Reign II (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1774

Summary:Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: None

A/N: Part two! I hope you all enjoy this. If you missed part one, the masterlist will be linked below. message me or comment if you want to be added to the tag list!


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Coffee Stain

summary: a bad day turns around when the cliche coffee run in doesn’t spoil the reader’s day, but makes it better.

pairing: tony stark x reader

word count: 1.4k

note: hi! so, this is my first imagine on tumblr, so please be gentle with me. i’m not new to writing, and i’m actually quite nervous about this, but i hope you enjoy! also, it’s not edited in anyway, shape, or form because i’m too lazy tbh.

warnings: none, i believe.

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It had snowed.

Usually, that wouldn’t bug you, having usually enjoyed the fluffy, white molecules. They signified the holiday season, something you were excited about all year round. Though, today it seemed those little pieces of fallen snow where your worst enemy. Your car hadn’t started that morning, making you late to Stark Enterprises, where a slightly angry Maria Hill stood with her arms crossed over her chest and eyebrow cocked. Not to mention, your stocking had ripped due to a little fit you threw due to your anger at your car. Since you had been running late, you hadn’t had the time to change it, so throughout the day, you had been pulling your dress down to cover it.

After explaining how sorry you were and the situation to Maria, the woman had only given you a disappointed shake of the head before she let you get to work. You didn’t take it to heart, knowing that she was stressed with Pepper being away and having to plan the charity event Stark Enterprises was funding. Quickly, you got to work, making sure to do all that you could to help the dark haired woman. Lunch came quicker than you expected, finding yourself going out to a cute, little cafe with your co-worker.

Bundled up, you have braved through the snowy streets to reach it, and had settled down at a table with your co-worker, Diana. She was a pretty brunette who spent loads of her time daydreaming about a rich, attractive billionaire to come a sweep her off her feet. Mainly Tony Stark, but she did mention that if someone like Reed Richards could came along, she’d be more than happy. You only chuckled at the girl’s wild fantasy as you gripped the latte close to your body to try and soak up the warmth.

With the mention of Stark, your phone dinged with an email. Slowly, you put down your source of warmth, picking up your phone to read it. The email was from Maria, asking you to stay late to help her with some presentation she had to present to the Board about the event. Having arrived late that morning, you decided that best thing was to stay overtime to make it up to Maria. Typing out a quick reply, you sent it right as the gourmet food the cafe served was placed in front of you.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly, most of your time spent in front of the computer or running to talk ideas with Maria. There was a couple breaks where you had stole some of the cake someone had brought in, before you got straight back to work (well, not without a cup of coffee, at least). When everyone had left, clocking out for the day, you had gotten up and grabbed your coat, popping your head into Maria’s office to tell her you were going for a coffee run and taking her order.

It seemed the world was slightly against you, the line at the Starbucks you had went to almost reaching out the door. Thankfully, it seemed that the baristas were speeding through the orders, and you were at the front of the line, giving your standard order as well as giving Maria’s. Rushing back to the building, you swore to yourself when you realized the coffee run had taken longer than expected and Maria was probably angry about it. As you rushed, not paying attention to where you were going, you smacked straight into someone, coffees exploding over the both of you. Trying to ignore the hot liquid burning your chest, as well as the fact that the coffee was staining a white blouse, you apologized profusely to the person you had ran into.

His suit was expensive, so the first thought you had was to get something to try and clean him up as best as you could. You had rushed to get something, coming back with handfuls of paper towel, which you started dabbing his suit, having read somewhere that a certain type of fabric would further the stain if you rubbed. The type of fabric was slipping your mind, so you weren’t taking your chances. Muscular hands caught your wrists on the thousandth dab as even more ‘sorry’s fell out of your mouth. Your eyes finally met the face of the person you had crashed into and came face to face with Tony Stark.

And there went your job.

“I’m so, so sorry, Sir,” you cursed yourself for letting the words slip from your mouth. He probably never wanted to hear sorry again with how many times it had just fell past your lips. You cringed, pursing your lips as you gauged his reaction. The billionaire didn’t look angry. He didn’t even look like he was in pain, and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Shouldn’t he be yelling at you to get out of his building and that he’d be sending you the bill from the dry cleaners?

