DEO to track him down. Alex joins her. Astra kills Mon-El, and almost gets killed by Rhea in retaliation, but Alex manages to save her and kill Rhea, with the help of the DEO. Along the way, the two get to know each other better, and come to an understanding.


A year ago, on October 22, we were first gifted with For Tonight We Might Die and taken on this amazing journey with these amazing characters which was cut way, way too short. So what better day to organise a Class Apreciation Day and come together to celebrate this show!

All types of entries are permitted - gifsets, metas, fan art, videos, fanfiction… and whatever else you might come up with. Every little counts, after all. Please tag your posts #class appreciation day (as one of the first five tags) and keep it as joyful as possible.

Class might be over, but this fandom really shouldn’t be. I’d love to organise a more long-term gifmaking/writing challenge. So if you have any ideas - how many prompts you’d like to see or what topics you’d find interesting, please contact me!

hi im doing this gifmaking challenge made by @tatitnof

before starting this i downloaded the clip i wanted and decided to change my routine bc if i didnt it’d still be like 1920x1080 after 5 minutes so there’d be nothing that u could see lmao (yes i crop and/or resize my gifs after colouring usually… also i never sharpen before colouring. im a rebel)

2 minutes:

i think im already the winner bc it moves AT ALL (thanks to my powerful laptop & me deciding on making a 268x gif)

5 minutes:

in the middle of colouring

14 minutes:


my routine here:
importing key frames → v rough colouring → cropping → resizing → colouring → background freezing → adding text → sharpening → adjusting speed → saving

(also i wanna do it again bc i wanna see if i could make a 540x gif move in 5 minutes??)

Class Appreciation Day 2017, October 22

I want to announce a Class Appreciation Day for October 22, because that’s when we were first gifted with For Tonight We Might Die and taken on this amazing journey with these amazing characters which was cut way, way too short. I’d make a proper post soon.

If anyone else has any other aspirations, big dreams, detailed plans for something wonderful that would get in the way of this - or if I somehow missed an announcement, because I’m not around 24/7 lately - please speak out now.

If you have any other ideas, I’m very ready to listen to any suggestions, but also really short on time, so please be kind and gentle.

(For anyone who was hoping for another week instead of a day… I’ll see what the feedback to this looks like, but at least for me, taking part in a week just isn’t possible at the moment and the date in question is only two weeks away, because real life got in the way. If there’s interest, some gifmaking/writing challenge without a specific schedule might be cool.)