giffing with photoshop the second try


CBX throwback: Minseok teasing us 

okay since yall can apparently not grasp this simple concept im gonna say this one more time

stop!!!!! reposting!!!!! edits!!!! u did not make!!!!!!! this includes gifs graphics edits typos fanart and like everything u did not create!!!!
i know most of yall seem to think there’s magic buttons on Photoshop and u press them and BOOM u have a beautiful graphic or gif but that’s not what happens!!! most of these edits yall take 8 seconds to steal and post take HOURS to make. editors spend so much of their time trying to get colourings to work/thinking of graphic ideas/choosing fonts colours textures scenes everything!!!! and when y'all steal someone’s edits and post them on your blog for followers and reblogs you’re taking away the notes/exposure from someone who actually worked hard to make the edit. and I’m not even talking about using gifs as reaction images etc bc most gifmakers (myself included) are fine w that (but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t ask them if ur using their gifs) but some of yall demons literally copy entire gifsets to post on your blogs just for notes?? and YES, stealing gifs from a bunch of different places to make posts like “the way she smiles” with ten gifs y'all stole from god knows where , is also reposting!!!! stop doing that!!!!!
i also see sooo many people reblogging edits from people who obviously didn’t make them and just reposted and while there’s no way to know if an edit is reposted just by looking at it, PLEASE take a minute to read this:

  1. if you see any edit from a blog/url that you’ve never seen edits from before plEASE check their original post for signs it’s reposted (im not saying everytime it’s a new url means its reposted which is why im mentioning these following points)
  2. check the original posts’ tags and they’re usually a very clear indicator of whether the edit is reposted or not. original content creators pretty much always tag their posts as “tswiftedit/taylorswiftedit/tswiftgif/tsedit” and also with tags like “my edits/my gifs/mine” etc. a lot of content creators also tag their creations w “*(or a variation of some other tag with an asterisk)”. IF A POST IS JUST TAGGED WITH TAGS LIKE “taylurking/the names of every taylor song/album” and does not have any tags like “tswiftedit/my edits/the tags i mentioned before” THERE IS A 99.9% CHANCE THE EDIT IS REPOSTED!!!
  3. a lot of editors also watermark their edits w their urls so if along with points 1 and 2 if this happens as well u can pretty much be sure it’s reposted.
  4. follow your intuition?? i mean there’s no way yall dont realise a reposted edit when u see one esp when it has all (or even one) of the points I mentioned before.
also if u see a reposted edit on your dash and you can figure out who the original creator of the edit is, let them know!!! whether to request the person to remove their repost or to report them, im sure all content makers would be happy if u alerted them to a repost of an edit they worked hard on.
TL;DR if you want to continue to see pretty edits on your dashboards, sSTOP REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT YA COWARDS!!! also please try to be more aware about whether or not the content you’re reblogging is original or not!!! honestly so many people take content makers for granted and yall continue to pull this crap despite MULTIPLE warnings and I’ve seen soo many content makers who stopped posting altogether because of the reposts so if you want to continue to see edits from your favourite editors support your local content makers instead of reblogging from reposters!!! thank u!!!!

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hey!! would you mind doing a tutorial on how you sharpen your gifs? they're so perfect! if not, then that's fine but thanks anyway :)

i’m terrible at explaining sorry omg i’ll try!! <3 it will be under the read more. 

please like or reblog if you found this useful. feel free to ask if you have any questions.

how to go from this

 to this

to the final product:

NOTE: i use photoshop cs5 portable

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Ai no Kusabi, VOLUME 8, CHAPTER 3

Favorite illustration + moment

Riki remembered distinctly Iason’s instructions: When you return, cut all ties with your counterparts in the slums. He knew all too well that this was the price he had to pay to ensure Guy and the other Bison members remained alive.

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Hi! Do you know of any posts/resources on how to make a gif edit w smooth camera zooms? I want to make edits w character stills that zoom in or out but I have no idea how to make it look good :')

Hello!! I apologize for the delayed response;; Technically there are two ways to do this (one extremely tedious) but I’m going to show you the easiest and fastest way! 


Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Notes: some basic Photoshop knowledge is required (generally you should be comfortable with playing around with frames/layers and using the convert to timeline option)

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Could you please show us how to make gifs? Because this is siriusly beyond me! Thanks 🌿

+ Can you make a tutorial on making a gif the way you do please?            

okay i’ll try to show it the way i do it but my photoshop is in russian so translation will be off and i’m not sure this will be easy to understand if you’ve never had any encounters with photoshop before

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I can’t seem to stop making gifs in photoshop.

The Mage is actually the daughter of a diplomat in her world and I wanted to try some formal dress options for her, while also getting to play around with the “solarpunk” element of her clothes/magic.

Each country’s magic has a different source; the people of Buani get their magic from the sun. The Mage can harness the magic energy either with her staff (usually her primary choice) or clothing that has been specially made to absorb the sun’s energy and transform it into useable magic.

Or something. I’m still working out the kinks.

EDIT: Second outfit!

I’m trying to whip up a Pitts gif from episode 4 of The Sinner for your enjoyment this evening, per request.

It’ll be just the first little bit of porno, not the second because I just started & I may strangle photoshop to death and have to go to jail. @septmorn05 or @flashstewart22 would you mind reblogging or messaging other Pittsaholics because this is going to take all night. The video keeps turning bright red, for example.