“You know, if you wanted my shirt off, you could have asked me,” the man simply chuckled then, and watched as all the tension seemed to escape your body. He wasn’t mad. You could keep your job. Well, if Maria thought you were deserving. Though, Tony Stark wouldn’t be sending you some outrageously expensive bill for the cleaning of his suit. His hands fell away from your wrists, glad that you weren’t pushing on his chest a hundred times a minute. He smiled down at you, the twinkle in his eyes making a smile of your own overtake your face. That’s when you noticed the close proximity of the two of you and gulped, taking a step back.

“I have to get inside,” you pointed to the room that Tony was standing about a foot away from. Side-stepping to get around him, you weren’t expecting the arm that fell onto your upper arm, stopping you in your place. Your eyes met the brown coloured irises of Tony, and saw the twinkle that was still there. It was as if he had some idea running through his head permanently. You guessed he did, being Tony Stark and all. There was no way he had built all the Iron Man suits that he had if he couldn’t pull ideas out of thin air – or, how some of the media says, out of his ass.

“Do me a favour,” he produced a pen out of the inside pocket of his suit jacket, calloused fingers grabbing your wrist delicately as if not to scare you away. You blinked at him, feeling the pen against your skin as you stared at the broad inventor in front of you. “Give me a call if you want some help getting that stain out.”

You looked down at your shirt, blushing as you remembered you had exploded coffee on it. You had been so busy worrying about Tony’s shirt and jacket, your blouse was probably way past saving now. When you looked back up, Tony gave you a wink before his hands shoved in his slacks pockets, pen back in the inside pocket. You glanced down at your wrist, eyes widening at the phone number that was written in messy handwriting. When you glanced back up to look at Tony, he was nowhere to be seen, disappeared down one of the many hallways that connected to the one you were left dumbfounded in.

When you walked into the room Maria was in, her look of anger turning into confusion when she noticed the coffee stain on your shirt and the dazed look on your face. With a raised eyebrow she asked, “What happened to you?”

“Tony Stark,” the words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop them. Maria rolled her eyes, before she was pushing you out of the room to go and try and clean your shirt up. It proved unsuccessful, and you were left to wear a soaking wet camisole to work in. You hadn’t noticed until Maria pointed it out, but every couple of minutes, you would look outside into the snow-covered city. And maybe it had been lucky that it had snowed. You probably wouldn’t have gotten the number of the most eligible bachelor you knew of. Not that that’s the only trait Tony had going for him.

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Influenza

A/N: Your infected with the flu and Mac worries too much about you.

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It was flu season anyways so no wonder you got sick. First, Riley got sick, then Bozer got sick. Jack and Mac were the only ones who probably haven’t gotten sick yet. You showed all the symptoms, a runny nose, red puffy eyes, the coughing and the shivers. You laid on the couch watching The Golden Girls on the tv, covered in a soft blanket with a pile of tissues on the table in front of you. Mac was supposed to be away on an important mission.

You had to stay home because you were sick. You even heard Thornton was out sick for three weeks. You were home at the moment alone while both Mac and Bozer were out on a mission until you heard the front door open and shut. “(Y/N)?” You heard Mac’s voice call. “In here.” You called and you heard his footsteps and you see he was standing behind the couch.

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In A Single Second

Request:  Hi! Can I request a drabble for the ‘Imagine Sherlock is mourning you, his wife’? Let’s say in a car accident (like in Doctor Strange) and he was there with her. Otherwise you’ve got free reign! Thank you so much! - @thegothicdancer

Summary: Sherlock and you have planned to spend an evening with your parents but something doesn’t go according the plan.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Warning: Angst / Parenthood 

Word count: 2.652

A/N: I totally loved this request, even though the plot is kind of angsty. I have to admit that this got me right into the feels. 

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It was Saturday night, you and Sherlock were in the living room with your three years-old child. You were sitting on the floor playing with your son. He was as beautiful as your husband. They both had curly hair and their eyes were crystalline as the ocean. He was identical to his father.

