Ladies au - Agent 33 of the special unit against terrorism and Daisy Johnson aka Quake from the witness protection program meet one day when they both had to protect the same person. One moth later they became girlfriends and one year later Daisy proposed. 

Now her and Kara are back at the city where she was raised to get married. But her high school sweetheart Raina has other plans for her and is trying to get back with Daisy.


Actor Meme Challenge: 1/7Role that made you fall in love -or- first role you saw them in.

“Did you hear about our John? He’s a gay man now.”

John O'Leary in The Catherine Tate Show [Christmas Special 2007]

My first ever gifset, and it took forever! Finally got around to starting the actor meme that I was challenged to. And thanks to vesper-rose for the advice on gifmaking.