anonymous asked:

could you possibly help quench my luhan thirst i don't know what to do w myself

Oh so you’re thirsty for Luhan, eh? No problem. I got you. What do you need? xo


More cuteness?

A smile?

A wink?

The holding of hands?

A subtle glance?

A suggestive gesture?

The pleasure of him fucking you so hard that you can’t breathe?

anonymous asked:

I believe you and i know how hard it is to stay away form those kind of old habits but you're strong :) So can I ask for a gif(s) to change the matter and lighten up the mood? hahah Luhan being adorable??

Of course :3 xo

/at this point, you guys should all just expect that none of the gifs that I send are going to work BECAUSE THEY NEVER DO OMG/