10:46EST- I’m going to shoot myself. I have to start all over from the beginning for the third time. I hate the USA feed. I hate the thing I use to capture video. HATE HATE HATE

I hate because I fear it’s my fault ( but I actually kinda know it isn’t.).

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what do you use to make your gfis? they all come out super nicely. :o

Oh, thank you! I’m glad you think so! ♥ 

I am extremely basic (I don’t have photoshop like the Cool Kids™) so I use OBS - Open Broadcaster Software - to record my game. Then I’ll just upload the mp4 file to Giphy and trim it to whatever length I want + ta da! Now it’s a gif! It’s pretty quick and only takes a few seconds once I’ve taken the footage in game I want.

Though, OBS recently got an update and is now causing some pretty substantial frame rate drops, at least for me. I didn’t have this issue until recently and am looking into potential fixes, but if you wanna give OBS a try and play around with it, know that it likely won’t perform too, too well, especially on a lower performance machine. (I have a gaming desktop and it drops me down from my normal 80 frames to about 50 when I have the program open)

Above would be said reason I didn’t do anything super flashy with my gifs today {/sulk}, the frame rate drop won’t allow for it. Ordinarily I can do some pretty fun stuff with OBS!


This is actually a very small portion of the idle animation I made (which lasts 1 minute, but Tumblr can’t take a gif. file that big, much less my Photoshop when I’m trying to save it |D). It was supposed to have more details and moving parts but I couldn’t fit that all into a 6 second 2MB gif, so here’s a much more simplified version of my class project.


I might later post a video of the full thing with better quality.


sassy michael - shots fired 

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is this the new thing going around? everyone is being called out for "whitewashing" again.. lmao stop..

i just cant help but find it kind of ironic considering i was actually trying to give some colour back to his skin. i might as well be reconsidering everything i’ve learnt in photoshop through the years idek anymore

anonymous said: Yo, your gifs aren’t whitewashed at all. You’re actually really talented at re-coloring and playing around with color and I love them.

thank you for this message i- i really appreciate it♥︎

Anonymous said: hi :) first i love your blog💜 and second, do you have a link for the summer sonic 2015? Because i saw your gifs and i was like wow i need to watch this so badly! thanks, have a nice day/night :)

hello! thank you♥︎ you can download it here: x (it’s actually the first thing that pops up when you google search summer sonic bts)

mochiekai said: your style of gifs are so nice and pretty!! you’re like one of my favorite blogs now adsfjlk’; ^w^

ashdajgf thankyou+illoveyou ;;;

Real Sexy! *stares*

really basic gif-making tutorial!!

Okay so!!!! I was requested by owlsandpixiedust to make a tutorial, so this is mostly a tutorial for how to make gifs!! If anyone wants/needs a tutorial for actually coloring gifs, I can make one or give some recommendations!!

So, I’m gonna show how I made this gif!!

This is my first try making a tutorial, so if there are any other questions or anything please let me know ;w; (under a cut because picture-heavy)

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How do you get your animations so big yet not exceed the tumblr max gif size?

Most of my graphics are monochrome, so I can turn down the color to as low as 16 or even lesser and not have it affect the quality as much since the gif is black and white aka doesn’t need 256 colors (I still try to keep it at at least 32 because sometimes you start to see the gif look static-y). 

Now if it was a full color gif… that’s a different story lol the color would be wrecked below 32 or even 128. If you need help with full color anime gifs and can’t sacrifice color, keep reading: 

Dithering type.  I go between Diffusion and Pattern when exporting gifs.  Diffusion tends to be larger in size but sometimes it looks better than Pattern.

You should also watch your frame rate, because if you use a higher frame rate, you import more screenshots for the gifs aka added file sizes. I use 30 FPS for my graphics and alter that later based on the file size. Anime gifs are mostly 23.976 FPS.

And on the topic of frames, keep in mind you can delete individual frames in Photoshop.  Any extra/duplicate frames you can remove and help get the file size down.

Also, the size of your gifs, such as ~500px vs 540px.  Try your best to stick to 540px so the quality stays when it’s uploaded on Tumblr (I mean, if you HAVE TO, then 500px is an option). If you’re doing two columns of gifs instead of full post width gifs, try to keep them at 268px each. Mind the content of the gifs as well. Gifs with lots of action content will be larger than gifs with very minimal movement.  I find that gradients boost the size too so you can try and harmonize the colors or make it darker.

The duration of your gif. I generally keep it at 4 seconds or less. If I find the size is a bit above 2MB, I adjust the duration in Photoshop a bit to get it just under the 2MB limit (below is how you adjust the time in Photoshop)

(the above screenshot is if you import sequences from After Effects to make gifs)

Another technique is to import your gifs at like 18 FPS and then speed it up to like 200% so that way it gets rid of some frames while still looking like it’s playing at regular speed.

But yeah, thats how I get larger gifs to fit or any animation in general. If it comes down to it, I’ll split the gif into two or three to divide the size evenly (I only do this for those tall single gif graphics)

EDIT: The gif size limit is now 3mb.  Keep that in mind when exporting your gifs!  You should have less trouble fitting the limit