Yᴜ-Gɪ-Oʜ! ᴛᴀɢs

  • shipping - Know your YGO series shippings!
  • gifaus - Some AUs ideas gifsets
  • au - everybody loves Alternate Universes. Ranging from cool to weird
  • Duel Monsters Cosplayers - Do you like cosplaying? The ygo characters like it too!
  • duel music - music bands are cool, just check out guys from all YGO series singing
  • genderbend - Do you like rule 63? Don’t to be mistaking with that other rule!
  • gx formalwear - GX cast looking hot in formal clothes
  • gx on motorcycles - GX cast ready to riding duels!
  • gx hoodies - The GX guys and girls wearing monster-based hoodies
  • obelisk blue uniform - GX characters who usually doesn’t wearing the male obelisk blue uniform (plus few ones from Manjoume and Sho)
  • doujin -  YGO series doujins, not all of them got translation but here you go
  • kuri kuri mothafucker - Kuribohs are awesome
  • monsterart - Duel Monsters assorted fanart
  • card - card artwork and TCG-related
  • wardrobe - This one is for outfits we, normal people (pff right) can use based on YGO/GX/5D’s characters 
  • arc v episode - the new series, ready to be watched or downloaded!

Yᴜ-Gɪ-Oʜ! ᴘᴀɢᴇs

Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ ᴛᴀɢs

  • programs - free software to download! Go grab them!
  • resources - besides the programs, it got fonts, brushes and vectors to use, among with some other things like tutorials
  • game download - free games to download
  • watch -  animes, series and movies to steam or download. Badass stuff I promise
  • disneytext - Disney isn’t just pretty animations, but they are also art pieces and got some interesting things too
  • legends - some myths and legends
  • egypt - what is a ygo blog without Egyptian stuff?
  • greek - nuff said
  • japan - random Japanese culture

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