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Sorry if this has been asked (I cannot see your FAQ on mobile) Have you done an animation of the entire game, or have you just done various scenes from Off? Either way, I absolutely love your animations, they're absolutely perfect.

Nope. I’m just playing around with my favorite moments from the game. But it’s been unsatisfactory for me because the gifs are too short. I’ve already made an episode 1 for OFF but it’s soon to be released cuz’ of coloring, my slow video software, and lack of time. I have yet to ask permission from *coughyouknowcough* before I can upload it (allow me to gather the courage!) So please look forward to it!

Thanks for the ask and have a great day.

Dare I Say It... (Closed Captions!) I Just Did.

So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate or at least negativity towards Captioned videos of any sort. People making posts about “How annoying CC is” “Why does CC exist?” and other remarks. 

This is coming from me, a Deafblind Individual who NEEDS CC to understand speech/video/audio of any sort. This also is on behalf of the Deaf/HOH/ADP/Anyone who needs CC.

You abled, privileged, hearing people have the glorious opportunity, chance of a life time, to watch ANYTHING you want without problems. Without discrimination. Without complaints. Without threats. Without negativity thrown at you. YOU get the privilege of being able to enjoy anything/everything that has spoken language to it.
Us, d/Deaf/HoH/APD/Second Language Need closed captions (CC). NEED accommodation.

Imagine (and I do ask you to TRY IT OUT) you have the TV on mute. Can you understand anything? I doubt it, there’s no sound! You’re trying to make out the characters reactions, movements, behaviour but it’s not working because you can’t tell what’s being said. Then you put CC/Subtitles on. At last! You can FINALLY understand the spoken language! You understand what’s happening!! You’re not lost and tired from trying to play charades. Now you can enjoy the show without complaints!

Another Try It Out put earplugs in and walk around all day or at least a few hours with those earplugs. Can you understand speech? Can you figure out where things are coming from? No? Everything is muffled sounding yes? As if you’re in a tunnel? 

This is how many d/Deaf/HoH/APD people feel each and every single day Speech is muffled sounding, distorted, garble nonsense. It’s tiring to constantly lipread (Which isn’t 30% accurate for English language seen on lips), trying to understand what someone is saying when it’s all so muffled!

Now, you go to entirely new country, with only said language as your SECOND language which you aren’t entirely fluent in yet. Even if you are… understanding the second language is fairly hard yes? Everything all muffled and “Blah blah blah” sounding correct? Putting subtitles on can make a HUGE difference! Yes the country’s language can be spoken, but having YOUR language on subtitles can be beneficial for you. You aren’t lost. You aren’t confused. You understand what everyone is laughing about in the movie because you have subtitles!

Gifs/Moving images: people uploads these on tumblr, facebook, other media sites. They have captions on them because people wouldn’t know what is being said. Imagine the subtitles/captions, gone. I doubt you’d have any idea what is happening and what particular scene the gif/moving image is from. Here’s the thing, people don’t complain about gifsets being made that have subtitles/closed captions on it so EVERYONE can see whats happening….  Yet people complain that there’s (OMG!) Subtitles/Captions on VIDEOS?!?! A TEXT POST UNDERNEATH A VIDEO THAT HAS (Dare I say it?) CAPTIONS! HOW UNCALLED FOR! 

Did you know that Captions can be extremely useful? 
Check these links out explaining why. 

Perks of Having Closed Captions (CC)

Stop Making Excuses And CC Your Videos

How To Closed Caption Your Videos 

Closed Captions (CC)

rikkipoynter did a video on WHY CC is important 

tyleroakley followed up with that and gave reasons why CC is important (Hear Me Out)

paulidin did a video on why Access Matters! Closed Captions

my good friend timelordonbakerstreet shows you HOW to CC your videos

captioned-vines, captioningresource, waitwhatdidtheysay and others do a wonderful job captioning the videos. 