“And exactly when are they coming?” Sherlock asked while he was reading a book

“You mean, my parents?” you asked him and he nodded. “Well, I just received a text from my mom. She said that they were going to arrive at ten o’clock. Does it bother you?” you asked as you tried to take away everything that could hurt your son.

“Tonight?!” he exclaimed worriedly as he closed the book.

“Yes, tonight. What’s wrong with it?”, you looked at him with your eyebrow raised.

“I thought…”

He was interrupted by the phone, which was ringing. You both stared at it, confused. Sherlock walked towards it and answered the call.

“Sherlock Holmes,” he said as he turned around to look at you. He frowned, covered the phone and muttered to you. “It’s your parents,” he took off his hand from the phone and resume the call. “Hello, I’m sorry. We were just trying to take some things away from Y/Son’s/N. He’s turning into a rebel boy,” he chuckled and glanced at his wife, who was starring him with a ‘behave’ look. “So, Mrs. Y/S, when are you coming?” Sherlock face got pale as paper. You looked at him confusedly.

“Is everything alright?” You whispered as you took your son and made him sit down on your lap. Sherlock ignored you and kept talking.

“So you’re not coming,” he raised an eyebrow and you frowned. You decided to stand up and talk with your mother. You knew Sherlock was not an expert at this so you tried to help him before a catastrophe could occur.

“Mom? Hi, it’s me,” you greeted with a smile on your face. But then, that happy face disappeared. “But why? Is there any reason why should we go there?” you asked confusedly and Sherlock glanced at you as he paced around the living room with his beloved child in his arms. “Mom, you know that’s far away. We are living in London not in Bristol. It’s not even Belgravia!” You hears your mom begging you to go to your ex house. “Ok, fine. We’ll try to be there be there by eleven o’clock. Good?” You paused so you could hear your mother’s reply. “Right, bye.”

You hang up and look stared at Sherlock. You started pacing around the living room and cursing under your breath.

“Hey, calm down,” Sherlock said as he grabbed your arm with his free hand. “What’s going on?”

“We have to rush, Sherlock!” You started panicking and ran to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” He shouted from the living room and as a result your child started crying. “Oh, please. Not now,” He complained, rolled quickly his eyes and tried to reassure him. “It’s ok, everything’s going to be fine. Just stop crying,” he tried to do his best but it was not working. “Y/N!” He shouted.

“Not now, Sherlock,” you stated as you were looking everywhere for the pacifier, his blanket, his favourite, bloody rattle, diapers, and other stuff.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he frowned.

“Preparing your son’s bag. It thought it was obvious,” you said breathlessly.

“He’s crying, could you please calm him down? You know I’m not good at that,” you glared at him.

“You are good at anything but when it comes to parenthood you are not,” you scolded as you tried to reach the pack of diapers that was on the shelf. Sherlock saw you struggling so he took and gave them to you. “Thank you. Now go and change yourself, I’m going change him.”

“What should I wear?”

“I don’t know, maybe a dinner jacket?” you said sarcastically.

“But I’m already using one,” he said and gestured with his hands.

“Sherlock, you’re wearing a robe and a naughty suit. Please, go and change yourself,” you scolded as you tried to reassure you dear son.

Sherlock headed to the bedroom changed himself quickly and took the bag you’ve prepared before. You were waiting for him in the living room with Y/Son’s/N in your arms.

“Sherlock!” you shouted as you were heading to the door. He ran towards you and then noticed that something was wrong. “And the bag?”

“Hang on,” he said as he raced back to the bedroom. When he came back, you took the keys and closed the door.

“Do you have the keys of the car?”

“Mmmhh…” He put his hands in his pockets trying to get the keys out of them. When he finally got them, he show them to you. “Got them.”

“Good. Could you please open the door? I can’t do it with our child in my arms,” you asked and he did. “Where’s the car?”

“There in front of us,” he pointed at it as he carefully crossed the street.

“Wait. Stay there. I’ll help you. Give me the bag,” you gave him the bag and saw him crossing the street and putting it into the boot. He looked at both sides of the street so could know when to walk again towards you. He took your son from you and together you crossed the street.

“Sit him down in the car sit and fasten his seatbelt,” you said and he nodded.

“What else?”

