Late last year British artist and designer INSA (previously featured here) travel to Rio de Janeiro to create his largest piece of gif-iti to date, so huge that it’s viewable from space and was photographed by a satellite in order to create this gif. It’s not just gif-iti, it’s Space GIF-ITI!

The 154,774 square foot mural was created in four stages by a team of twenty painters:

As each stage–or animation frame–was completed, it was photographed by a satellite. INSA’s Space GIF-ITI was part of the Stay True Stories project, which is sponsored by Ballantine’s, a Scottish whisky brand.

Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video about INSA’s awesome Space Gif-iti.

[via Laughing Squid and Peta Pixel]

This awesome Gif-fiti mural is the work of Cheko, a street artist based in Granada, Spain. Follow him here on Tumblr to check out more of his beautiful artwork, created both on the street and indoors.

For even more Gif-fiti pieces, check out the work of UK-based artist and designer INSA, about whom we’ve posted several times before.

[via mashKULTURE]