Captions are IMPORTANT. If you add captions, you get more respect. When you add captions you don’t get complaints, you get more views/followers/people who will enjoy your videos. When you add captions you can enjoy watching shows on mute while at work, in line, anywhere. 

If you don’t like Captions… there’s one Simple Thing To Do TURN THEM OFF WHEN PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM… Leave. Don’t make a HUGE DEAL!1!111 about CC. If the CC benefit the person, then be accommodative, not an asshole, and let the CC be on. Would you rather us ask you 20 questions in 5 minutes asking “What they say? What? Whats so funny? Huh? I missed that! Again?” Doubt it. So put CC on. It isn’t that difficult.

When you see transcript/cc underneath a video…. Please DO NOT delete the CC. All you need to do is go to SOURCE’s page and Reblog from there. It isn’t that difficult. 

JUST BE RESPECTFUL because you won’t know who you have hurt/make someone feel upset. You’re unintentionally discriminating and be disrespectful to those who need CC/subtitles. 


Edit I: Sorry, the video may not be available for a short while. Tumblr’s robot moderators took down the video because they said they “don’t allow sexually explicit content” to be uploaded (which is kind of ironic because I’ve seen straight up gay porn gifs on here but lmao whatever). I sent in an appeal to get the video restored, but it seems they haven’t gotten to it yet. Will just have to wait 😞 Edit II: Looks like the video is up and running once again! Thanks for waiting it out, everyone.
All I Want for Christmas is You

Summary: When AmazingPhil convinces his flatmate (nonyoutber!Dan) to film a Christmas video, things get a little out of hand when his fans are convinced they’re a couple. 

Genre: fluff, au

Warnings: none, I think


A/N: Happy Holidays!!! I wanted to get everyone into the holiday spirit so I wrote a little fic, hope you like it :)

“Dan!” Phil called from the kitchen, “are you ready?”

Dan closed Tumblr with a groan, not quite sure what he had gotten himself into. He walked into the kitchen, where Phil was setting up to film.

“Are you sure about this, Phil?” Dan asked, “What if I mess up?”

“Then we can edit it out,” Phil said, turning to face his best friend, “and I’m sure if you’re sure. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

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So did mystery anon have anything to say? We got the twitter banter but so far absolutely nothing today. Have we even seen them talk to each other today? I saw pics of her and KJ of course. As usual.

Hiya Nonnie, did you get a chance to watch the panel with the cast? There were some amazing moments in there. We’re still waiting for the whole video to be uploaded but you should be able to find a couple of short clips/gifs on the blogs here. I have reblogged them as well. :)

Nothing from mystron yet. They don’t give any specifics anyway. 

Animation Highlight: Junpei Ogawa 小川純平

Ogawa isn’t really talked about all too often despite how awesome he is. He’s been around the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise since DM, mostly doing key animation work under Kenichi Hara’s episodes. His style (much like Hara’s) includes a lot of high speed motion, jumpy but dynamic character animation, and extravagant, hard-hitting effects. Those are a bunch of fancy sounding fluff words, but you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Since Ogawa’s got a LONG pedigree when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, I decided to make a video compiling the vast majority of his work on the series. I missed a couple of episodes, mostly just ones where I couldn’t make a solid enough guess. By the way, “(?)” means that I know that Ogawa worked on the episode, but the actual clip used is the best guess I could make.

The final video is 20 minutes long. I haven’t figured out an ideal place to upload it yet, so until I figure that out, we’ll have to live with this little teaser/gifs.

I mentioned earlier that Ogawa is similar to Hara’s style, mostly due to them working together for so long. What I want to delve into specifically is Ogawa's action scenes, and his effects. He uses a lot of sharp effect lines, often taking advantage of multiple layers of color within the effects (especially his explosions). 

His early work in DM is hard to notice, because he probably hadn’t quite gotten into his style yet. Towards the end of DM’s run, his effects start to become a little more exaggerated, and start forming into the style more like his work now.