“Just get into the car and start driving,” you told him and got into car. You were sitting by Sherlock’s side. You loover you shoulder at the back seat. Was he ok? He was not crying anymore.

“Sherlock, what have you done to our son?”

“Nothing whatsoever. Why?” He’d asked and started the car. “He’s not crying. That’s good, isn’t it?” You nodded and he smiled.

“He’s so like you,” you chuckled. “He has your eyes and your curls…and…”

“Except the cheekbones,” he interrupted. “Those cheekbones are yours,” he made you smile.

You had to admit it, Sherlock was a really good driver but you were a disaster when it come to the co-pilot. Seriously, you were pretty bad at it. However, you usually drove to go to work but it was it. You were not that good behind the steer wheel so, you were so thankful of having Sherlock. He only man who could touch the car unless there wad  an urgency.

But actually that was not your worry. You were thinking in something else. Something that has worried since you first met him. What would your parents think about him?

Yes, you were married and they already knew him but what will think about him as a father? It was the first time you were going to meet again and you knew your parents. They were peculiar as hell.

“Sherlock?” you asked him and he hummed, “Remember to be polite,” you muttered and he rolled his eyes. “I know, I know. This is so…ridiculous,” he chuckled. “But you know them. They are so polite, posh…wealthy,” you sighed.

“What does wealth have to do with this?”

“Should I remind you that my family is wealthy? Why do you think we have this Lamborghini?” you asked.

“I thought it was Mycroft’s present,” he glanced at her sighing. “Ok, right. It was your parents present for…Christmas?” he guessed and then glanced at you in order to get an answer from you

“Wedding,” you corrected him as you looked through the window. “See?”

“Fine,” he stated rolling his eyes and you quickly put his right hand on his as warm smile appeared on his face. “You know I’ll just do it because I’m – unfortunately -  your husband, don’t you?”

“You, bastard,” you said sarcastically and you both giggled. “I remind you that you haven’t said your vows…”

“I lost them! John had to write them again. But I said ‘don’t be stupid just say – I do – and it’ll do.’”

“Oh, my! You were afraid, Sherlock!” You laughed. “After three years, you proposed and a year later we’ve married. You seemed to be so convinced,”

“I was convinced. What makes you think that I was not…”

It started raining. Actually, it was pouring and both of you could hear the heavy drops falling on windscreen and on the roof of the deportee car. Definitely, it was going to be a long and unforgettable night.

The rain was going to ruin the whole nigh because according to your father, mom decided all of us were going to have dinner outsides.

“Aarhh!” You protested, gestured with your hands and let your arm onto the armrest.

“What’s wrong?” he enquired. “Are those female hormones? He said keeping his gaze on the motorway”

You sighed and exclaimed, “They’re gonna hate me,” You pouted and Sherlock sighed.

“Why would they hate you?” He frowned and kept his eyes on the motorway.

“Because we are different, Sherlock! We are different.”

“What makes you think that we are different?” he inquired calmly.

“We’re just…you know,” you sighed.

The rain was getting heavier and you wondered if your parents were considering to cancel the meeting. It wad hard for you to have your parents this far from London. Though you were the one who wanted to move to Baker Street, somehow a part of you didn’t want to.

“Y/N?” Sherlock asked keeping his eyes on the motorway but you ignored him. “Y/N?” he asked again and then you came back to ‘reality’.

“Yes, what?”

“He’s crying,” he paused as you looked at him in disbelief. “What? Help him.”

“Well, put a CD into the slot, that’ll might help,” you said as you were making gestured with your hands to your son.

“I’m driving, for god’s sake!” he roared.

You quickly glanced at him. He was right, he was driving. He was driving on a dark and damp motorway. The windows on your car gone fog, further limited Sherlock’s visibility.  He tried to defog with the heater. Defogging, kept your air conditioning blowing at both windscreens and your back window.

Scared, you grabbed Sherlock from the shoulder. You didn’t shake it but it was enough to make him get angry.

“Get off. I’m driving!” He scolded.

“The lights,” you mumbled. “Sherlock, the lights!”

“What?” He asked. “Could you make me a favour and shut him up?” The child started crying loudly.

“Sherlock! Look what you’ve done!” You scolded and glared at him. “Turn the lights on!”

