I GUESS I can dither more, I bet it’ll work, Tumblr swallowed the animation of the last one, I KNOWWW it was about the colours 89a

Tangentially from that unwritten trigger-warning-worthy BBS cautionary tale

I used to write about things freely on the webs, now I’m more wary

There was that time I was using an elaborate interface between the hand-rolled blarrrg I maintained and LiveJournal, and I set up groups to have more privacy, and I set one up to vent about my best friend’s boyfriend who she would tell me all the terrible things about,

and of course he saw it

and that was the end of THAT

Oh yeah, and that time where the fuzz were reading along and I was mocking them and they came to my work?

lolll fun timez

yeah public web presences are weird sometimes