In GX, he worked under Hara again for every OP/ED. He made a random appearance in GX #8’s climax, bringing a level of animation generally not seen with the vast majority of its episodes being outsourced to Dong Woo Animation. #8 was no exception, but for some reason or another, Ogawa handled it.

External image

During 5D’s, Ogawa really gets to shine with some great effects animation, unique and great to look at action scenes, and every now and then handling the climatic parts of important duels.

External image

ZEXAL brings over more of the same from 5D’s, but Owaga tends to get locked into doing the same kinds of scenes over and over again. His parts are very often during the duel’s climax, and he animates a shot of the loser flying away into the background, and crashing hard into the ground. It still looks cool, but editing together the ZEXAL portion of the video became very tedious, with the same kinds of shots getting used again and again.

External image

ARC-V brings back 5D’s-era Ogawa to an extent, but his scenes are usually shorter, occur more frequently. This is probably due to ARC-V having generally lackluster animation (especially compared to ZEXAL). A lot of the key animation staff is just scattered around. Production-wise, ARC-V tends to be a bit of a mess sometimes, but good ‘ol Ogawa is there to at least give us some eye candy every now and then.

External image

I hope this proved to be at least a little bit informative! And I hope I can get people talking about this great animator, who tends to not get much time in the spotlight because he’s never stepped into an animation supervisor role himself. (He’s been doing only key animation for over a decade now!)

Ice Legends 2016: Report

OK, deep breath… this evening did not go as I expected it to… at all.

For those of you who are only interested in the videos/pictures, I would ask you to be patient, there is quite a bit of stuff that needs to be uploaded, and I’ll be traveling back tomorrow, so I don’t know where/when I’ll find Wi-Fi.

I went to Ice Legends with a friend, and what a night it was!

The arena was much smaller than I expected, a lot smaller than the Zurich one, which meant that we had a great view! Unfortunately, I was seated next to a little girl who kept rocking back and forth in her chair, which meant that sometimes I had to go to great lengths to get a clear shot of Tessa and Scott :-/

I’m only going to focus on Tessa and Scott for now, even though there is a lot to be said about the other skaters as well, because it’s 4 AM, and, as excited as I am right now, I really should get some sleep.

There was a group number right at the beginning, Tessa wore her ‘Sorry’ costume, and Scott wore his ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ outfit. They skated apart for a while, which was annoying, because it meant that I could only focus on one of them at times (I chose Scott, sorry Tessa!).

Before every performance, a video presentation would come up, Stephane (very unlikable fellow, I found out later, unfortunately) would say a few words and the the skater (or skaters) would say something in reply. Right before Tessa and Scott skated to ‘Sorry’, their video presentation came up. It was quite bizarre, to be honest, because at one point Stephane said: “Tessa and Scott are together!”. The video cut straight to Tessa and Scott saying: “Not really…”. I actually filmed this, so hopefully you will get to see it soon. It was so strange… did they just start the dating/not dating debate again without being provoked? Anyway… ‘Sorry’ was wonderful, the crowd loved it, and it had great energy! P.s. Tessa and Scott are looking fiiiiiiine these days!!! So lean! Wow! And I just wanted to run my hands through Scott’s hair, it was scrumptious! 

The next group number was absolutely beautiful and complex, Tessa and Scott weren’t supposed to be the ‘main attraction’, but they did so beautifully, and I got to see Scott skating with Max, which was totally unexpected and fantastic! In spite of the fact that they’d just said they weren’t dating, Scott kept caressing Tessa’s arm during this number (yes, I have the video… patience). 

Let’s get to ‘Carmen’: they didn’t perform the full program, but the version they performed didn’t look exactly like the show version either, there were some variations, I hope that it is broadcast because my camera gave in during the first part (dammit!), so I only got the second part. The crowd loved this one as well, they were clapping along! Tessa wore the deep V dress, which I know a lot of you like, and, what can I say, they looked sharp! I felt that this performance of ‘Carmen’ was a little more subdued compared to the others we’ve seen, but it was still great to see that they are back with a vengeance!