“I can’t drive with someone yelling,” he ignored you and went back to the previous subject.

Rain made it more difficult to stay on a roadway, to stop, or to avoid colliding with other vehicles. The roads were very slippery at the beginning of the rainstorm. 

“Sherlock, the lights!” You shouted at him worriedly.

He didn’t look at you but it was enough to know that he was upset with you. Sherlock has often behaved like a whim child, but you had enough. At least for that night.

“Will you turn the bloody lights on?!” You yelled.

“No need to. Trust in me, we’ll not need them,” he replied.

“Do it! Do it, now!” You scolded.

“Why should I?” He inquired annoyingly.

“Just turn them on!” you ordered.

“Why?!” He turned his gaze down to you and yelled furiously.

Suddenly, out of nowhere raced a car towards you. Sherlock stepped on the breaks it but made it worse. The sudden braking caused a skid. Since the roads were slippery, stopping the wheels too quickly caused them to lose all traction with the road, and the imminent car accident became a tragedy.

The another car driven then smashed into the overturned vehicle. One was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped over.

You weren’t fastening your seat belt because you were trying to calm down your son, so when the car crashed you’ve been thrown out of the window. On the other hand, Sherlock and your beloved child stayed inside the Lamborghini.

After a couple of minutes, Sherlock slowly and painfully opened his eyes. He tried to sit down and look around him. The car was turned, there was glass everywhere, he touched his face and then saw blood on the pavement.

Suddenly, he could hear someone crying. He stood up and began looking for them. They started crying louder and louder, that was when he realized it was his child.

He started panicking; panicking like he never did before.

“Son!” He shouted desperately. “Oh my god! Where are you, little mine?” He whispered as tried to follow his voice. “Keep crying, keep crying!” he yelled. He still couldn’t find him. He started looking around him and tears sprang on to his eyes. “Where are you?” He mumbled. Sherlock couldn’t hear your voice, just your child’s. That’s why he started asking for you. “Y/N!” He couldn’t anything else than his son’s cries. “Y/N?! Y/N! Oh, god! Where are you?!” He began jogging around the car until he saw a figure moving. He approached to it. It was your son. “Oh, dear lord,” Sherlock got his son out from the broken car and tried to reassure him. “I’m here. It’s alright, I’m here. Dad’s here.”

Even though Sherlock wasn’t this kind of person, it seemed that you had changed him. Not from the outside but from the inside. He was not more the arrogant, ignorant, the most unfriendly and egocentric man people had the misfortune to have known. No, he was different. He changed for good.

“Let’s go and find your mother. Y/N!” he shouted desperately with his child in his arms crying out loud. “Oh, my God!” He said under his breath when he saw his wife lying on the pavement. When he was standing besides you, he knelt down and began shaking you. “Come on, don’t leave us. Please, don’t,” he’s eyes were full of tears, his body was shaking and his voice was breaking. “Please, don’t leave me. Look at me,” he took your head hoping that you’d open your eyes. Unfortunately, you were lifeless. There was no pulse, no heartbeat, no breath.

Sherlock’s heart was breaking piece by piece. He felt that his whole world was falling apart. He had never experienced such a horrible and heart-breaking thing. He loved you, and he really meant it.

“Come back, come back. Please,” he cried. “I know I’m the most stubborn, ignorant, obnoxious, intelorable, annoying, stupid person you have ever met in your whole life, but I realized how wonderfully my life has been going since I met you. I’ve had a first class experience of love undefined and the more I get, the more you proof to give. So I thought, what will I do without you in my life. And if I could describe you in one word, I’d call you my life. Thank you for everything. I love you,” he said. “Those were my vows and I love you, because I’ll still love you, that’s the reason every single day I was completely happy.”


“…she suffered a brain injury, bruises and abrasions…” John read quietly the words written on the post mortem results file.

“I don’t mind,” Sherlock said. “I don’t even mind what’s happening out there.”

“So, you’re not coming to Scotland Yard,” John stated, but actually it sounded like question. He waited for an answer but no, the detective decided not to reply. “Sherlock, are you alright?” John asked as he saw his best friend sitting on his armchair with a miserable face.

