giffing this was like a religious experience


partybaby2017 fav moments 5/x : yongguk being so damn rude during “i guess u need u”

imdrunk but michael nd jer are. SO gay for each other holy shitlike,,,Making those gifs was a religious experience bc.Theh.y. tzTheyre so gay? hoyl fuck. Holy fuck.amd. Michael ticklign jer aaaaAAA


also like??Jus kiss

Blease jus kiss

Michelangelo’s David was, like, real easy to make.


We typically experience classic works of art in a museum, stripped of their original contexts, but that serene setting can belie a tumultuous history. Take Michelangelo’s statue of David: devised as a religious symbol, adopted as a political emblem, and later iconized for its aesthetic beauty. James Earle walks us through the statue’s journey, to show how art gains layers of meaning over time in the TED-Ed Lesson The many meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David

Animation by Avi Ofer




shit. shiiiiiit it’s been like a month, what the hell happened last time I did this???

…Something involving the Felt and profanity, if these strewn about post-its are anything to go by?

Alright, something about a demon, and Sollux’s virus, and Karkat being an idiot, and, oh, okay.

I remember now.

Back to crying, I guess.

Sounds like your lusus is agitated about something up there. You already gave him his serving of honey today. If he thinks he can get more, well that’s just greedy.

You wonder what could be bothering him?

Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but, following the current trend, probably a severe case of Headexploditis

That, or the imminent death of millions of people via the first batch of meteors

Or both

Quite possibly even the loss of your Lusus CAUSED by wayward civilisation-destroying meteor

So many fun options hahahaah (థ - థ)

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Kylo Ren Imagine 2: Kissing

Ayyyyyy, yey I’m up for it.


-Imagine the first time you and Kylo kiss. Maybe you were nervous of how he would react, or maybe before then your relationship was that he barely knew you existed, but you never kissed Kylo until he kissed you. He initiated it, and controlled the whole thing.

-Imagine he’s never kissed someone before, so it’s sloppy and slightly unco-ordinated, but he has enthusiasm, and where experience lacks it’s being made up for in the sheer amount of emotion and almost ferocity in the kiss.

-Conversely, imagine that somehow he has the kissing skills only a kissing god could have. Instead of sloppy, like you were expecting, or an adventure in and of itself, Kylo makes the kiss seem like some sort of religious and sexual experience, leaving you both with what you want and almost nothing at all.

-Imagine Kylo being a huge fan of the tongue kisses. He turns making out into an Tongue Olympic Sport. After a particularly intensive session you find it hard to talk to people for a little while after, tongue sore and still feeling the phantom touches of his own. (See that one gif of Adam Driver doing the lip pull thing kiss somewhere on this bloody site that I can’t find again.)

-Imagine Kylo being a huge fan of kissing in general, in the sense that the moment he starts kissing you, it becomes intense, and he has to pull away not long after it’s started, biting a reddened lower lip and refusing to look at you because your mouth and if he keeps kissing you it won’t end well for his pants. He ensures that it only ever gets that intense when you’re both about to go to bed, or if he doesn’t need to see Hux for at least an hour.

-Imagine Kylo not really liking PDA’s, but is 10000000% okay with small little kisses, like a quick kiss on the cheek, a peck to the forehead, rubbing noses together and then a quick smooch before he’s off to go terrorise someone else.

-Imagine for some reason you and Kylo are dressed up and representing the First Order. (See the Regency AU Kylo pic for a good brain image) You’re both looking stunning. He is to escort you and provide and example of “The etiquette, class, and standard the First Order represents, Ren” (Hux), and in doing so stands and the base of a staircase, awaiting the introduction that would call you down it. When he sees you he pulls an unrecognisable face, but the flush tells all. When your hand reaches his, he bows low, pressing his lips to your knuckles with a wink and a smirk.

Idk how to go on without going to far or unrecognisable random words, but keep sending me imagines, you sinners.



Ruby convinces Victor to dress like a samurai after learning he speaks some japanese. The results are even sexier than expected. ;)


“On the screen in a room short on cheer, Lionel Messi collected a pass on his left foot, turned inside then out in an impossibly narrow channel and sent Jerome Boateng, the Bayern defender, falling sideways like a felled tree. Out came Manuel Neuer, the world’s best goalkeeper, to quash the threat with a giant, raised arm. And Messi chipped him. Chipped one of the biggest and most intimidating men in football.

As the ball bounced into the net Rafinha, another Bayern defender, went with it, his body a tangle of thwarted desperation. The camera panned round the crowd to capture the sense of wonder. A man in an Argentina shirt and Barcelona scarf was having a religious experience. On the commentary, Martin Tyler said: “Only football can make you feel like this.” I felt myself rise from my chair, and illness fell away.

That moment will not leave my memory, because it made the world feel full of possibilities again. And to think: philosophers have searched for uplifting human truths in the most complex of areas, yet here was a dink from the boot of Lionel Messi casting light across the world.”