The last group number was a mambo, and it was a lot of fun, Tessa and Scott had a small part at the beginning on their own and they aced it, I had ‘Hip Hip, Chin Chin’ flashbacks! Tessa was wearing the pink sequin dress from JSOI, and Scott wore his ‘Wonder’ costume (yes, I have the video). Scott was very touchy feely with Tessa and they held hands almost all the way through.

The most unexpected part of the evening came after the show ended. 

My friend and I noticed that some people were going towards the back of the arena instead of leaving through the front doors, so we followed them to a bar area that was sort of hidden from view. The staff was setting up a barrier separating this bar area from the VIP area, so I thought that the reason they were doing this was because the skaters would be coming through! Not long after that, the skaters appeared and walked right in front of me! Tessa and Scott looked gorgeous (I have a short video), she walked next to Daisuke and Scott followed suit, she was wearing a simple and gorgeous black dress with straps and he was wearing a shirt and light pants. They both looked so attractive… no, seriously, they are the most gorgeous humans, it wasn’t the first time I’d seen them but I had never seen them so up close and personal… they are stunning, they have to make babies!

They went straight into the VIP area, which was completely visible to those who did not have access, and only a meter away from us mortal beings, the only “barrier” being a few security people checking who went in. At this point, my camera’s battery was depleted, but, luckily, I met a fellow TS fan who had a stunning Canon, and kindly offered to take pictures of Tessa and Scott (TS community, yeah!).

This was shortly after the show had ended at 10:30 PM, but I only met Tessa and Scott at around 12:45 AM, when they were about to leave. What did I do in the meantime, you ask? I stared at them while they were going about their business, like a crazy person (but I wasn’t the only one, it was really a collective thing)… I mean, they were so close to me! So close! The only obstacle between myself and them was this dapper-looking security guy. 

Soon after they arrived, Tessa and Scott were separated, and they talked to different people. However, I am pleased to report that, when they did eventually manage to gravitate back to each other, it was cuteness overload, and I am so bummed that I didn’t get to film it. Scott kept bringing Tessa drinks, and, at one point, Tessa started rubbing and patting Scott’s back (!)… just like that, right in front of me!

At some point, I realized that they were about to leave, so I went towards the staircase that they had used to get to the VIP area and, as luck would have it, they came out that way and stopped to take pictures and sign autographs. They looked very tired, exhausted even, so I didn’t want to weigh them down any further, I just told them that I was very happy about them coming back to competition, took a picture with them, had them sign autographs, and that was that. I wish I had been chattier, but I felt sort of shy around them, and I really felt like they wanted to leave… I hope to be able to talk to them at length once the competitive season gets underway (do you know whom I talked to a bit longer? Tatiana Volosozhar! She is an amazing human being, so gracious, I am in love!).

They left together. Just the two of them.

My friend and I stayed longer, we got to talk to some of the other skaters and managed to taste some top notch white wine for free as soon as security measures became less strict (oops!).

I have a million different details in my head, but I really need to get a few hours’ sleep before I travel back…

More to come, mostly videos/GIFs, I should think… I haven’t checked any of the footage yet, so I don’t know what I’m going to upload…

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hi have the kcon ny performances been uploaded onto youtube yet? i keep seeing gifs from it but i cant find the videos tysm 🙈

I only have links to FIRE and SAVE ME preformances


Petticoats!  Time to Muster!  

We have our second season!  

Which means the Black Petticoat Society will remain fully operational (not that we would ever consider disbanding anyway).

 For those of you not yet aware of our existence, who are looking to survive the hiatus by fangirling in the interim, come and join us.  

We’re just a bunch of fans who love Turn, a smaller, subset affiliation of Turncoats.  I think people call this “friends.”  Share your feels!  Read fic!  Check out amazing drawings and gif sets!  Get recorded on video and uploaded to Facebook by friends and family talking about Seth’s behind (this did happen, results not typical).

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Am I missing anyone?  Please tell me if I’m missing anyone!