“I miss her; I miss my wife. I miss her smile, her tenderness, I miss her all. She was my entire world and I lost her in a single second, John,” he said as he shed a tear. “I would do anything to have her in my arms again.”

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So, random question. What's your favorite gif that you can think of for each member of BTS? Whether it be funny, cute, or just beautiful. Hell, you can do one for each if you want. I wish to know!

This was probably for Rina but idc xDDDD imma answer anyways lol

Fav Jin Gif

This one and i dont need to explain it xD

Fav Hobi Gif

this one bc omg he’s brighter than the sun

Fave Suga Gif

This one and tbh I think it’s self-explanatory xDD

Fav RapMon Gif

either this one

or this one

Fav Jiminie Gif

Probbbbably this one

jimin sTOP

Fav Tae Gif


Fav Kookie Gif

Its either this one xD


- Ellie ;)

p.s. if you wanna ask rina just ask again and specify lel sorry 

Calm down

Ship: Wonho x [y/n]

Genre: idk sorry :((

Word Count: 1388

Hey guys, I hope you guys enjoy this. I actually don’t know why but I can’t end the day without posting any oneshot/scenario/imagine. Anyways, enjoy!

credits to the owner for this gif

Originally posted by kihyonie

It was a perfect day to go on a road trip. With everything prepared, you called out to Wonho, who was busy watching tv. “Babe, everything’s ready!” you received no response from him, making you wonder what he’s watching. Making your way to the living room, only to see him with his earbuds plugged in to his ears, his eyes closed while he was bobbing his head to the beat.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at your boyfriends cuteness, and slowly creep up behind him. Even though you were inches away from him, you could smell his cologne from where you were standing. You slid your arms around him, your head resting on his shoulder, and removed the earbud from his ear.

“Babe..” you whispered softly, only to see his lips form into a sly smirk. Wonho’s hands slowly made their way to yours, turning his head to face you but only met your lips.

You gasped, making him laugh as he totally aced a kiss from you. “How dare you?” He let out a fruity laugh, as it echoed through out the whole house. Disregarding your remarks, he looked at you in the eyes and asked, “So, is my baby ready for our road trip?”

Rolling your eyes at how cheeky your boyfriend was, you turned your back at him and made your way to the kitchen. “Yes! And why don’t you, my beloved hubby, help me bring our stuff to the car?”

You could hear Wonho letting out another fruity laugh, the sound of him getting up from the couch, as he already knows that you’ll be beet red from anger if he doesn’t get his butt to the kitchen, can be heard.

“Yes, honey.” Snaking his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulders, you gave him a nudge. “C’mon, help me out already and I’ll reward you later, ‘mkay?” You felt him press his lips on your neck, sending chills to your spine, before he finally lets go off you and grab the bags.

“Wait, you also brought clothes?” He asked, eyeballing the bags that he was carrying. Whenever you guys go for a road trip, the two of you will always end up staying at some hotel. “Yes, babe. I know that we’ll be staying at some hotel in the end of the day since you always get impatient about getting your reward.”

From the side of your eyes, you saw him smile widely at you, totally proud of you. “Aww, you’ve finally noticed.” acting like he was wiping some imaginary tear on the corner of his eyes.

You’ve had enough of his cheekiness, you pushed him towards the door and said, “Just put those bags in the car, babe.” Wonho was definitely enjoying all of your reactions despite dating you for how many years already. “Alright, alright. My baby’s being a bit pushy today.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed the rest of the bags. Placing them by the door, you proceeded to turning off every single electronics in the house. The house that you were currently staying at was bought by the two of you as you were planning to get married in the later months of this year.

The OCD side of your totally kicks in whenever you’ll leave the house, cleaning the house or something. You checked if the doors were locked, if the electronics were off and not plugged in, the windows are closed and many more. It only took you about five minutes, only to meet a Wonho waiting by the main entrance, a smile forming as soon as he saw you coming out from the room with the keys on your hands.

“Are you done?” You nodded your hand and linked arms with him. Stepping out of the house, you locked it right away and the two of you made your way to the car. Wonho, being the greasy person he is, pulled the door open for you.

The thought of all the sweet things he’s done for you, you couldn’t help but chuckle, pecking him on the lips before getting in the car. Wonho was totally caught off guard, his cheeks showing a tint of pink and a big grin appeared right away.

After pushing the door close, he hurriedly went to the other side and got in. Without any word, Wonho started the engine and drove off. It was still around seven-thirty in the morning so you guys had four hours and seventeen minutes to arrive in Busan.

Throughout the whole trip, the two of you would have random conversations here and there, have a karaoke party to whatever song plays, flirt with each other whenever there’s traffic and many more.

You pulled out a lunch box out from your bag and opened it, the smell of food spreading throughout the whole car. “Is that kimbap?” Wonho asked without ripping his eyes off the road.

“Yeah, open up.” Wonho instinctively opened up his mouth as you plopped in a piece of sliced kimbap into his mouth. Before you even pull out your fingers, he immediately closed his lips. You could feel his soft, yet thick lips on your skin.

“Babe.” you firmly called out, making him shake his head. “Babe, c’mon. I want to eat some kimbap without my fingers being wrapped with your saliva.” this didn’t convince him, however, you successfully pulled it out as you placed some force into it.

Wonho chewed on the kimbap, the corner of his eyes crinkled as he was happily enjoying the kimbap with a smile. As you were about to plop some kimbap in your mouth, you almost dropped the whole lunch box of kimbap on the seat when the car swerved another lane, only to hear a cussing Wonho.

The car almost got hit by another car when it decided to overtake. “$%^#%  &$% ^#$@ # $!@$%#!!!! ((just put all the worst swear/cuss words there))” this was the first time when you heard Wonho cuss continuously.

You gaped at him, totally surprised by what he just said. Wonho was about to take revenge on the car that almost killed the both of you when you held his hand and said, “Babe, calm down… please.”

With just by your touch, he immediately calmed down but his face was red in anger. Holding his hand, you gave it a light squeeze and asked, “Babe, you still mad?”

Wonho didn’t bother to respond as he continued driving. There was only one way for him to finally go back in his usual mood and that was aegyo. Yes, aegyo. He loves it when you do aegyo in front of him or just basically you doing aegyo.

“Babe~ don’t be mad.” you tried the best you can to make it sound really cute and aegyo-y. Without any warning, Wonho bursts out laughing. He turned a right turn, parking the car on the side.

“You’re so cute, baby! Hahaha, come here and let me shower you kisses!” Before you could even protest, he cupped your face and kissed you multiple times in the kiss, cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead and repeat the cycle.

“Babe.” mwuah!

Babe.” mwuah!

Babe!!!” Wonho finally stopped and innocently looked at you. “Yeeees?” you furrowed your eyebrows, ready to scold him for cussing. “What the heck just happened a while ago, huh?” This totally shut Wonho up, he was now ashamed by what he just said.


“Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?!” With this, he was now sulking. He unconsciously pouted, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt. “I’m sorry for cussing, babe. I really am…. I was so surprised and angry by what the stupid driver did. I’m so sorryyyy, please forgive meeee.” He cried out.

It can’t be helped since things usually happen whenever you’re driving. You sighed and muttered, “Fine. I forgive you but promise me not to cuss anymore or else you ain’t getting any of this tonight, okay?” your hands moving up and down, emphasizing your body.

“I promise to never cuss again and I’ll behave.” he linked his pinky finger with yours and gave you a big smile. “Good. Now, let’s continue driving.” Wonho didn’t budge as he continued to smile at me.

“Can’t we make out first? Our windows are tinted, you know.”


Birthday Surprise

Pairing : Mac x Reader 

Summary : Imagine Mac surprising you on your birthday.


It wasn’t the first time you had to spend your birthday alone. Mac was away on a mission that had lasted for weeks and you knew it would be another year of being in an empty house missing your boyfriend of two years.

He didn’t like being away and you knew it, but he did love helping people. You wouldn’t hold him back by begging him to quit and although you missed him, it made you happy knowing he was doing something he loved.

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Bleach Valentines

Everyone needs to share love on Valentine’s, so here’s some Bleach Valentine’s for your gifiting pleasure! And yes, I know my graphical skills are amazing.